#TeamPXY True Confessions: Cheating on the Cheater

Thursday, September 13th

Today's caller was wrestling with acting on a thought that anyone who's ever been cheated on before has had...

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I'm only seniors on what's the secret wanna share our. Corporate parent air the program. I haven't and won't our. I'm very current and I don't I act which. Google knows exactly dean you'll just got to sell sell. And that's where they would just gonna save my secret is everything's great right and just loved. Latin. I won't let her land. Aren't. Written on her. Hand and. I'm so search on. That is that is one of the toughest things. Relation to why he you know. I mean you. Ask your credit he ran right. Total of April April mark and are. Actually an. Act. All forgotten silver lining each year I mean give. Crowd having me he's still a cheater he's still wrestled its on the horrible but at least he owned up to at least he's owning it. And lean liberal. It. Can't happen sooner. Aaron. Britain and little background. Check turning early on Chile. On. Act. Are not the European and Latin blue and you're there anything out of. It is OK I mean like it's cooled he was transparent I I respect that a lot but. Pews struggling to remain monogamous I would say you know have a conversation about it before you. Stray especially you know that you kind of have issues with commitment. Yeah mean there aren't a long. Right on. All out and and my hair really checked about Hitler. We can't. Let her out. Not all told me that patent Harry. And me. And it it actually it turned out. And an hour. A little content at. All. Are now. How. Can act act. Wow I've got to give you credit for being soul understanding in a situation like best. Yeah but everything I do I'd I'd give you grip of that and it's I'm eyes and shirts not easy. But also when it comes down to it. Mean if you wanna be in relation to what this guy. You need to forgive to buy it it's gonna burp work both ways if you did you know of its not gonna work now. Because of this and he's this and it now but if you wanted to continue got to forget but I look at these guys it kind of beside the point. It's not like his your confession that New York. Didn't like. It or not on our current eight. I can't. Thank Eric and amateur and Alan back out there. Yeah. Your. Time already and arrow. Oh okay all right cooking hey I didn't do that probably yeah. Well okay. I mean I can certainly. Can understand the sentiment. But I gotta say I don't I don't think. That is the healthiest solution here we'll deal was still live for high right thank you rob yeah give. Exactly. Yet doesn't usually work out the best now it went down in that spoil them spy is but. Yes since you guys are so transparent you again he said he talked to doubt about this you've not told to be feel this way. Now and I like I don't rule. Are any era aren't cute aren't around and look. Now look the feeling here having the thoughts are having I think those are completely normal I think anyone who do get cheated on probably goes through something like that because you're so hurt. And it's only human nature that you kind of want to give that back to them and any and even things out I mean released it on Madison. And in relation troubled balance right now and in when some achieved it throws the ballots a lot of lack. That things can upside down but actually acting on the I'm telling you right now there's people listening right now who had that in your situation that's not good she doesn't have a better idea be fine. No one listening right now who has done that has that ended happily for that I'm telling you right now. Yeah at red because doesn't really end there or does he get mad at you you know about the need to get back at him and she'd again and you know I feel like. That would create a snowball effect and I've just never ending trust issues and and spiteful behavior. Yeah that I am keen eye your right and a hell of I. Don't. Like I. There are people I. In Chile already pregnant. Apparently you hear what or how can carry on being back in. I is I mean I don't know this is it just sounds like a very toxic situation. Brewing here I mean it if you can't forgive him and feel like you need to go out and cheat on him in order to have peace and and you don't feel even quote unquote. You know maybe need to end. Not take us take a step back and assess how badly you want to be in this relations it was a man who can't be monogamous or who really struck. Is there that I out and get a relationship it is worth this much emotional anguish. And here's I think she'll take your moderate dire kind of envisioning our I do this and if committed just went better actor. Let's do cheat on him. I think that's probably not hire gonna fill out your gonna be dealing with the guilt and then a dealing yet. And because again here is heat. You're hurting him and you love having your hurting at Bragg yet and it's because he hurt you. It did it doesn't make it be vetted as a balance it out down. Her. Pain and you know. I can't. Arnold and. And well below the point of that and Aaron. Yeah. And I'd do on the A can do that Milliken I think like I'm not saying this judgmental but I I don't think I can tell you. Really big yeah dad yeah. Hello I hit a home look at our at all I guess the can of worms is Dario yeah I. And I mean no I don't know hi yeah I love is now Ed you feel better. I mean obviously you don't coming luster validates this right right. Now I mean I don't like April army Ret me. Can't yell at great Arab encountered. Yet again I get your calendar from and look there's play he could have been a new experience and and maybe it's better for me maybe I'm wrong if you may be some elicited has been through this and done what you've now done. And maybe they get better if I'm wrong. My assessment before yeah Collison out ABT 229800. You know we certainly wish to that's moving forward. And thanks for sharing your secrets. Yet yet. Aren't. Out.