#TeamPXY Secret Confessional

Wednesday, June 20th

After learning it's unhealthy to keep secrets, we disguised callers voices and had them spill the secret they've been keeping that's been weighing them down!

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The Braves before our secrets our burden. Didn't realize. How big of a burden it is for your health I asked. Literally would you covered ms. Whitney Young arts so three new studies drug ecologists at Columbia University as well as the University of Melbourne in Australia. Be published very soon in the journal of experimental social psychology show well. We feel searching a loved one when we know is secretive there's less. But Corey all the big lots of big bucks this information. Can also be a burden and facts. It has been reported. You in while two. Two secret because even harmful to your well being. Into the stressed that puts you. Must defend that and this is how we're wired is humans. All we wanna do is tell. Credit well or at least one personally I know one person oral telling mom. Everything okay yeah we nor did she ever want to now can I tell her everything he has documented that honesty yes and I feel like a everybody has at least one person unless your big mouth. One person whether your best read your mom or your partner your significant other. You tell. Everything to. It's everything's on its and I could do that. Where you're at my desk of course you're one of them I'm. Well. And an eight you don't if you can't this is the worst thing when somebody tells me don't tell anyone and if they know me well we'll see even tell your mom a little low. That boy did they get they love with that would just like this don't tell you guys just don't know at this point in my life yeah I'd be like sorry man moms can. It's it's weird because I don't know how I don't know what it is but it a secret it's sighted view and then. It's utilized Estes who needs to burst out. Right yeah like it's a parent site in South America that like swim up your your you retract. Hammer and like in your body in the lakes are eating your insides. I spirits. That. I. This yet I have told strangers. Secrets like on vacation is like someone who's completely. Just. Absent from any of the situation that's going on I've told think like a bartender like you're out of vacationer at a bar yeah. A all and no because you just need to get it out there is to get telling them is gonna have no impact but there's this amazing thing that happens. When you do tell summit when you tell your mom yeah what I tell strangers just patents sat secrets. And in addition only until I mean did you Utley went on vacations. Specific. The you can confess secrets as I have ever. On got a bunch of Albany let me do what they did you see it on and critics and critics blow up but there's it's amazing thing that happens you automatically. Feel relief yes. Somebody else's opinion to guzzle appetizer it's like having it in your own green just to. Just festering your brain in and marriage dating and it's like you've got to get somebody else's opinion attic is over thinking it in your mind at all and yeah. And it's always good to get someone who is. Away from the situation acts impartial get the eagle eye view if you will when you're too close to things it's hard to really truly like figure them out totally so we absolutely and that's why on the show this morning. Elena tries something new and this okay here's the plant sends its bad throughout the whole Lotta secrets one helps people out this morning. If you are if you have a deep dark secret holding on foursome and LT it's for yourself. And he's wanna get it out there in the world's yes not having getting the repercussions. Of telling the wrong people. Going to call the show this morning suits YouTube 9800. I don't know if you know this Whitney I can it change voices will honor phone lines. Like dark magic lack well we are not gonna ask you your name not gonna ask you where your from. Absolutely nothing. That can be tied back to you and your voice amid a deep minute so no one's going to recognize it. It's kind of like if you ever watch those TV shows they have somebody that interviewing and Ike and the dark room and they really lowered their voice. That's no one can tell who they are if that's what dissidents. Ready to give and got it all right teach you TO not 800 I hope this works this is really embarrassing. You have a dark secret you wanna get out there what is it. You're going to own way. Bookmarks from emblem on the diet. Our group got a rate cut bread and you don't pay. And I am alone. It happened a couple of years ago where they were engaged obviously. And he and I leader are in the upper I'll. Because I knew we were hammer. So you know it could mean any pain. And and they were together they were together they were engagement they were together when this happened. Yeah they've been together per year. And it's your best friends. Got there in it he really telling me how he's been a love of life. Why should you let one night early the and it stayed out and to put a cover up rather. You know it paid. We looked out and it was going to be. What weren't great I got the premiere on our in nowhere. I don't know and how have you been able to even even go a lot of his guilt I feel like go what did Lou yeah. Tell that they gonna be getting. Yeah I mean I didn't hit David now. I didn't think he really picked Iran with her ignored it should they are currently entire world. All right partner getting married I'm like oh my god I. You're getting very. Weak and weaken the pulpit I'll never say leading to her and he beat me up. You'd see you said that. It was amazing. Quota glut but it didn't mean any thing right. Didn't PR. It didn't mean. So just again role in the name basic. Says Roland and I say well are an hour right there that coupled with David edited two different confession. I get it would have been we need to yeah cover it up. Then I guess that well I do you do you feel better after getting that out into the into the world's. I mean Mitt yeah I'm. I still don't really got how did. Odd million and not yeah. I draw I feel like just I mean what it's worth Healy did they get married without knowing this it's just gonna be like a fraudulent. Mayor it does not gonna get you know so like I will leave you with that nice yeah meet the GeMS that are. Now called into the show in China needs some Gil and then when it is filed on. This does Bradley I'm just saying you know G1. Your best friends to be in a marriage that is like a lie. At I don't know well you can sit on that yeah. Well they were going to help you feel better aren't her. Yup no problem TT UTO Nadia hundred what is the seeker even holding onto that you've. It is due to get out and you'll just tell somebody. Okay OR Reid Nicole what we were I beat her over there. If you are I would read. Our boat really positive reaction cured not polite about it or. Let it go. It would long time ago with the most I would really gotten. Or what part that I could share with them about world war. 10011. All the know. Play the race is one treasure. On the show it was this also a wild back. Oh yeah I mean I would like there are about 31 now hold while it would. Are there. I mean I really. Hurt because of five point one of earth orbit or reduce lower rate and Richard go big he's a well. Why are being told of mortgage border are well that you know. All quiet you know be out error at my report that old. Like. Well all possible while the wiry old Billy goat. Older that you. Epic all days. You know actually while we're at our top or via our buddy. With. It was a college friends like a decent isn't like boys in their college storms like we did we do. Glory really did not sit around and watch that together and aren't that into a story. Well if Brett like there are days it will be oh well bill you're our. Show. Oh. Do you do you think he read actually recognized you or was that one of those things where it's like yeah. I I can't put a finger on it but. You look. Our I don't know because we elect our birchard early army records are where are. A couple of quick verbal or awed. So are. Birdies where I would bet there are a iron ore body. They are to be honest with them. You wouldn't look at me but it will take you would feel very bad. You know a a well by repute when you'll there are. You know got to be honest that I'm about your boyfriend I don't wanna know we don't know you'll find no now. And now I've not heard rather than nine Loma right now and I and I and I did not head in the sand com. I think. That. You know I mean if this is somebody that you wanna be with the rest of your life and if it's something that's really bothering you and making you paranoid. You should have that conversation and and and then let the chips already Amy because. Look if he'd you know this is it and you are now like you did this ten plus years ago select. If he doesn't. Love you after that's. And of course it's gonna take some time to probably epicenter but if he doesn't love you and he's like I can't then he wasn't the right guy. Oh margin are. Don't want to look at it that are open you own real. Now I understand that the whole I'm not mad and disappoint. The total that move up. Well hopefully he's getting it out there makes it feel a little bit better I can understand how polling on this guilt albeit you know awful but. Not there's no or are you go there. That well. Let's say and calling it CTC united 115 PX line ready to go. While the moon and I went on it would partnered all the food and I had to do that we are we you know tip off the way it was meant more. I didn't have I've I've Margaret I'm a rather put it up calling around awhile. And then. My our old record eight I believe that an owner and I both know that I would continually every different little brother. I have never went back into it and abroad are part. And her an ongoing thing and and it was you know when we were in total putting them in order right away department that. You don't pal and then patient about it. It is what it's a you wanted to drop the grenade walkouts it's buttons it's. And I are exactly. Armed. You know I know the president or Ike and ever taught anybody that. And body work and. You tell us and I had a question for you or. Better in the arena are. Oh I get mistake you for calling in sharing LP field the better. Or. Her. TT TO 9800. Give me the opportunity. To share that secret even all the until we learned earlier this morning that. Actually is that your help hold on a secret so just giving get a get out there out of the world's. Can help got a little bits that are keeping your anonymous change your voice in the voice changer nose and no you are you have a secret to share. Rural what do you see it here I barreled over interpret or remark but I wouldn't Broder political or. The last always had the woman admitted that she had revenge sex went. Our axes brother so apparently this is the bank I have never been happier that I don't have a love. Throw that out there so isn't this an ongoing basis still happening. It. And I don't. Life. You slams do you continue do you plan C you know it's and yeah yeah. Hole pardon or you don't want your problem. So you just kind of it's a situation where you you're in about the bad and you have your cake and eat at zero. A pretty much are a bit of water a couple other Arab gaining an upper body everything great. Broad and I'd like you or is really good or bad we hear mature. So if you put them together they would've been like the turned against. I think it will board in my boot being and there are a lot of and how they're aren't. How awkward our family functions not all of them. Are. Having here out. The barber and guy. Because Garcia nosy. I feel. You play your cards is a reality show in the works here absolutely. Well good luck TO it's real family now hey you put on its.