#TeamPXY Gave their Boss Father's Day Cards

Friday, June 15th

#TeamPXY showed their appreciation to 98PXY program director, mentor, leader, and work dad Mike Danger! 

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Yeah. A strong willed twice. Stop fighting and without some kind of closure Corey JT. Shirt nice guy who's trying to grow. I will do absolutely everything in my power to avoid confrontation. He's sixty and yeah I enjoyed it studio this morning our fearless leader. Mike danger. Morning guys meet Mike danger afternoons on am 95957. FM sports bar ESPN Rochester thanks reverend Ian Nicholas who you know of course as noise and you want to bring UN to of course first. Thank you for incredible that he picks let's average and last night oh please so many people. But come together to make me that happened it you know de Cuba to become just small. Piece of of the team that puts them to the it including. And I'll also else's fault. How are you doing after the show last night tired. Yeah hard though that aren't as I feel tired as well right mean anyway yes you know I was I was there with you guys as as you were attempting to meet every person. In that seat and a the end of the night has a lot of people were in their team PXY. Alive so we headed in the dots until it reignited people. Yeah I asked brands are like Lola narrow lots of cell be is. And I I keep saying this. Maybe the best buy we've had for 98 picks last summer jam and a long long time and a business and it could free mood and happy and maybe that's amid do wit. In the tact it was gorgeous outside. But it also it's a it's a big part TO is the thought we had going into it. This is chance as a community to come together. In in special hot hitting have a good time. Yes and Andrew given that mindset. And it was it was awesome cell lines it was amazing. You know we appreciate you so much danger. You know you you ideologues and where is this go. And where's it going oh yeah our boss. Your apartment or aren't meant mentor. To some extent more like that that have to yeah that's being spun out cars. And he. You know what else this. You're you're our work that would Father's Day on Sunday with others today all I got me a Father's Day what are we looked it. Unfazed McClatchy by the way here's this is the company. This is from Corey. The sunglasses who are just the card I get a blow one might like to open enough that they'll Evanston of course can you make me read these on your tooth out and I. I just want you to know how much weaker I've said your lives glitter in this. If I don't think and everything this car is doing it and in this cars confirmed or denied I cannot completely and he didn't. They get the cards says if I could say I love you guys. Our goals and colors. And smile. And here is this partly is happy as powerful card ever happy best team work dad at. There's a little drawing of me wearing a baseball cap my my dad out of my dads and lessons that I don't. Is that the is that supposed to be yeah the law. You win the set I sit and nearly fifteen years older than me easily you can be nineteen. And just like your dad. That's nice that didn't make you wanna die the inside a little bit I don't even think about the. Ali Hassan. Left the bad guys out or they pay you for not putting glitter and that's gonna. Really absolutely. Now that you know scrub scrub down lake. With that talcum powder we'd get all the glitter. Everybody listening. Stop with the glitter to terror don't need it right this is Corey Hart yes. I do. When I think about everything. You've done for me and all that you've given me I realize there's no way I could ever repay. Note the age difference between you two is like seven years I did a little bit less plausible seven. It's a bit nine multi core let me 35 minute mark I ma 430. Yeah owners say a prayers and again. Less likely yet an Indian senses danger oh OK so I'm sorry this this is the joke okay but there's no way I could ever reliever pay you and and onions at its as. Cool look that you are. Okay. And. Father's Day query. Are you guys are the best steak and these aren't the usual line. We love you we hear your you're just you're the best. Boss you're the best leader last night you know you you've. Drove that point home in your in the past were dads like how things got my Mother's Day thank you I appreciate and enjoy Father's Day and Matt and now that's all I really yes that's all units are and you know I've pursued that jail.