#TeamPXY #FakeNews w/ Chris Debbins

Friday, July 20th

Can you figure out which of the three stories is FAKE NEWS!?

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BetaNews is saying. Calling. It's true it's strange at six. Actress stepped into the afternoon shell back and Oscar fake news all right three stories to your true one now. That big news is the fake news as your golden. Trying to figure out which one is which you can play along as well to gonna text and to puppy explicit text on 69 AT TO. Whitney Young who's the stars up. I think interning and start us off the Icrc lawyer I believe I lost last week to from trying to redeem myself I think last. Two has been twice the price gap might surprise you paper to take notes to. Cancel his for some reason pencils refocused it. I got the tunnels school aren't you aren't old sold them and really he is age 75 year old man thank you in the body up and 26 year old already first headline Internet whenever your. Math skills is Dave's car that you see it for another date. There's a woman in Memphis native beat poets and I am on Saturday night she went 80800 year old guy in Celtic green and senior broke back and high school to pick names he Dexter and asked her out. And she said yes but he showed up with other car set up so you had to drive him there in herbal. Elegy drops twenty stubborn yes yes that she'd run inside to get him a cigar she did belong she was inside the store he stole her car. I think DR. This whole terrible terrible day but he gives it wars because Kelly drove her car to go on a date with another girl and it turns out savaged yeah. Does she speaks got us there. Anyway great and the cops were able to use the GPS to track car to drive in movie theater. Were they arrested Tilton president the threat that depth of her property. As a kicker apparently he made big doubts as to pay for the tickets. Want driving up natural Clayton monster seriously Barack headline on there headlines do any. Sort of me. I you know. And when no arms arrested for stabbing terrorist. And our most Florida man used his feet to hold a pair of scissors please tab. Tony your old Caesar Coronado Miami Beach police arrested 46 year old Jonathan Crenshaw who claim self defense saying he was lying down. When Coronado approached and kicked him Crenshaw is well known in the area for painting with his feet a friend of Coronado told police they asked print shop. We're directions when he's Tim Coronado was taken to an area hospital. This a fake news was indeed fake news. Headline number three homeowner finds intruder in kicks into making a grilled cheese. Please can you tell us say a woman came home from to discover a stranger in her kitchen making a grilled cheese sandwich. Cedar city police officer says 29 year old Peyton mills was arrested on burglary and property damage charges. After respondents report a breaking and entering officers found a broken window which is thought to the point of entry and a half eaten grilled cheese sandwich. No property was taken from the home you've been should put charges. I've been filed against mills it was later transported to the cedar. City police to get out that is true crime right there right false and shake a cracked so there are three headlines are fake news this week our quick recap. Headline on main steals is dates card and use it for another date I'd like to you Florida man with no arms arrested for stabbing tourists. Headline three homeowner finds intruder in kitchen making your grilled C. You sand wedge just into the club you explicit text line at six and eight seats you want to think story never till Florida man. They'll arms arrested for stat dry and yeah McCain but Chris Evans from the afternoon show. Cooked my notes here actually took physical now it's yeah night I think this I've lost two weeks in a row yet none I need to get this right yet you greener on don't be like Whitney Canada just. Hey this hate it it's out here think so the first story about the dating. Dean is terrible I'm sure that's true. But that's I'm the person who is acts. The sermon on the sky I'm afraid to say that's fake because like I don't wanna see that he could have done that and and I don't beat the judge and defense and so I'm gonna say that's true. Only say that nobody leaves half eaten grilled salmon got just. You're gonna go to to go to the trouble of breaking into a house might leave right take the fourteenth thanks so that is fake news RN Sloc NN headline serial. Florida man with no arms a rest for stabbing tourist. That is the that is the true story you say that's true yeah I thought it might be fake I'm so afraid since it's not my friend Angela headline number three that homeowner finds intruder in kitchen making grilled cheese sandwich that. His what you believe is the fake news week. You know organizations terrible you are fake news you. That now it's split is his senate doubt but that. It was 8% of the disease in which the let me know. I'm sure it may think he's capable they. That it wanna say he couldn't stand up okay you got it you can just Evans has completely blew everything himself I'm going home the mixer yeah. Taking their signatures on an unsteady or 37.