#TeamPXY Fake News w/ Intern Nick

Friday, June 22nd

Three stories, two are true, one is FAKE NEWS. Can you figure out which one it is!?

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PX slides. BetaNews. Is saying. Conan. It's true it's strange at 63. Stories George true law. Will big false and take. Whitney Young every stories for today I certainly do in turn mic in the hot seat trying to figure out your organization's terrible you are fake news and you. Figure out which story is take how many would sniffing out fake news intern I've got this now scores. Yeah a machine now. Excited for dialogue as a while ago we sex does cut the excise eight tax line at 698 UTO on Twitter and IE PXR Rochester. Well which story do you think needs something called fake news referring witty headline all of. You're out. Men with guns face test you arrested for unlawful possession of firearm. The South Carolina man with a face tattoo of a gun was recently arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm. According to the Greeneville police department Michael Lyons was taken into custody after he was involved in a car accident. Firefighters that arrived on the scene saw him toss a loaded. Point 3838. Caliber thank you 38 caliber revolver into the grass and alerted police. Quote the real weapon was placed in property and evidence the police department confirms. Vines was charged with driving with a suspended license driving too fast for conditions as unlawful possession of a firearm pig means. That sounds too real to be real mullahs savior savored judgment for the end kitty stories out so that's headline one and a lot of let us sit list DNA blood from colonial era bones. Three years scientists have tried to figure out the origins of syphilis. Sexually transmitted disease currently on the rise in the US. Did earth explorers bring it back to Europe from the Americas or it was already present in Europe. Previous efforts to find the diseases origins have relied on historical accounts describing the disease but new DNA pulled from. 350 year old bones and brought scientists one step closer to discovering the real origin it. The BS TD once and for all according to National Geographic. This is good news because understanding where the disease came from and it's evolution could aid in the effort of earlier detection and diagnosis it's all fake news. And finally. Mouse found inside taco at Florida restaurants. In stomach churning news a mouse was found inside a top down at a restaurant in Florida according to report yesterday. But ABC news affiliate in Tampa. At 22 year old man named Jake Reynolds was grabbing a bite with friends at a local hot spot when you're not cheating incident occurred. Reynolds big into his talk down. And noticed what he was chili had a strange hard texture. When he spit out the mouthful of food he was horrified to see a severed mouse head amidst the she talked out. The restaurant has since apologized that the Health Department investigation. Has determined it was an ice a lead against the incident. Stemming from an oversight at one of the restaurants food provider factories this take news was indeed fake news well I. No it's what I want to be fascia. I hate listening to Ireland and that was not fun our diet before you gas in turn nick once again you can play along with us put PX I say text line six NET TO. Get those guys in right now a real quick rundown of the headlines is that headline number all of it. Men with guns face tattoo arrested for unlawful possession of firearms has until. Syphilis Dini pulled from colonial era bodes or headline number three. Mouse found inside taco. At Florida restaurants. Which one of those is false and take. So I feel like a big part of winning this game is knowing the competition yeah yeah Whitney Young news right now and so the country's debt to with the gun arrest just makes too much sense for me so I outer I feel like that's a real. And then the simplest bonus too much science and so I. When you click the configure this on her own right. Wow and this. Note the rats same rates in Florida. Asks where's she's Roman ruler she's lived. And you heard. Her obsession with germs and whatnot mountain I think it would have to go with the rats and we did Florida lock in and that is that is the Muslim that is not otherwise so far people texting in a that is the one that most are guessing as well Whitney Young. Which is the fake story. His bank. They didn't look okay you and no he did it wow. Relations Internet you finally when there's not tell and I.