#TeamPXY Fake News w/ Chris Debbins

Friday, June 15th

Three stories. Two are real and one is fake. Can you spot the fake news!?

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The baby produces stay. Funny thing. It's true it's strange that six. Now do you get sly afternoons are present in the hot seat again though three stories for you. Two were true why. It's all fake news Tuesday news it's here goal to determine which is where it and you know. I haven't got this right a couple weeks now yeah so are you able to snuff them. Snuck up now. At the right word you're looking for shots and you know not get past snot out didn't pick up like killing time on I'm turned murder yeah. These stories get ready to sniff out that they can write the mafia murder yeah I think I can redeem myself. Ira guy have a number one dad jury does not judge she's ice cream is set to hit store shelves. Rios is no stranger to thinking outside the box when it comes to bolt the combination of the party been transformed into taco shells for talk about what are the biggest. Items they sell about a lack and Roger does is making the move to the freezer aisle teaming up with Haagen Dazs to create jury does not judge she's flavored ice cream. Frozen chunks of the sack will be buried it pines. Apology he Neil ice cream surprise there's no word on a blue registering those ice cream would become available any time soon one can only help. This a fake news was indeed fake news. You again we've begun. To know whenever until. Pumpkin spice season has started. Its official. Pumpkin spice creek is worse than Christmas tree. Because it's you fifteen in the first pumpkin spice product is already on shelves a guy in Germantown Wisconsin spotted special K pumpkin spice crunch cereal. Out Wal-Mart this week you sent a photo to the website the impulsive buy it plus the first product this season. Policy where there's original pumpkins vice Paramount which they had the discipline to wait until late July to put out some special K really pushing the envelope here. With its releasing pumpkin spice team. Began mid June faults and shake. We've got a few things here about it I yeah I noticed I was the last one headline every three. Sonic unveils pickle juice slushy. These days you get anything you want pickle flavored. Pickle sports drinks typical bond cut pickle Pringles. Even dill pickle day and now I can try a nickel slots. Sonic is not selling them the drink is bright green and that combines these sweet salty flavor with the unmistakable blast the pickle flavor. You can also bottom line use the pickle flavored syrups for anything on the menu that means he could put it milk shakes Sunday burgers. As long as your K with this a little bit of action chart. Your organization terrible you are fake news. Is it bad out of it all three of these I think up front wanna try to pickle on the most really glad and I would extract actually its sounds delegates and it's refreshing. All central high. I just I also like spicy food so I would try the public PR to read a thing to. Tennis is top oh if you wanna jump in video quickly Canada headlines sharp and if you wanna put in your gas puppy accessing text line six NET TO. On Twitter at Nadia picks are Rochester had blood line it during does not judge she's ice stream is set to hit store shelves. Headline TO pumpkin spice season has already started. And at luxury sonic and tails pickle juice slushy. Who are true one it. A thing called fake news. OK so this is a win win for you because either. Either this is the big news story or it's real and I'll try. And so I think this fifty story is the jury knows how penalized for him. All right you think I am yeah I think it is that injury does has not teamed up with hot in DOS. Now and they have. And the street just didn't get the. It's all right. I've got a little agency V feed is party disappointed them. A little bit is that really that helps the whole pinot that won me over would have trying to snap a big fan hoping you know I think I'll look decided injury does it ever now you know it could happen. Lets them yet are you get on that that's an outlet at what isn't college Pena all you want to Rios got a cheese ice cream. But Pollack Kenya our whole body just like clean. I couldn't even higher bodily. Through which because you. Peru and she's been doing that all data not your cheese ice cream with what Colin Peek at not to cheese rollicking new I don't know what that she's it's not a whole opinion analyst. It won't help all honestly how penal peanut butter is great combination. We got a guy that exit is this fake news this is real easy diagnosis all I do that yet like apple slices with a peanut butter people these salary Filipino slices are you pretty it would be a better. The when did this become an obsession vigorously. Obvious obsession Blake April. But the neo and on Olympics wanna help Kenya has been a thing with a helping of peanut butter it's a fresh development. Tell Pena again helping him Filipino you know every girl Pena. Albania as it were isn't Rochester not like that Kenya Mexico City. Now I can't back from Barcelona looked like exit but then on all you know I don't follow that by Ana. You've got to say that debt he didn't it didn't say that just naturally for me a liar here in studio. And I did that I was joking.