#TeamPXY Fake News with Intern Nick

Friday, August 10th

Three stories, two are true, one is fake...can you figure out which one it is? 

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Their lives being. Maybe due to sustain. Phony thing. It's true it's strange at six. I Internet cannot see this week. Got three stories for YouTube are true. One of those stories a thing called fake news can you figure out which is which to play along as well. At UT TU 9800 in the clip gets OS attacks on at six NET YouTube Internet counter competence level well you know all these years getting made fun of from I didn't know is finally paying off people. Not yeah. I. I never thought you had a big now I've got a pretty and yes not as Seattle art as normal notes into your face now thank you. Today's the big as they say in your nose at. Variety do everything out headline number one of the young. Men call the police to report his wife his snoring loudly. The police in West Midlands England just released the audio from a call they got recently to 999 which is the British equivalent of 911. The man called because his wife was snoring too loudly. He said she sounded like a quote motorbike. And he didn't know what to do the dispatcher told him. That wasn't a police emergency they should get medical help when his wife wakes up. And as far as we know the cops didn't go out to the house and the guy won't be facing any charges for abusing the emergency system that Dayton's. There's been a lot of people who wanted to make a phone call you know they'll they'll all the time have I never chill man pulled over going 100 miles an hour blames pregnant girlfriend. A guy named Richard hill from Parma Ohio was pulled over by Ohio state police last month for going over 100 miles an hour and a 65 mile ourselves. When police asked him why was traveling to high rate of speed don't confess that he was trying to make it can't seem to foreclose because his girlfriend it was club. Having crazy pregnancy cravings he added if I don't come home with a ten piece bucket of chicken to chicken dove chocolates are on top of that I'm afraid he's going to kill me. The officers didn't let him off the hook completely but they did take pity on him and reduce the speed of the ticket when it's unknowns house pregnant girlfriend reacted to him. When he went home sends the chicken. It's all great news. Headline number three woman throws a knife at man who she accused of beating her Chinese food leftovers. There's a 56 year old woman named Michelle said lack. In north port Florida and last week she had some Chinese leftovers in the fridge which mysteriously disappeared. She had she only had one suspects whether they're roommates or couple is unclear but after this they're probably going to be nine there. Because when he got home she started accusing him of beating her Chinese food. He swore he didn't do it but that was good enough for her so she got him reasonable she missed. But she told him quote if I wanted to hate you I would. He call the cops she was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon without. Intent to kill some cops also believed she could have hit him with a knife if she wanted to Pacific news was indeed fake news. And they ID three headlines for this week's fake news again quick recap headline one main calls the police report is life is snoring loudly headline tale. Man pulled over going 100 miles an hour blames pregnant girlfriend. Atlanta three woman throws tonight at man she accused of eating the Chinese leftovers. To those are true 01 of those false and fake not his side. Your mission neck to decipher which is which you can also jump into your gases to put the excessive tax won it 69 AT TO. Are to teach united under do you have an idea let's get them yet to reveal quite get yet an idea it out the third one sounds fake but the second she said it was a Florida story that kinda made me. Legitimize the night yeah. I'm glad you are behaving on Floridians I. What's it themselves what all three of these stories legitimately sound faked a certain day you need to decipher. Which is the fake news out of those three stories OK so with the first story in. That's the one I'm leaning towards a learning and lean towards of course the first story that's the Texas is 90 o'clock PX I say attacks on six funny TU TO. In the third lawyer and I believe the second one. Until exited the chocolate over the chicken leg that's a little bit much for me but I. And it ended I'm gonna. Lie hitting in. Have I want I want you think can finalize that is the fake it'll make news. I got to the plate for a headline on again. Man calls please and so dramatic to report. Is what snoring loudly. Morgan didn't blink speaking rock and house I know what he should. I ask my in my life who actually heat's lord. Even in these are what keeps jewelry. Which is learning that burned out club will go a little unclear people. And I don't know what does on the front seat in case. Patty what and in many knew what like soup and I've been that we can't speak but that's about student. The seat on the Kamal what are well when it's like that it is in the place about a lack. And allies you can tell that story is not a 100%. Angry and shrill and so ashamed these fake news story. This a fake news was indeed fake news. So. I'm Mickey should not have gotten a nose job yeah. Windows yeah I think I injured do you think your fake nose to be able to. Hello hello yeah we've got what it's always insists on with the Internet about dirt magnet he's like come on a couple of.