#TeamPXY Fake News with CK from the Night Show

Friday, August 17th

Three stories. Two are true and one is FAKE NEWS. Can you figure out which is which? 

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PX lives. Maybe reduces saying. Conan fan. This trip is strange that six. Kind of a lot of store Friday it's great James breezy element for Whitney intern Nicky is here in sync hit and I still the hot seat all of person TP XY. Your organization's terrible you are fake news. We have three stories. To an amateur one of them a thing called fake news CK it is your mission to figure out which is which I'm really good at lying sacks. First headline. Dad suffers a penile fracture in his kit jumped up. On the bad to wake him up. 36 year old guy in India. Recently showed up at the hospital two days after suffering a penile fracture and it happened when his kid ran into his bedroom to wake him up and jumped on him. You taken Viagra the night before published an important. Our ask them. It did it's so we went to sleep hoping they would Wear off overnight. Still didn't yes that is can read and it jumped on him in the morning to wake him up. Despite suffering quite sudden severe pain he waited two days to see a doctor about it and they diagnosed him with than. Eggplant deformity. If that's the real technical term for what we're talking about here. He needed surgery to fix his fractured junk but he's fully recovered six will be able to have more kids. If you wants them after that that they can just happens. My guess I'll. And it really yes Don. Part of that area anywhere there's more than one their yeah their guy did it again and I we were fake wrestling we just. And my brother came in to help pretty ticked down my dad and yet. He got it where this guy allegedly got candidates had him down went to the hospital Braly about that at all. So what did you win it in myself what Michael Manley. That's Saturday at the hospitals guys we did today it's. I probably about suffering from a quote. Eggplant deformity and probably immediately going I don't know that's just me you know those on freezer up. You know like Georgia these escaped with nearly 100000. Dollars worth of Rama noodles. The police in Fayette County Georgia are investigating after these managed to seal. 98000. Dollars worth of revenue as a few weeks ago. They think that's just heard that might be just about like thirty cents a package I would say that's a lot of low clouds wow I got the low well. That's plagued the 326000. Packages but I don't now. The running package is. We're any 53 foot trailer that was parked at a Chevron station when the thieves who looked at them and our took them. These guys. Know who. Like. They could stay like they saw these packages and then they literally just Dixon and gas station. I know about police don't know where these noodles are going ashore still large but we don't know what's going on it'll make news. The Internet I headline three man sets his friends caught fire after arguing about politics and FaceBook. 44 year old Brandon Harrington was arguing about politics and FaceBook last week he really got into it with a 46 year old guy ain't Ager Clark who also lives in the area. It's clear what they were fighting about which side this sport but they know each other. Outside of FaceBook too and Britain was so fumed he should have an interest house with a canister of gasoline a match and the interest Colin flyer right the driveway in front of them. He pulled up in his truck insert hawking his board -- kick in now. So I'm standing there it's printed at him but he was too late. Brenda are Britain had already thrown the match. After quick quick stubble beside the burning carper did manage to get away he later turned himself into authorities in his facing charges for aggravated battery and arson. This a fake news was indeed fake news. In other happen anyone not. That did happen I would be surprised politics so I don't stop feeling anything can happen the politics with a run noodles those were definitely college kids. Still like LeBron you know that created me for now. Cool port here that the universe that. Better than the teams are really mad like odds on. The giant truck like Haiti could TV's could be an actor can get hard and here are the they thought it was chicken flavored gold rush. Flavor goal you wanna jump into UT TT 9800 the clip your estate tax line six many TTO which of these three. Headlines is the fake news some people of China being cut yes I think Tex lines six NET UTO. My guess is for the third line also this 11 look stay did Scott there's still a man of Rochester giving guests for a team gets I think news. I think I did everything but are really there have been works like it. Now I get you know. And a second one RIR Allen tackle I would CK banks and we'll find out. Which does stories that they may thanks Amanda. And literally gives you know I'll seek XP look pretty much voted for all of them I'm not Alec. It's the first what has happened to my dad yes and it states different a slightly differently but it. What's the hospital after wrestling with my brother for that. A really does an injury in that region until it's hard to think that's fake when I've seen it happen with my own two. The politics thing is you could I mean. People like over politics people who have been best friends I mean I I would imagine that Brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters can fight over politics and never speak again Dietz and things like city took this car on fire that's up anything can happen with politics nowadays so. I have to go. With the big news story being story to the run into little heist he went a lot it and a thing called fake news again. The headline. A Georgia thieves escaped with nearly 100000 dollars worth of Rama noodles. That story is. 100000 dollars in the noodles the fake headline. Mine is headline three man sent his friends gunfire after argun about politics on case but I'm sure it happened but this specific story apple got. I'm not as sealed indictments for an hour. I'm pretty serious right now and I'd outs get shots good tracks he cannot name it's all right it's all right did you government we can get beat Mexico.