#TeamPXY Fake News: Chris Debbins is Back for More

Friday, May 25th

Three ridiculous stories. Two are real, one is fake. Can you spot the fake news!? 98PXY afternoon host Chris Debbins accepted the challenge!

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Maybe introduces. Me. Funny thing. It's true. It's strange isn't it okay. Hot seekers that. The last two weeks ago yes and you were undefeated. I took last week off just because I wanted to celebrate and fast you are enjoying where you're winning entries re exhausted from celebratory dancing it was tough you have a stopgap. I will actually do that fly every dance. The plot you know I invented that so I don't see what I got an unsuspecting. Keep the hot streak on by McClellan as well three stories. To nurture don't love it. Pacific news was indeed fake news. Your mission is to identify which one mistake right okay so I'm Wayne Whitney's plane as well yeah but tightly together I've gotten to three swords this. Sound can put people the test he gets a little battle isn't easy oh yeah article like this take it easy take your best battling who's gonna let fake news Whitney. Or debt it's gonna run up on Twitter right now clunky ankle I don't know what my money on me since and all. It yourself right exactly a confidence Ira hearing I had. Number one Tinder. Is launching any feature that's counting on you. To help hook up your older single relatives. But the divorce rate America still hover around 50% dating Tinder wants to give its users the opportunity to play wing person. For their parents and older relatives. A spokesman for tenders that that there app has revolutionized dating for younger people and wants to do the same for the older age demographics. Wanted to keep blocks the that is the simple fact that older people are quite as technologically savvy. And that's what their plan is the hardest the younger people already use me out. To help them out the idea pretty simple set an alternate profile for whatever relative you're trying to look out. And essentially you manage their accounts it's taken its house beat them for coffee help and slight through. Not only could help them find love again but it will also create a stronger bonds with your older relatives. Balls and today I thought I was I was I love that late is going to be people were like tuning in Antonin out not knowing that statement. It's become like a rumor. That the happens in Atlanta would soon. There's a Star Wars burlesque show featuring sexy storm troopers and finally now strictly a couple extra has put together show called the empire strips back. Liberal health parity. And they're doing a mini tour of California later this month the show features twelve dancers acting out sixty different characters including Lou lay upon. In Chile plus of course sexy strong storm troopers and even. An erotic ball with that. The director says quote we make sure that everyone has the good understanding for the characters are we might change the character's gender constant setter up. But the core characteristics. Always stay the same here. Organizations terrible you are fake news. That like your dream come true if he's doing now. Yeah we don't and I'm playing great on the sorrow and our special awards held remembered by. Our headline number three lottery winner arrested for dumping 200000 dollars of manure. On ex bosses lawn. 54 year old Brian Morris that little I bought over 20000 tons of manure. And I Schwartz be dumped on his former boss is property pretending that was his residence. George FitzGerald mr. Morrison's former employer was awakened by the sound of dozens of dump trucks on his property. Think call the police dump trucks. Hey Taylor. Unfortunately. It's a good please more than fifteen minutes to arrive on the scene and more than 101000 tons of manure had already been dumped in the meantime. Apparently Brian Moore sustaining right across the street laughing and pointing when the police arrived and he quickly came over to confessed his responsibility. And explain his motivations. Lieutenant frank Myers a spokesman for the police department. Met the press few hours later explained the motivations behind the street crime. Saying quote the accused told us he worked for the victim for seventeen years and was treated like crap. He says he's had to endure it. Business treatment because he needed the money but now that he recently 125. Million dollars in the lottery it was time for revenge. He was freed on bail a few hours later after his arrest and told reporters to quote stay alert claiming had a few other principal over the next several weeks okay. But they called fake news Barack's. The Glock. Are we need you wanna go first guess nagging and Aaron Downey and let is that last headline want Tinder launching a new feature that's. Counting on you to help hook up your older single relatives. Until there's just hours burlesque show featuring sexy storm troopers. And headline three lottery winner arrested for attempting to order thousand dollars. Of manure on ex bosses lawn that. Clinton's. I think it. The empire strips back story. Is too clever for reviewed it for you have come up when wow this. The insults. How do you have air strips that's pretty pretty witty streaming that's coming I would come up let's not say that's a real cut I think. The menu are still three. Israel I think under state control great news. Net debt and so I also agree that our words Israel because I I don't praying and hoping that a I've been on the Internet. I know people want things like that so I'm sure that's real that's a market for that. I didn't sitting right here Rahal. I think that the tender story sounds very unrealistic. Why. I think to me your story had too many details I think you're putting like that officer's name in there in the dudes name let me penalties and thank you much fun writing best scenes I think the manure story is the fake one to three off the sense yes I'm literally I think news was indeed greatness he attacks coming through though it's gonna tax like people saying that. If indictments to be right. Thank you unbelievable with it yet little thing I'm winning on Twitter so there some little matters are you little mate I would not MySpace. Witty is correct. To continue paying their mistake complete and had a good solid foundation and she's such a winner you know. And they're listening when the good role model for most at this is you're actually went. Like it's got yourself humble and leaving yeah you're the most humble.