#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James vs Breezy

Friday, August 17th

Former Intern Breezy filled in for Whitney and came at Corey with her best dad jokes! 

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Today's sell. Villa then Mario let's get a doughnut she expects. I didn't get a new person here. On down never actually never heard you talent dead joked before mostly about him mean Penn apparently our rules of the game very simple. First class loses. We are on FaceBook live right now about the way if you wanna watch that team excellent dental costs go down and to do that it's breezy waste camera. I'd see so technically it's score 00 here. But I don't hear the newbie. Ali the first. Part time. Heart. Yet priest and a fresh start keeps calling me. Only minus one night stand. Precinct escorting them a Mexican magician tells an audience he's going to disappear on the count of three. You know jokes. Which he disappears. Without a Trace. Cori yet recently. Restaurant opens on the moon. Food not just can't. Degrees it's going. Why don't blinded people skydive. And this is the. Other talks new. The same. Or. Recent U joke but on paper. Never mind. It's terrible. A breeze that's going. As suspected. Some has been adding so loyal to Mike guarded. Plot Dickinson. Different why. Did the coffee. Filed a police report. And why. They got knocked him. Greece. Yes scoring. I've noticed an influx. Of bird jokes from my dad. And yeah. I let's get that's really good. I told you friends with the river town now we Colin and avert. He breezing desperate. Battle with a chuckle no doubt that I think turn my god this is it's. That's OK okay this crazy yet scoring. Did you hear that he classical music store Israel thing. It's crazy they're blocked in business. Yeah givers. Scarecrow out. When an award. The line. She says she was outstanding. In it's field. Decreased. Escort lets you call. I can't sue them that eats. Other cans of soup. Capture him. Actionable. Corey get breaks. Anything without. Total rip off. Breezy. Wire skeletons so calm. There's did. Scoring. Going. On in all only diet. Not. So yeah. Breezing. Yes if you ever tried to eat the clock. Very time consuming. And Couric. Why didn't bicycles which stand up by itself. Why. You just retired. Grease board. To get heard they music group called cellophane. Now Danny neatly wrapped. Great. What you thought caught well hello Murray I I realized what do you call it a fast psychic. Let's eight fortune teller and all. I despise. But Burton spasm and yet it is it. Can't do everything. Gets him. What are bees hum. Why. Because they don't know don't hurt and. Nick is our judge nick in the studio. Blood. How he does that mean partially own judgment yeah. My job I don't know she left it all it's always like when I left I would show king. I ain't hearing I would show to let that happy snipper yeah I definitely saw so I don't know that counts now account it. Well that's kind of that's got to present contributed to keep. And I'm so many good ones who worry yet but yeah run rattle off a couple. Like. What about you to pick your best ones. And go one for one who was in the best joke wince month for long. Ball leaders that you had yeah let's do let's. Our analytical and Hewitt article that I.