#TeamPXY Dad Joke Off: Corey James Leads the Series 5-3

Monday, June 11th

When will the losing streak stop for Whitney Young!? 

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Mistakes that remain higher for any young. Tonight more. Dow Jones golf. It's clear James. Is gravity and very important gravity and TV I'm on team kids like that joke shop metal big standout. They do not need to I don't mean I don't know it's lord. Yeah it should stand any good. And as they seeded unbelievable yeah. I don't tell. I'm not even worthy of you standing buying in the time out this skit you know and underestimate me. Estimate the glory. Are wrong again very simple you laugh. News. And Whitney Young finding new ways to lose you've been very nice feeling right now. So I got it. Cat got slapped it out of my face. Start us. He. Can't take Rory everything. Scratched. Did you ever start congress we're looking at the back of your books dragged. I love that I loved it again Canada's accountants got bickering and that's all I have to do is I. I don't get staying down big worry among the lets you slide that one. Most comedians or get dressed ready people you know Bartlett. Standup guys. They winning yes Cory jumper cable locks in a bar. And boxers us. I'll serve you. Just. Watched. Oh she's playing her man. I know reasons. Everything kick all right yeah. What's the difference between a ginger in a brick. It's like this and insulting. And I mean at least a break get slain. Injured nick is laughing my eyes are watering it Gilligan cutting an onion now. Stay winning this story. To be here at the cartoonist found dead at his home. The details are sketchy eight. You know the delivery Chelsea. Yeah. Great and yet what. What's the difference between an Irish wedding an Irish funeral. Must there's one less strong. Don't. It's great to hear about the guy who had his left side cut off. He's all right. Again and again again again ignoring billet and got locked into a Barnes and. He was disqualified from the limbo contest. Well they did you look into the bar yeah under and pay winning yes great. Did you hear about the hungry clock. They went back. Craig. And her confinement at carried out I take great. The inventor of the throat lozenge. Has died. There will be. Yeah. Do you think it's great to hear about the giant nets through. It's all. Okay. Lineup you. He's struggling yeah yeah. I struggled the entire time. A little better than last time. Not a friend anymore and honestly I'm just happy I made a lot honestly. I love the series now. Scoring six wins this Whitney Young. Three. Can you bounce back tomorrow I believe redeem yourself. The first three times. Jokes and not get you and how did they first three time he was pitting Muslim. Laps the first three times really really really sorry that's how we're gonna play that. I'm imagining it's gonna be Whitney and her own and learn. After the show for the next nine hours of research and dad jokes which I inputs scientifically the most fun. Did you ever I was gonna get you add the ginger job yeah holds all the and well and that battered gonna get you with the Irish joke out of it like personal. Stuff yeah that's. That's hilarious. And thought 08. One that almost got me. The delivery though wasn't the one about the bartender. The first show what was that on. My god. Reading I Whitney has a weakness for want to toolbar jokes I've known as I certainly. Got your life. Oh split up. Whitney has its answer to result tomorrow but now the series finally it looks out to three I'd lost all out over a vertically integrates martyrdom.