#TeamPXY Dad Joke Off: Corey James 8 Whitney Young 7

Wednesday, June 20th

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It's a big one. And currently lead the series. Eight victories Whitney Young riding eight zoom. Day winning streak it's been nice had seven and it can tie it up. I mean awhile ago he lay on the floor crying saying they were never gonna do this ever again last week it was dark come along way in and out. I'm ready now I'm ready. To smear you can see that carpet I. I'll look at affluent guest list that was staged supposed to lift the not and Hillary Clinton speaks about basic library now. You wanna lots BT Dicks like that Joseph got to do that every single day and I just on FaceBook right now and checking out. You ready to go and I'm ready rules again a very simple first to laugh. And. Say yesterday. I got away with something early on in the Dow joke on you did when immediately got. Blatantly just study. Hold it let's say it was a very difficult bad joke that out is mentally preparing myself to say. And that's that's preparing them well I don't think that's allowed but apparently when anyways is manner the you're reading yet funny is last outbursts. She. Can't get the actor yeah. Get ready yes Cory did you hear the story about the cheese that saved the world's. It was. Let. Me. Great. It. What is Marilyn Manson cult's father. And the Maryland and dad. Waiting. Yes Cory what you call someone who doesn't fart in public. I'll try to tutor. Curry. Yeah Clinton. Horse walks into a bar touch screens this shocked bartender pointed fingers. His panel are eight. Boomer says yeah Redmond my buddy. To me. Yes Cory how long does it take to make butter. Any concern. Let me. Ignoring. They wouldn't. A neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink when the neutron get his strength he asked by debtor must react with a bartender replies. Are you neutron at no charge. She waiting. Yes great. Why can't two elephants go swimming together. Because they only have. One trunk. She. Agreed. Yemeni. I'm reading a horror novel and braille. Something that is not happening can feel it. My voice was shaking but that was part of the bullet that was the delivery is now evaluating what. I couldn't get a reservation at the library. Hey Corey. It can close it now now now ignoring. They remain the man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm says. Please and the. You think the scoring went to the traffic lights at the crosswalk. Yeah. The delivery guy. And yeah I keep going to the high falsetto voice and every time I think you wait and look at me that's a mile leg and who. But broke the streak broke the streak we'll have to tie another day not now. Diana and Erica. It's georgians for the team's excellent engine. Email and jokes and 98 PS like I've come. 98 PX line.