#TeamPXY Dad Joke Off: Corey James 8 Whitney Young 5

Monday, June 18th

The struggle for dad joke supremacy continues! Share you favorite dad jokes at [email protected]

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Aides to five or miss Whitney Young yeah AM details. In the tennis and rules are very simple when you last. You and. Whitney Young yes as the challenger yes. For me to go first call worry eager to a gentleman and a good. Corey. Pretty did you hear about how that inflation has gotten. How bad. Copper nickel bred them you know. Went up to pump a dime. And the goal of winning this story. When it bananas the sun screen. Something about peeling. And Corey. Eyewitness. I dreamed about drowning in an ocean made out of ourselves in the last night. Took me awhile to work out the fact that it was just that on to see. And actually have turned. Person and it is. There waiting yes Cory what kind of fish is made out of the only two sodium atoms. To not. Dole. Current. Yemeni youth never date another apostrophe the last one was too possessive. Waiting to get scoring but here my joke about pizza. She never strategies. Like Alan eugenics. Corey Tate winning. I dig you dig. We dig C Dickey dig they did. It's not a beautiful column but it's very deep. They Whitney ask. What was said. About boiled water. In their eulogy. They'll be masters she. I used that joke on Friday Corey. You just stolen my jokes. I think you should lose a point for that but now it works great yet. I handed my dad this fiftieth birthday card. He looked at me to tears in his eyes and said yeah now. One would have been enough. Do we need. Yes Cory. Do you have to do if you won a job. In the moisturizer industry. My daily them. To keep using my jokes are great. He can't keep using my jokes and expect me to laugh yeah she. Corey. You. I have any jokes last. I was expecting. That's old joke it's agreed by the front it if it's. It's yeah. It. Happens huh. He's not win or lose and normally don't think anytime I'm winning its third son and you're technicality. Like. Mean you know our time you were mobile and in gargantuan in digital messed up neglecting your own jokes. He's over halfway through screwed up eight to six now. She's super nerds. Professional. I don't deserve a dance competition again all yeah. I. I like. I don't know all of them. And you didn't so. Just grant to do is and that's not an athlete that's vigna discuss this and you it is the news is new news. It's funny.