#TeamPXY Dad Joke Off: Corey James 7 Whitney Young 5

Friday, June 15th

The struggle for dad joke supremacy continues! Share you favorite dad jokes at [email protected]

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Who's seriously. Guess who's come. Jokes. Listen closely. First producer will. Every golf got a lot of suggestions for data about the lives of people that we met again. That's in a jam yeah and then pay the jokes you've gotten. Meaning. Anyhow we sell C Packers lead series seven to five disgusting Whitney adolescents who take these things. The moon and England are delighted to go persons I did lose yesterday yeah yeah and. Stretching on FaceBook lie about election. Can always watch every single day nudity PX Idec jokes. Any. Yes Cory beauty here corduroy pillows. They're making headlines. I don't get. Corduroy if we're facing quarter any public makes lines because of the fabric. Bullet brought Gloucester. Agree the winning. What dinosaur was the gecko lizard. What dinosaur the listing Geico lizard the least favorite. What's. Tyrannosaurus. Rex. My car wreck waiting. Like a car actually Whitney did you get it pay waiting yes sorry I predicted what will happen. In 22 point. You could say that I have. Quite funny vision. Pickering. Yeah any. Why Internet trolls never make fun of grizzlies. Why. They never responded just grin and bear it. Oh interesting stretching I was just I was tied breathing in deeply quitting yes Cory. How do you follow Will Smith in the sun. You look. For the fresh prince. Not that. Not bad. Pickering Yemeni. 'cause Darth Vader like his toast. A little. Perks. Posts are. Me. They're waiting. Yes Cory. These pursing his lips and every senior purse your lent. To them why should you always tip your exercised. You wanna get repossessed. Interesting it's a battle of wills right now. Herbal sleep deprived coming up gene kicks on any particular summer jam. That took us. Pickering. Yeah. Why was the big cat disqualified from the race. They're gonna the cat took care journeyman on trying you know. Pay winning. This and I knew that I shouldn't have eaten seafood yesterday. You know now I feel. A little yield. We don't really work. You can get a little you say it again and again the field.