#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James 36 Whitney Young 32

Thursday, September 13th

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Listen guys that live right now dessert studying PX line hamas' which I don't know laughter. With tribalism the debt the dumbest educating your accident. Once we strive for that is what is everything that ground there's James in the days but well I guess the old games and during salad. There anyone who you are saying well I didn't mean same. Around the same level and do. Is not an argument. These things. Me. They're not drinking and iron sorry that sounds pretty normal today. IE you did I get to victory yesterday yeah I and the challenger incident that. Again rules of the game very simple I'm gonna go back and forth with their dad jets' first one to lose her last loses. And I can talk already today so you're up to good sound and they're casting Palin yes Cory like a vampire write an autobiography. They're very bad. Self reflection and. Pickering. Yet winning. My brother and I inherited some furniture from the locals sale. My brother was angry now because I got the lion's share. Here waiting yes Cory. What does rusty can of spray on rust remover smell like. Ironing. Corey. Yet when he. Received a text from my boyfriend saying he was breaking up put me. In the rarely let a couple of minutes later he texted saying sorry wrong person. You ready this Corey. I don't think I could ever date a masseuse. Did exist but she wouldn't eat. Stop doing that. Emotions and excitement. Yeah agree. Yeah wouldn't. You call and neighborhood. Not a links. And the writer's block them. Waiting. Yes Greene yeah my friend told me that he had to grow and yet grown beard. And I realized he was up. Curry. Yeah. I recently went to me job interview and the interviewer asks me yeah. You see yourself in five years time as he around the and I replied personally I believe my biggest weakness is listening to. That's actually probably accurate. Do any unbelievable. What Corey. Might not spell all of them. Sir I tape and didn't finish out. We got to go that's it for this one. I trust me trust me. Did the first. Link you back your tail to mount an eleven. You're watching and FaceBook live through cracked first. President of the joke. Madonna still go up in July when an event to give me detailed report. All right the winner running the winner today pending we'll find out that. It's not seeing games live rust that. You pay cash on the spot very trendy teen and twenty something styles all seasons every day no one is ever needed to. I think Greece Andrea thank you and Victor yeah resemble those closet rod Chester dot com to find out more distribute take. The TV gigs like that Joseph god yeah I'll concede. Thank you I don't believe if all else here regularly conceding because everyone agrees that you were actually works to. If you winds about for myself so I. Garden valley. 36 and the British who.