#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James 30 Whitney Young 23

Tuesday, August 21st

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Get real serious and FaceBook live right now I can always lots. The GTX like dad Joseph got to go down. We're trying to alert me ending caring guy. It's if you're watching right now you would have the witness Whitney's throwing things at me already well patty and started yet and enter your game opulent. Internet Kleenex box you know them you just tamper with my peer alliger really don't priests. Entering clearly trying to get to name just not like 98 PX on FaceBook and you can always see people goes down to newsroom. So the rules of the game are very simple Whitney is no longer going to drive me home they go back for the best bad jokes or Whitney just out and a sudden things. And not first lap is closer current tally now with thirty wins firming yeah Tony Greene. Germans were Indian. Who again as the challenges and the great losses in our hosts open. Haven't really announced next time. You get first shot let's go out. Pickering yeah winning. The sausage. Solve the crime. It found the missing. Lady yes Cory I've got to check out a loan for an exorcist them. A little afraid. I don't pay it back I'm going to get everything. Great. Why is the Dresser so embarrassed. Line. Is playing. Jewish. Let's face of the spread the blame. Telling a joke. She and it's not go record company. Oh. So frantic trying to pick. Don't. Only. Talking about what I do to beat myself up against what I do that surely it's. It. It's kind of along the lines how I've been eating you recently where. Where I'd say some kind of physical injury and gloom. And imagine it's me happy about the like I don't fly my view is that bad things happen units chronicle area just organize the piano default under the amnesty and argue that. 3220. Blood back in the game and trying to help. Out.