#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James 25 Whitney Young 22

Friday, August 10th

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Young to play catch up and has always. Hurry up. I've right now and we do want to go down as a lawyer is like a son FaceBook are studying PX line. Rick turn again not hoodlums is or Anderson went. I think. Honesty is always you know what a muscle left and he laughs. We generally timid out and for losses since just excuses when it comes down to me are you lost just this begum blue think see after it's not just got. Great you don't eat. Octopus dad have to ask why them rather and why. Did the octopus dad have to keep intervening with this children line. They were failing to. Divide themselves. You waiting yes Cory might Sherlock Holmes go to the Mexican restaurant. Because he's looking for eight could it chase idea. Pickering yeah it. In a car just a belly button drive. Look at an Audi yeah. You waiting yes greens are Glascoff has the latest fashion trends and the remains to be seen. Corey. Yemeni would call a belt. With a watch on it once. A waste of time. They would eat yes Cory what you get when you cross Charlie Brown with Marshall Mathers. Great. Yeah and you hear that guy that stole five bars of soap. It wasn't dirt bag nick but he did make a clean getaway yeah. Do it. Yes Cory what are saying the other planets. Wow you guys. Having no life. They great yeah waiting. Today I told a joke about a broken submarine. But didn't go down well. Waiting and yes Cory GL Xerox and but geography. Is where it's act. Pickering. Yeah and I just see you know which hello I am trying to get scary and it's usually been that's next. And they set. Business yeah. Lady Wu yes Cory. As the Roman empire cut in half. But the deer she's errors. Great. Yeah. About the constipated accountant. There he couldn't budget. Budge it too many. This great. We call. Troubled water. Aides to. Alton. Degree and the Yemeni. Yeah really appreciate what you've got until it's gone. Like toilet paper. That's the truth. They're waiting. Yeah scoring. Dominate donkeys there are New York City. Five Boroughs. Stocks are culled from. Student. A great job. But we don't family was walking down the road. The BBC made a film falls behind the daddy tomato goes vaccine that's not and says. Still waiting. It's great but drummer named as twins. A. Great. Yeah and and the one show lie and say to the other. Is this still take him. Okay. He said he liked you I users. Eat what Corey your about the F pregnant bad luck. To give birth. In the spring. Okay. Ignoring the reality. Did you hear about the constipated accountant. I was breathing. Thing I'll bring you know that they sure do not agree not. Just twice. But I don't think the neck do you think you left to ice nick we ever judge. Presiding. It's a joke. Did you hear about the constipated. A mathematician. You were to now with a pencil. Weis before you grow might have crude humor I don't know. Always thank you immediately see all. That's ridiculous but the Bowie respectively Tia and what's that a lot but it's weakness in life. Poop jokes. I signed here ticket consular card it has done.