#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James 24 Whitney Young 22

Thursday, August 9th

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This story is down twenty fours. He too. On FaceBook alive if you wanna watch the team picks like that joke go down lives just holding back relax this is where that's the only rule. The glass first round as the loser okay we're new young you're on a streak of two wins Zelaya and the challenger today are you ready. I'm ready green. Waiting. Yes Cory what did the dad say to his son. When it's on ascent. Why are we pyro maniacs. The dad said. Yes. We are sun. Great Yemeni. What do you fish. Called rose that's. What making finished people's. Leading this great don't normally make tons about fractions. Great. Yeah. That computer get drunk out. Takes lots of screen shots. Q rating yes Cory my girlfriend told me to put deceive the toilet seat down. Solid and nice that he used the. Take great Yemeni. So is this dyslexic guy who walks into a drop. They would meet the yes Cory. When you call to kangaroos to live together. Roommates. Great. Yeah. And CEO expert walks into a bar bars pub tavern public house Irish pub drinks beer alcohol. Regulating them yes Cory what's green has four legs as it falls on your head from a tree kills you. Pool table. Yeah. Bickering DL and several sponsors flocking to a bar. The bartender shouts. Here. Wedding why yes green just got a part time job at the prison library. It has its pros and cons. Great. Yes which. Did you hear about the cheese factory explosion in France but now there was nothing left but didn't hurry. Taylor did dream did to be there waiting that's a smile why chlorine Alaska's clos are well. There waiting. Yes greens are set my friends who. Is addicted to brake fluid. But he says it stopped whatever he wants. Pickering. Yeah it won't last night in bad. My boyfriend ask me a good. Now. Never. Medicine. Yeah snag at last night in bed. My break. Does need to put fresh fish. And time again what I bet there's got tired. And up ladies. Sort of day. It's just. Days. It might you know it's just too much. Mountain Dew and I know you know who. And two other it. The biggest that's. Block met the dogs and a lot of it is it is. I.