#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James 17 Whitney Young 14

Thursday, July 19th

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How many overall series seventeen to fourteen when Dion. Are you ready. That's Alter. You get first since the great good luck tee to green thinks. Wait. I hate me green yeah it. Sheila vegetarian vampire. How. Which state heart. Julie and yes Cory my buddy's daughter was still angry with him when he told her he got a piano lessons. And we found out she was prone to violence. Dickering yeah. You joke about ghosts who. Just be your friend. Waiting yes Cory the did you hear about the mathematician. Who's afraid of negative numbers. We'll stop and no thing. To avoid them. Bickering and yelling. Cows serve in the armed forces not yeah they going to the military and few innings. Pete when you figure me out like that yes scoring the strain of thought and gonorrhea. What are they did a great name for it diarrhea medicine. Okay great. Downing. The worst blocks into a bar and the shot to bartender points his finger his way an alarming yells hey. The worst says yeah my buddy. Eight yes very but. We'll call Greek Costa. I don't see anything. Great Yemeni. The difference between in lies and outlaws yeah. Outlaws are wanted. I won I won him that would be a one. I knew I was gonna break you out he did not bend to the gun owner. Denigrating forgotten that it's a joke. And he didn't touch it yeah I really. Gloria and diarrhea and once that was tough you are knocking on our breaking for that there was nothing is now out all right all right fine your. Back to the wedding inside if they. Now seventeen. Fifteen I can go on now going to keep going on good and continue participating merchants in this game or life. I honestly.