#TeamPXY Dad Joke-off: Corey James 14 Whitney Young 11

Wednesday, July 11th

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Acts her wedding ways it is like fourteen to eleven in the overall series right now. Little hard to do to get things back up here waiting yeah I'm aware thank you. And I've got us and you haven't found you have the battle for. Now let's jump into the team PX my dad jug opera is very simple we go back and forth with a best jokes this overlaps first. Loses of course front face the lives we are every single day encouraging to go in like. Body. We hear us on the radio trying to hold back laughter Gaza CS can see his times. The holding back a silent again. Yeah it's just it's. Little biting apple got cheek biting there's a lot of his I I get a budding crunch and it out slowly but you know that. The fat out or my yeah being where they are yeah. Animal back accuracy can see that like it's there if you miss it you're driving into words right now he can always look back we outposts and up to via the page as well and yes. And Whitney Young are you rush yeah so I'm ready I'm a challenger today. I'll go first. Hey Whitney yes Cory. What to begin zombies eat. Librarians. Great the Yemeni. My friend got home with all the grocery shopping. And was complaining his how is always freezing this. Worry you always love your chicken fajitas. He would. Yes Cory. Did you know that. Diarrhea is hereditary. It runs in your genes and. Great. Lady. Why Arthurs army too tired to fight. I sleepless nights. Hey. Whitney yes Cory iron skillet going to be ninety degrees tomorrow. Is that the right. Great. Yeah. No matter how kind you are. German children are kinder. The lady yes curry I hate you fake me out like that. What you call them. A laughing piano. Yeah. You almost had me at the visual. Great. Yeah. My best friend's wedding was so beautiful. Even the hay didn't tears. Waiting. How do you notice how do you make. Decreased. Tickle your life did. Liguori. You. Eat colorblind giant saw. This idea. I. Awaiting the struggling yes and yes Cory. What are you Apple's. Poorly cooked steak. I don't know if that sounds horrifying. Mediocre. Tranda immediately. Means yeah yeah bunker and okay. I'm not confused her yeah. She. Picked Corey yeah. She's getting sacked for my job that started dating site for chickens this. I stopped at. I stopped it now because I was struggling to make ends meet. Pay Whitney. Yes scoring. Money your cat joke. Just kitten. Glory. For my birthday I got gifted a sticky deck of cards this I get. At. On that we're a team gets a bad joke up yeah it's it's not. A sprint it's a marathon. It is to build the last are built inside. Yup yup in every single time yeah out. That you deliver one that's funny and I just did not let be let this whole metal back it's like a punch. Hi Elissa I'm not arguing and this is great note fourteen to twelve and we are doing to or at times and now my confidence is back up. Oh wait what publicity kennel them and wondering if you're gonna be insufferable RG yeah. Then again I'm wearing that I read that. I act OK so this is the winning joke if you just tuning and had a sticky deck of cards. The delivery is the delay the delivery Gonzales fine you win.