#TeamPXY Confessional: Keeping The Secret in the Closet

Friday, June 22nd

After learning earlier this week that keeping secrets is bad for your health, Whitney and Corey have been inviting listeners to call the show to disguise their voices and spill their secret. 

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I needed. And building the mean I certainly not a secret. Stress yourself now. Early and with saving her life yeah we're doing some. This morning well. Disclaimer this. It's not scientific awareness. Witnessing this. Now would we did run a study earlier this week we could prolong your life I mean that's a big promise law mean stress huge factor this takes recent stress and therefore he then okay meant the end definitely was reaching back recipient lives in. Isn't it should not. So we've been doing all week long is we have the ability to changer voice when you call. Did show that we cannot disguise you if you race favorite button is not a voice changer I wanna do an entire show and which. That's mentoring the local roots Hebrew he. Yeah but yeah. That's gonna sound like it's gonna make you sound like one of those TV shows and of those crime shows there interviewing some witness to witness protection exactly and so nodes and OUR or not gonna say your name is. I mean as long as don't give it to mean to retail specific details and it's growing no one's gonna know you aren't so here's the beauty of it. It's really. Reinforces my love of of anti confrontation. Because you can get this op your chest he can get this secret out in the world could experience the relief. Without all of the mess cnet's of like ramifications from it. You haven't called them I guess is you haven't like gone to the I'm like color management grew and it double edged like all of your secretly you just keep. Call it might that amid new at a Monday caged. Like being in there might be a bit of a clue if I'm not in the room when a call eight. Is she had been. I secret about my cat nagging pain. Nancy. It's like butcher adult thing. To your head at me and she. Got them lined up ready to go out. Tootsie tune 9816. XY you have a secret. Our. I I drew and we're hearing Oro. Or are you mum. Now. It's absolutely screwing me. I am. So what about it and guard Brandon. Has been dating is amazing. Girl who tried to your door. There's been eating it crawl is. I'm pretty sure you'd think we didn't get marrying his aidid who would then you know we've or are there. No. My card earn what you vote rebound go to. These gay. Are the blue dog in there and did you. They'll require. Local. Rule out yes that would be different now okay. Who know and need all the but it it brand new leeway respectable or. We've got he's an all the Delta Burke probably watered we want the secret is. I've lived literally are seeing me. Why. Yeah. Yeah I know I can imagine that's a really tough situation. Here that are in Britain because the guys that are pretty good president with the corporate you know or you'll hitters are a little out of quickly it wouldn't be all right. Until you hear it very wrong number of paper they would now knowing the treatment. When you. It didn't really think you think of it could have been your marriage and everything or eight. Though of course I did it in a tentative link you're betraying her even though you never asked to know the secret of my guy friends like. Yeah this is not that I think is the first. Person had who whose call that in the seeker was not up I'll down snack. We're we don't borrow might be. I would wait and then you relate I don't know my girl run I'll do what I'm ready. That's a typical and it hasn't cheated on her Fuzzy. Holes hole is no and that. Aren't the only reason I have been able to little. If you needed on her I think and happy color and an October. Yeah. Yeah we'll meet me at maybe you could like tell your guy friends. How you're feeling and you know that's really stressing you out having it keep this secret because you lie eight and respect his girlfriend and feel like she's being. Let on end and wasting your time with someone she has no future weather like. While your credit reiterated that you know you'll love and support him through. It's coming process because that's very important to look for him to know that he'll have that supported and maybe that's why keep you know hasn't come out is good he's not sure till. Have that support. And at one point there they're really. Eight yards in the game and he talked about it in the third who literally to clothing it accordingly the LP. We'll tell you exactly that's that's kind of the plan of what we do this put the bill can only imagine on. Well we hope calling us as police give you a little bit of relief you know even this latest. Bit of that stress going away on me baby steps right it could. It has paid it is this big you don't want regardless. A great idea it. Yes and talk friendly seriously tell him you know tell my feeling in. You know and again tell him reiterate that you'll. You support it and you know when when he decides stead. To come out in that you get X I don't works. And. Very well we did a lot because.