Taylor Swift's Groping Case

Friday, August 11th

This case might be more important than you think!


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Taylor Swift has an import for the past few days now. Stemming from an incident back in a radio me hungry in 2013. Indiana or this is now former disc jockey DJI David Mueller actually ended a losing his job because of this he. Allegedly drunk Italy grabbed a handful. A Taylor swift's. Mean follow up meeting Greek. I think you and I are. Particularly. Close this situation almost because we we are radio we've done these meet in Greece and hundreds of times we've all in this situation. Where we've had the artists and it's the town hall and what have you yeah. A lot of people are are out there who are saying it well she didn't speak up when she was there she is just you know attacking him for or how you the picture looks fine and and today's hot and you meet greens. And no we say it and. Time yeah I mean I notice as as a guy this is something that I'm I'm always kind of its in my mind like okay make your hand is it would be appropriate level. Like this for gonna be like on the camp is make sure you're on the right spot right to not to hide yourself in trouble that way. As though she of course I sang that he had not only just grab the bug like got a handful yeah. I and there are some key is iron after she need these allegations from his job sell. And is DJ IT sued Taylor slept for defamation and so let's remember that important part Taylor Swift did not start this loss. This TJ it. All right so he is so it it she is aiming at a time and then eventually it came out. He lost his job because of their Luke and now he's suing her. And her three million dollars is what he's suing her now instead of letting this happen. Is fighting back she is countersuing. For one. Dollar and you literally countersuing for just a dollar because. Just about money for her it's about proving that it's completely unacceptable. To go around grabbing women's. Booty is right she's she says she wants on him held responsible for his actions so I'm I'm I'm guessing. What she says that just means he doesn't get money from her and this company goes on as. And she's putting a public face it this and saying no this is not a trend which the court you might help you remember a few months ago. I told a story about how when I was out 198. As strange man. Reached his hand my dress and grant me. K Lee what is one of Nemo the more traumatize and things that have happened to me. Yeah. Super powerful live in an and that he would think that that would set you laugh and you would flip out on him but you did the opposite. I did not I didn't I froze. I eight didn't tell security. I didn't make a scene it. I just got out of there and it's something that haunts me to this day in fact that I didn't say anything when I eat could hand and I should have in order just to stop him from doing. Something else so. Seems he should do this no matter how you feel about Taylor Swift. This is. Awesome to me this is awesome I feel like she's doing this for me. For her for everyone knew as let it happen her and didn't speak up because they didn't think they had a shot and how to win a fight. At class I just love that she's doing that and I love how Santa. See she got married her own money this this is pretty great and I and he there's so many amazing things that she said when she was on the stand for this trial I just like. There also what in the moments during cross examination and when Mueller's lawyer asked term why the front of her dress wasn't disturbs. If he was indeed grabbing her but she responded to an end because my butt is located in the back of my time. She went in and granted it's a trial I know that they hop to try to make ends their client look and as it is as possible and to make discredit Taylor and what she says so they're asking her a lot of questions. That was kind of insinuating that it was her and her team like it was suggested maybe she should be critical of her bodyguard. We're not stopping the groping. And she said I'm critical of your client thinking is hid under my scared and I didn't high. My math is right yes yup I'm these did not actually written you not touch my hand he grabbed my bare ass hits but she's content that's. That's only in because I mean every everyone's been through the accidental like brush there's at the sound is a huge difference between what she's describing. Invalid or accidentally you know you liken it to a woman and you like well I'd I'd cluster relaxed and so with REE. Like her doing that or you know you've got a bus accident this kind of like the quick little. With the book out yeah. Am fine he's quote handful of my ass I know it with candidates who is definitely this guy there's no accidental squeezes and that's for sure this is. Is my favorite thing that she said I want to put this on a bill I didn't sell this out to the world. What you're talking about this DJ he's firing. And trying to make her feel a little guilty about it mom Taylor Swift said. I am not going to allow. Your client to make me feel like it anyway my faults because it is possible. So yeah who saw it as I kick myself. For when this happened to me and not seeking out and not seeing anything this justifies it for me a little bit. And I wonder how the breast and maybe it's just we've got to wonder how the rest of the public perceives. Her standing up like well. The other obviously are a lot of people plotting her like you are in and I agree with that but I have seen their actually a lot of people. Gone the other way with a two saying that she's doing this for one reason and one reason alone. That's publicity. We know how desperately celebrities on us and the public guy factually as known music out right now and early I don't know political albums situations going to be. It out you need to be on the front pages and need to stay in the public got their claim that she's doing this. Just to be seen in stay in the public mind. Swift actually has gotten. A lot of seat for not being in the public guy. Recently in what I remember back when the women's march on Washington DC was going on elementary yeah. I sat liberal people all over the Internet because she is all about. Preteen female empowerment and girl power and sublime goals and she was nowhere to be seen and she hasn't commented on any of the issues that deed turned administration has. Push on winning. Chances anything and and people are giving her a first for saying that so you can't. Win either way either you are a fighter and you stick up for what you believe and it's both she's doing it for attention all our case. Why do you say what you believe and we could use the Intel. First NBA when year when you're in and that it must file under its going to be critical sides I mumble sides of Vietnam. But she is getting to support him in this taxes. Meg and I'm I'm guessing this is life in your situation you wish you would have done could be excised a tax on six I made you choose person. It's awesome and Taylor is doing I had my butt ground that concert and had no hesitation. Turnaround and punched in the okay I wouldn't say I wish I did that very proud moment for me if she she's come under the excuse for not. Making a scene I did it because we didn't wanna make you think is there were other people around she said she couldn't see anything at the time because the other fans are young. Female and that our in the room with her history she she says and admitted there's a huge can of blogs out in eighty degrees before it was just like. And inner ring those tiny 4050 people that kind of shuffling in an ally yeah. So if she wanted to remain professional and that's exactly why I didn't say anything either at the time because I didn't wanna be making scene. Especially somebody on the radio heat with other. Radio personality I didn't want people don't need a little crazy DJ is making an obscene. I wish you know it is no excuse and I'm glad she's saying something now I eagle that she is doing this kind of harbor any herb and I love this. Mean it the easy thing to do a disk to be to try to forget and animal fine. And and it's not easy to look it mall yeah I'm guessing that's that's tough I mean you know early forget it when something like that happens it by. You learn from it. And you learn to speak up front. Mean I think that comes with experience why this can't wait for the guy and grab you to see you for three million dollars and make him look stupid in open court that's regression. He Natalie and Jon garrido. Yeah. 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