Table Manners and Dating

Thursday, March 1st

Some of the biggest dating dealbreakers have to do with bad table manners! 


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That's correct bush it's up. That's the most horrendous thing entire Ellis on. Starting with the mouth open. Does that annoy the worse. Thing out courtesy jett's life. An idea PX I hope they solve listeners after that. Now it's like nails on chalkboard they get really it's. Like that for me the true amount opened. Blinds so I'm guessing thing Courtney doesn't suit their route she does not its unit did she is also on these people who if the person Jews of the mouth of an goodbye yeah it's important you don't it's funny because you think I'll seek shallow. So much moral person their thoughts their feelings the fact that you would amount of the not a big deal yeah how the fact that you're gonna eat every meal I'll. Her entire life the next fifty years or do you look that I should take. Letters are so important that the big want. It is a big one and I actually didn't know. A lot of these table that said there there's this article on reader's digest it to nine tips from a Butler hints how fancy. On impeccable tail race. Is that is Neely Boller right now is Fred is that means Butler sounds like I don't know that reference unfortunately that. I I. Yeah I didn't know hole like a few of the used. Table manners if you look at kind of obscure I knew chewing your food with your mouth up and obviously the big puncher but which dew bottle at. Yeah I put my old roommate did that and when we were like already in a fight and I was like already annoyed with her she would do that again. Does sixty legacy as you notice that you can't unnoticed that exact science unit out I had a friend who was dating a guy and she ended up breaking up with him. But he had a reason for why should this out though. How old come months what a way to deviated septa now one thing though. Said that he was he had some military experience and says when he was in the army getting your food really fast so it is cut east eating like that. Okay well we're back we're back kinda you know time million ground and a time to close amount now now we need to be civilized and the brick definitely that allow well this was this something IE. Never in a million years thought could possibly be rude but as it turns out. Below your food when it's too high it's yeah you're supposed to just let it cooled down on its dollars. On a second so you're telling me. When you go to like he's Alexander on Friday and Saturday night yet. And you leave the bars and go grab a slice of pizza yep he's lost just stand there and stare at it until he gets colds yet and or boarding a not burn your moll scolding hot. In your drunken possible starving. State you're supposed to just stand there and let this beautiful slice of pizza. Just just chilled at chill. Now know lost on no one has the willpower to do that Butler now exactly it is Butler. What degree is and look at it this indicates that that is against bad Tim matters and we all have terrible team we. Direct another one is instead it's. This one really gets me instead of spinning your food that you you know for whatever reason you don't want into an app can't. Here's at most remove it went off arc from your mouth and said it on the side of your play. Like you do like surgery lets me get advanced Paul it's not a I did just. Should the recent spitting into your napkin is because nobody wants to see you're regarded tainted food. That's just chill there gas now I think they've yet to get a date Whitney and got pulled this move. Are you headed for the door. Yeah I'm I'm out the door already. Yeah app and then the last one that really surprised me was hating salts before you've tasted your food this is more if you're like at a dinner party because it's apparently insulting if you salted without trying it first like it got in the the host that when I could see. You know I'm a sodium enthusiast it's not me it's yeah it's not you it's. There's never enough never enough salt no matter what I did. About one because as that you know if your slave and over the the still there and you're putting on a good deal for people you know. We seventies to first try it you're supposed to assume that it has Little League look at something mile can't hook on Neitzel. What do you really like IE. I always end up putting a little bit. More salt on anything anything and I think I get that from my dad is he will he would get. I don't it doesn't matter what it is he gets that and he's like. Shaken. And pat Burke for a good ten seconds. You look I just know it's not going to be enough salt. The bigger question here glory chair. If you're a first date with somebody. And they have. Had table manners whether it's one of these that we listed are just eating (%expletive) with your mouth open and you know. You double figures by the way ahead of things that people do especially comes table manners that drive you crazy uncle PX as if text plan 692 a lot of people agree about the ultimate amount of but one being the worst yeah it's disgusting. On but ball did turn out to the point where you would like the like I'm never going up the spurs again deal breaker yes episode. The mouth open one now about an obvious one for sure about some of it would lessening else that would that something like less aggress it. If there their route to the waiter wager all of dad is bad because I didn't think honestly that speaks a lot about a person of how they treat someone in the service industry. Yeah that's Orson Bemis loud and light Hugh yeah like. OK we got to pick one bit they make that resonates you all are there the biggest jerk in the world to this the server every time you go out I would take the pig eating out. That's not that's bad that's better oh yeah. And Ochoa and her mouth opens pretty annoying. It's.