Struggles of Having Kids Later in Life

Friday, August 10th

For the first time in her life Whitney is worried about being able to have kids...

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MCDX lie and Johnny PXY or James Whitney young and yeah. Room Lotta hills at the generation are having kids later in life. More career focused. All my friends. Aaron mid thirties with their first child but only older friends users of course positives that yeah. Financially more stable in most cases you've you've established yourself in your career. You're able to provide more for the child that he maybe could many are younger and your scrape it together your your money in yeah Rama noodles. I'm Wragge yeah but of course there's a negatives and drawbacks as well a big drawbacks is the fact that. Course the longer you wait. Carter becomes rights and we talked about how Carrie Underwood fired up a lot of people buy it. I'm insinuating that by the time we 352 and a big family and you haven't yet it's probably not gonna. Well biologically India and social as one bit about the way she just not she's having a second child yes so a few you know if you're insinuating groove we skip can't. Well it's cheaper Europe having chest and she could have another one at 37 and of course yeah when it 39 I've heard of women in their sixties. You have. Having children that's so weird to me because my grandparents were like fifty to 53 when I was born so that just as wild thing written grandparents age yet it's possible that again that they when you look at the numbers. 35 to forty dramatic drop off yeah Nixon a much for difficult to time your 45 it's 5% chance. Yeah I will shocked to find out that even at your fertility pro am your most fertile in your when he is your chance of getting pregnant. Any given month as a woman is only 25%. And it's not easy when your when your teenager as it sounds like you're walking in keeping my eye set up. No no accident don't look too medium high I did. So only 20%. Even your pride that's crazy to me. But the idea that decline is very steep especially between 36 and thirty it's like. Let sharp drop. So right now we need your Tony seven New York here in your prime guy actually kind of like all of over the hill when it comes to your pregnancy problem. New beginning and then you're resisting and you're beginning at about these and. And right now that I midnight I guess I'm in my late twenties I suppose and it's like. You know my twenties so far I have focused entirely like tunnel vision on my career ends and now this is kind of the first year where I was like. Yes should probably figure out what my plan is is it you know is in my five year plan is in my ten year plan. Among my brother 36. So I've got you know I don't I I don't feel like I wanna. Have my first kid after 35 and actually running a poll and if you didn't have your first child first child after 35. Let us know difficulty GT 9800 most everybody so far has said no they did not have their brilliant at 35 or later I feel like you know. It's in my five year plan I would say like maybe 32 it's a lottery at so money go to say that I know Chris and that did joke could be on me I could end up adding he did two years from now but late. It's just. While the joke of the idea could be in two years all are never never that's. I'm not trying to to be a deadly doc. Well I I want you to be aware of it because there's still agree there's a lot of women who don't think about that until it's a little bit too late. And it's topic is Weasley does that Tony Iverson Janzen and you're probably do we couples get older they're trying to have a kid can't go to the most frustrating experiences. Out there he's trying so hard and then every single month. Period comes along and yeah that is the worst thing. So this is my piece of advice in his buddy's advice TO. And it's my piece of advice for any twentysomething woman listening who is is like Q in his career oriented but once kids on the road. Free thanks to my house here. You know how much is that even its expense and how great are you gonna pay for it because I know it's it's expensive so cost it's it's about 101000 harvest the eggs. Lives. I'm not done it hit and and other need to be stored so that's about 500 a year. And then meets on their thought and fertilize and transferred to the uterus with an idea that cost but on a hot now very sexy say hey we. Is very expensive. But I guess if you can swing it it comes down to peace of mind. You have. And maybe even out with here's the thing with that even with data not a guaranteed. That's why I feel like I would just. I would just. Do IVF advice I would. I would like the I don't know is how much his idea that's probably like similar six of one half dozen of the other so it's about. Fifteen yes you can have 151000 no matter Latin pretty much and we ivy yes by the way after 35 your chances are much higher mean it really it's you know remarkably well. But you still want your twenties something products and you'll hear eggs and entered. It depends what your geriatric. That's. It's like when he turned 3435. And think that that's the doctors say doctors call it sets attorney Patrick knowing I don't believe dirt that that's a big how I know it's just and you and I don't. I don't too many women who are in there. Mid thirties where this is the biggest concern in their life you know because they are worried that they can't have. So I'm not thinking mid thirties accustomed thinking like. Maybe 3132. Well I don't know and I don't like not being able to be selfish is horrifying rat. Like I don't know what amended deal. Like the thought of having to like like someone who need to not somebody who wants to be around you like it wouldn't need you to survive that's horrifying and you're right now I don't like. Eyes and ears when you're gonna when you compare it your life is over. As you know it. That it just becomes a different new paperback. And got them to acts committed some calls coming in to two to 9800. Mister Rochester you wanted to talk about this gut. I'm I'm crying and I. Am a parent are. Hole OK and you have to did you need assistance like ivy app that kind of thing. No I. Well I I I am we are at and that I. And my thought. And is this your first child. None we'll congratulate SC it's awesome how frustrating was that process now. It out a lineup like OK I all it can't. Happen. What an iron it then or any. You'd really meant that it. No deductibles. Yeah. But he's got out the best dear Baston and just hope that everything. Universe trust self hate and if you could have gone that could if he could have swung it would you have tried to freeze your eggs in your twenties. Do you think that would give you more peace of mind. Even I like Akamai let me thinking about children very like that out. Months farewell thanks for the call we appreciate it being 0%. By. I isn't it coming up cookie explicit text line at six NE two TO I don't try to get pregnant and you'll get pregnant. And how that works. Oh man I'm more commander had their first child at 35 and I was not trying it's been a blessing but I got to you city energy level is not. There most of the time oh man that's a that you look look for when you become apparent when your older he's in you know not quite as as energetic as you're quality. It's so funny it's so funny they said that because my parents had me at 27. Some might now and then they had my brother 36 moon and that is the one thing my mom has said like. Yeah if a lot more money and financial stability instantly that. No energy Linn Energy is so different. All my dad had me he is 36 Alice and I sits at 37. And I mean you know how is that a teenager and in point sports and things we get that needs sell a lot of a lot of the sports thinks he couldn't you know take part in discuss it enabled him that's when my dad was to Denise netbooks are. I'll battle and it's up for that accident saying that differs son at 35 there's no energy says he's now to what I have never been more shots. Wow what is the. Yeah I can't wait to see you know like when you have your first kiss ya coming in your view in the morning show. Cumin and you haven't slept as Europe nursing the baby. The bottle I mean that we courts.