Shower Crying

Tuesday, December 12th

Megan Carter says the shower is the BEST place to cry. 


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The line with Carter and Corey is on TPX line snow's still coming down hopefully you're getting to your destination say. Timer TG 200. It speaks like he's textile in each jam. You don't panic and yeah for us and wise. It was one of those days there. Says he supports candidates. I know. And I like that tell mileage goes it's it's not just like wine. One thing that messes me up for a little while. It's several things peaks and valleys extreme highs and lows. If I was bombing aspect to try that way if not handled meet at bats epic comes normally I try to keep pretty positive sir you are you actually coping skills author how I I just go brush your shoulders officer and it literally be emotionally JC I want my day. I know some about yesterday where I needed to do something. And you do something about the mood which is down doesn't funk and it really bad meeting here. I left it out. In a hot it up. I'll try not to like basically just like knowing top to me on my flannel from upstairs to the parking garage because I don't know if I'm going to. Bike tour and or run the other direction cry mega no idea did you punch someone yesterday all right today now I and it's a lot of get. It clear hustling at all. And the best thing after really crappy work day Catholic. Curled on the couch. In my warmed up the noodles are perfect I'll call with the like automatically make you feel that bad I feel like it. It puts you kind of like when your kid in your home from school and you were sick from school and I'm puts it that moves of a mood of kind of comfort yeah I totally agree. There might. Not just an old Megan kick and yeah I would. Yeah day you are well like yours and your afternoon he gets to you she did not know OK I. Did about your decks. My inner critics myself so I'm you know my hopes I get off the couch. Welcome up on Obama playlist. Or Bluetooth on and I shower radio. Pop in the shower. And then. It's been my parent that the watch streaming down my face and and this comes on from lord of it is awesome I I hope we play ninety excellence and it's a liability it's so that you say at SNL okay yeah. Eat is just like. Why he is and sat. I'm tried to I don't have that's on the media I can replicate it with something let me see. Wall to. A jury I'm still waters run and share right. When watching my hair the puppies and that would be it old. Wash my hair. Com and stand and parents playing at the end of my hair tangles slight danger he meant a little bit. And then I'm so cozy. And comfortable. In and lords Lester McLaughlin is. Singing a lot of leads to beautifully is he asked around and and I just started. Well. And playing. This hour. The LA and try. Late next hole and shun that should not everywhere couldn't look heating shout or cry while he did well. Take this is your happens and and we all do this where life kind of piles are right and and we we all try to just brush shoulders off. And move on and that's good to good attitude to have because you can't let every little thing to to to Mets get up there comes a point. In everyone's life. Breeders' Cup light it up you got to that 'cause because brush your shoulders off. I mean it's kind of of getting rid of it but it's also which repression right when it come I was letting him yet you're suppressing all the feelings and restock those feelings down. Coming up sooner or later. End and they're something of Al. Just being like. Unique heat. Loan. And surrounded by cold tile and running water it's horrible and that makes you wanna bird sings yeah this is a yeah I don't know I've you know. Yeah because it was a relief she cries are the it does come in handy with neutral snot cry so now. Hurting and it's nice to know as well and I'm not the only one who does best albeit placing text length 69 each each year but yup shower try that. The place. That the you know it's not. Modern day in the shower I happened before but. Because sticks are too loud so I reserve my cries for my car finally on the about it. Corey your message out I'm sorry at. Some might if you any regular hour prior. I had to sell it just the comfort of being pitched pork. I think it's the same way for the car though it's done the vulnerability of being naked. But there is a comfort of being like in your vehicle your original duel down gonna get outside weekend. I bet you right now it's like no one is released and comfortable enough to let go right now if anything that knuckles are white and for so hard but I doubt either someone crying in their car right now. And end up being good released when they're trying their car right now it's happening and promising that so how about at. Everybody men when began. Tonight I'm telling you you're stressed about today stressed about the commutes. Just tell the kids hold on urges all the haunted you a cup noodles that's assertive for me. And have yourself to teach flat and slid it out and let it out.