Shoveling Out Your Neighbors

Tuesday, December 12th

Did your neighbors not shovel you out? Megan Carter thinks this could be a sign that they hate you! 


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I have good friends who just by eight on you house this year in Canfield and I told them. That they're gonna learn something when it's sexist now and they're gonna learn quick as you homeowners. Not shoveling. Not not your roof. Not making taking Gary the ice or anything like that and meet and it's a token they're going to learn which neighbors like them and which neighbors don't tell. Now current era I can I did today and you come up there it's just a national surprise league. What are often neighbors out there with their brushing up the cart I don't mind running over there and do not put pressure yet they still are out it toppled over and do my any. I'd wait for. That but it's the people who used to go out and their impression of your car. The meaning you. Or does that mean they hate you and bring Charles I really mean they hate you letting. Maybe an analyst for time. Like I can see the person in the neighborhood. Who always does that for someone as the person with like the really awesome snowblower and it's just an excuse to use as much as possible and I think that's a stop it still sultry since. But not being Akron now I don't know about that picks up. I didn't have a snowblower but he had a slalom not instruct their kids and it he said it was the biggest pain because he. Is there. And everywhere in the driveway clear and it is it she's active. But he's got this for our drive whenever possible. All sorry you we gotta be neighborly at this summit like hey cops now it's coming out and you're like not yet then make each. And I think is don't go out of the way like I remember growing up my parents always go we had on. A woman across the street was elderly so mind my dad or is there have to cloud our colleague while her driveway it was brush off her car so there was that. Obligated to do and I don't think if you look at this morning and you got your car there's a ton of snow on and you looked your left. And it's completely clear in your neighbor's driveway to one side he looks here right and it's completely clear nearly neighbor's driveway. Mean they heat. Every paper by. Elderly neighbor like she sat them its troubled around movements and follow. It. Three full work extra minutes in your morning. And you don't want Hoover apparently. Well clear little tapper something. Show your obligated to. Is that part of the homeowners' association agreement. I'd kick granted I'm at house. Guests jerk if I had a couple minutes and I didn't. Make pathway for the old lady next door I had epic clip and then to find out when I get home that she broker not certain element to about serious question. But do that. To get home baked cookies tickets on the on its core Mike you color your neighbors means first inning and 22. GG not hundred excise tax line any cheat sheet protection now whose team X like a morning. It. And appeared out out out your Al. They are. 08 at. Wal-Mart they edit. If you did it work. I. The irony and went at the hot hole. So it was thirty. We work and I can't pulled her out every week in. Week. Out that bad. All that was it you got sound you know and I'll definitely. Were lay it on you where you are. How'd. You. Know it's for the rest of the year. I they need only that they and too hard. And I'll sit around playing being dealt let the aren't they are here. And yeah I'm I'm I'm. I. Am dying and that the digs at index scientific study GQ actually is TV acts like whose team are you on be honest. I agree and making completely re app. Mode under our new home or your own album. For years in a row I was aware pregnant during the winter months. And I had been worked late night in Al. Matt Weaver in light which neighbors are but at what it's like oh my at these people act and act and are really locked. I'll. For Christmas this year did you retain and anyway how did you do that. How we added we let it. Act or. How come my mother. To keep bad guys Dublin government and where you let me know of any houses there percent right.