Is Sex Addiction a Myth?

Thursday, November 9th

A sex addiction expert called into the show to give us some insight! 


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Seems like all the dirt. And Hollywood's coming to light finally making Carter. Inspired by the outing of Harvey Weinstein. Spent just a line in a lot of allegations I'd Kevin Spacey and acute joining us now Charlie Sheen. End this on the ticket with a grain of salt this is being airport about The National Enquirer. However we do should we should keep in mind the fact that they have. Actually been the ones that have. Unearth some pretty Big Sur is that legitimate Tiger Woods is a prime example and they're the first ones report about his cheating. Com so this is possible this is that Charlie Sheen. Being accused. A breaking actor Corey teams this is years and years ago when he was thirteen years. All of course Elton has come out and said that both him and Korean were victims of that and it is and abuse when they are younger and eight. Never named name's Corey tell me just recently named one name but he said that it's a lot of these. People who abuse them they were younger were Beijing stars that are still be used ours which. How much of MSU up CNET that did that you mentioned Kerr you name is now dad yeah drug addiction. And yup you know I was what 2010. List it's been awhile bomb but they're saying it took place on the set of the movie called Lucas. And and so they're describing this as the sea ray did describe mrs. statutory. They say that payment and at least she was nineteen and he was thirteen yes they smoked pot and then had sex and then apparently Corey came. One to four on again and Charlie Sheen had no interest that's what's from being reported right now. I'll and then I just the other day about public Kevin Spacey is going to seem rehab center as Harvey Weinstein now yes yes for a quote unquote sex addiction. I'm sorry Charlie she actually give out the sex addict of years it management's. Many I mean there's a laundry list like the celebrities who have been busted for cheating Airbus suffered for inappropriate things and that is that's kind of the go to you know as an economic and got addiction. I feel like sex addiction. Is the most. I've ever hurt Tiger Woods. Oh that this exhibition there not expect Eugene died your rights to horrible person her wasting got a sex addict you're just a horrible person. Yeah that speed via just a horrible parsing you're not a sex. I don't think there's any legitimacy to sex addiction now no I think it's the biggest crock of crap. But I've ever national meth national meth that's a business out there and rarely act honestly I I believe. You teach you not 800 Patricia is seen PX like a morning good morning. Hi there is an inside on us. You know like you. Magnetic back at check in either back then. I can't I have also AA there to buy back at it Eric as true the national luck on an addiction and professional. And all right so Megan. I do know that there were even certified sex addict environment I you know what I did I act act very actually old you call it Patricia cell. And so I open. Talk about my mental health issues and it's and things that I've been struggling at that even as a when you eat I I see. I doctor I I researched a lot of this stuff when it comes to addiction they're have you and I still. Eight pick sex addiction is that Matt yeah I. Well I just can't wrap my at her on that this is a real today. Right I understand. You know it it's not. Directed them have a pharma tech note that India and but yet but hopefully. Within the next year the international classification of is these well. Given that. Formal diagnosed Penelope come that actual behavior if order and I'll tell him again I think. My practice right now I probably have six C. Mostly men at friend with actually it. And it really works a lot like alcoholism and drug addiction is you men either not backed senator let me picnic at the end between. Harvey Weinstein that the world. Who really appeared to be effective and are not treat. I cannot expect a and there are. I only treat men who have come out the actual. Behavior that get them into trouble and carpet and emotional pain and it's that that's not what the than their life. I think that's where I struggle with is the only time you see eat they eat in the media sex addiction it's used as an excuse for something something I'd who did a terrible thing. So you're saying it is real and legitimate. What's the difference between between that he's an ad as an excuse for cheating or this inappropriate behavior. Vs an actual legitimate problem. Epic great great quest and so if you have a stack the extent. You're usually not. Court I'm one or more in some aspect with you. You're not abusing your power technically you are using text through cross that you'd or masturbation or pornography work. Taxpayers. I just hope it is and you're. A lady if we take a look at Patrick Carr and at a eighty. Oh with that prediction. Where actually use their children. Unit level up but trauma among people and when you're at it a child or adolescent who's. Living. That is appalled at what is emotional you'd. Sexual abuse. They're only two ways you can tell is one would be a combined drug the other would be that you know you're compile that up debate and or. Cracker. Out. That that there is what people like that back at standard and I may have a point. Even the people that we hear about immediate either that though Reilly and Roger ill bet on it again and cardinal law a protectorate Catholic Church. Isn't that they'll cut he'd been haven't they eat apparently liked it and that boat you're back at and there are. Other. I just rhetoric that rap I had around the fact that you're just using this as an excuse for for your terrible behavior. You are correct an an outlay if something expect spending is not a mental disorder is a crime. And now I can treat I think actually back at standard and and you know what I don't know. Heard what and I don't know Kevin ate meat but when you take a look at. A pattern. It is more than just one. CL last. Ready get it done eerie though either aerial had a violent or serial rapists. They have very little. Little up. Expect great treating had a I out port serial rapists but it you take a look at actually fiction the guys that I eat. Man that you know maybe anywhere actually is at kit and maybe they had no love. Maybe hurt it early and let the basket and they learn troop pornography or multiple up there or are the only way to know how to get them out there are a power ball or. Valuable to get up on their emotional and by the time they knock on my door they partied and read what support there kid is taken away from. On them and their marred by and humiliated. That people the people that want treatment but got an outcome like are they they look they can tell me what I need to use. To get my life back. End up hurting people and I hope he let Allah put any link and you guys will go to a place in town up at Cobo Center KO POC. And it will be in group. Other men with actual addiction and they look stay in the group for five years they'll put expect that it anonymous meeting. They will upgrade to a medic aid they will learn they will work through a lot of grief and trauma. And they'll learn to develop a mad about that now and learn how to do real and connecting with other men and higher power and then about what they're lives. But I don't see a lot of remarked panic party line is our Kevin at yeah a lot of a lot that I can't. A lot of justification. There are a lot of acting a IP. Eight. They report. Where I'm talking to doctor Patricia Allen and at that certified sex addiction counselor now not looking at. People like Kevin TC Harvey Weinstein we don't they are sex. Addicts they're more sex offenders do you see hope for them via treatment in in changing the way they treat people. Will that victory and I guess it depends on how much distressed there. And certainly I love the fact that at an academy. Party line that her life so that back. That Netflix or not. An eight. You know I like that the cart. And but I really liked the fact that they're probably in a little bit distressed but. I don't know I don't know what they have the capacity or am at and I don't know what they have conscience. You know an perhaps. Maybe there's hope I mean are there are about. You know any human. Living dog votes Iran and it's again it's it's best prepared to talk to you because of the the note. One of my questions was the parallels between some and it was a sex addict to some and who's addicted to two drugs alcohol it seems like. The same exact thing. Same thing but just because you're d.s that doesn't meet your rats that I think that's the problem I think it's the fact that these guys. Are giving sex addiction a bad name right. You are just telling you absolutely right. I you're absolutely right you know and it did anybody come knocking on your door and said I like that amassed. I don't have any coping skills other then use that the yield better my marriage and my. Are are on the rock and I am so ashamed I hate myself but it is not in human being. Please help me I would do anything I'll go to an elected payment on the upper what eating disorder gambling problem alcoholism. Addiction and we take a look at the rain. People with sexual addiction and at an area of the brain light up. When they are looking out here or there and Asian sexual an eight. Oh there's a lot of Europe and that really support the sex addiction. But let that and they get totally hit it. And on I don't treat it. And they have a lot less well for. And it lets me let people at. People expect it to get better I'm. Doctor Patricia thank you so much for Chinese candy it that was really insightful we really appreciate you calling it today. Any kind of happy to speak on it thanks for bringing that it's not just.