Senior Pranks Gone Wrong

Thursday, May 17th

Corey James shared the story of how a senior prank nearly got one of his favorite teachers fired! 

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This senior prank nearly got my favorite teacher in high school flyers. Could happen at 48 team. At a time for a few months or TVX lie on Nadia PX likely James. Whitney Young. Also coming about like Kendrick Lamar tickets to. We've got a lot of interest single game we're gonna play it. We'll try something Neil. Out of all the experimenting here. I'll do that coming up and the live like four minutes hang out that's. I gotta tell the story though because of this was from Wisconsin where these kids are gone viral because they have done a mural essentially or they'd be painted a cardinal Walt. No no no it's it is really a car I mean they really they it's a real junk car that I guess it was like the back half of that I mean if you if you look at the Dixie conceit like the back cap maybe a little bit more. And then they put black TARP up. To make it looks like the car head. Gone through the build up out cash and up police in that town said it's the best senior prank in a rehab. So that was impressive edits and it's all so they've got a point to it as well. It's it's pushing this message of parents who serve. Look who are parents to post lose the most when it comes to serving alcohol during graduation parties right so it kind of a mess as soon as well. There was earlier message and a senior prince. This actually. Seems it is on the surface. But because of eight discover of random set of circumstances. The out. Things went horribly awry alone now so if you think back to when your high school through high school now on headed to school there's certain teachers were you just click wet yeah. And if you're look at older you probably would be like buddies terror cell that was mr. Murray. All for my group of friends and I can mr. Murray was younger and mr. Murray had kind of a dry sarcastic sense of humor and I. Nice dude so we would like hang out its class we knew we know he wasn't teaching via and it's kind of harass him and bug him. To Joseph my friends got the brilliant idea as part of their senior prank series because of course that it wanted to just won their ideal bunch right they decided to play a little prank. I'm mr. Murray that would make him feel. Very uncomfortable and so this walked into his class lock key I was in between teaching him like we usually would do and one of them distracted him. While another. Went over to his teacher edition book. And put in any piece of pornography. Little. My good. I will not describe exactly what all right now players and our senate they get to advocates against you get the rules but where did in his book. In his book I can't make and they knew what he was teaching next what the story was so in their minds and he was gonna open up to his book he was going to be in front of its class and is an open ended up is gonna look Jack Holland yeah I'd be shocked at this. See that photo ID to get red Indian comparable an idea and that after the fact there are gonna burst into its class and laugh and isn't it great time. Mean itself. Prank right. Interesting what they did not anticipate. Was one of the growth in its class. For getting her book. Like then mr. Murray being the nice guy he is said hey. You can just use mine. And his teacher edition but yeah I am so sorry class open your open your books to distort open it up. Or hand goes up. Mr. murder. Column would have been so long no ball that was meetings. To my friends really got expels. Mr. Murray was nearly fires. Oh my we'll think god I am glad that at least you're your friends they believed that it was your friends and your friends almost got to wrap. Can you buddy can you imagine that this was what 2002 a mess it was Tony team that happened well. Don yeah I mean enemy to movement era gone like you did you did what few people want to let you know. So that's that that this is why this is why I am really a fan of senior critics because I I just. I've dealing. There's such need that that line between fun need good natured. Where. It was I had the best intends hard. It they could before after the that was going to happen with the best intentions the pornographic image. Features but I I don't know I feeling that. That crosses a serious line bringing back and the schools here in the teachers but you know we'll get our thinking now in the terms of 2018 absolutely right around me I'm sure those kids wouldn't on yeah 2000 I don't know if. How about eleven runners style affair or. I think of like what I would have done honestly. Don't even now. Like my freaks and and you know I'm a prank certain here at. The PXY office I highlight team you know one of your things is that you can't stand up lanes B yeah what sales that. So I'll come and. And a prankster and I'll put a bunch of the stubble but about magic going on your side of the studio. Tails up yet to turn in government. Defaults normally I don't know why I imagine UN high school though. But I imagine that you did pranks like that. A really good in this time guys on the beef is that it's. I. Standing outside. Factors here now there's a RD I was kidding I'm looking at my watch ending it we're just waiting yet feeling anxious that I. And then that's actually very accurate and but I'd I'd I'd borrowed your pet and I'd died and was almost not gonna give it back that I did. And later got nailed. It really didn't give it back you didn't I didn't frank this was pretty funny not in school I did this spring and my dad recently. My dad. Laced red wines that they'll have a glass of raw red wildly zones and it is terrible to Islam. Let vinegar all that is gradually see like match gonna write new angle here a monstrous thing at Florida.