Seeing Star Wars Promotes Feminism

Wednesday, December 13th

Corey James says all women NEED to see the new Star Wars movie for this reason!


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If it's cold here. Imagine. How cold it is in the galaxy. Far far away it does kind of look like talking outside like on answer ready to get that reference to. I'm. Trent yeah I don't I start horse I appreciates our fancy Lacey no long. I see in the originals of Garrett so and I think it's really crack anti Christian college and we don't talk about that look at them and we don't speak about that you don't see that slay us. It's time now my Peter will. But apparently got the new movie is coming out this could be people that are gonna see it late tomorrow night the reason there's the midnight showings. Of the true fans got all dressed up and going crazy on and so far the reviews for this. Coming back pretty god are you gonna go. Up I didn't even last. Sears already here's the here's the move I pull. Would the schedule that I have a lucky so I I don't go to net before we get up early for the show time I completely mid day movie got gas right yeah. That's exactly sell all right this little tip three don't. Name and maybe hang around a little bit of vacation time or maybe like half day to take from work are just a long line in shambles that does them. Iran's Kyle liked the most. But you can pull the move exactly reads a bottle early are you go around like it still. Raymond who wants him around there he should be able to get in because any of that the movie times that are later on in the evening I'm should have been sold out for a while now. Would need to get some popcorn efforts here. Yeah sure yeah movie popcorn is the best and to say and doesn't matter what your stock. It is delicious and on at the movable that too. Alan Gilbert's down minutes even better see what sucks is I'm gonna be out in the next few months then just like when the last arbor and be happy and feeling very left out. Because I I probably won't see I don't really understand what's going on to the midst still many that. I'm. I'm not gonna and anybody's talking about what I went to this one I've gotten trapped incriminate why's that got from girls watching a scary. This is why I need to convince you that you have to see this movie have to do you have to I haven't seen but the. Is it prequel or is it ball court that after that and which I did you ever is I am so confused on Netflix right now. All right in the first on the Netflix right now I'm telling you Peter good a lot TO weeding the first one. The first prequel is on Netflix or night to watch it there or it's on demand some you can track it down this war is worth it. A slight flicking keep track for him. What the actual Star Wars movie or is it after the actual Star Wars movie and you came after but does it take place before we see Luke Skywalker about what I thought oh. These these take place these are good at these new new ones take place. After I know it's georgians as were at least limit it. So confused yeah. I delegates are the beginning so did look if you think but go back. Watched the last one the last new one which is the latest in the series you can watch that by itself and you'll still get a lot of that you get a cup dispute. All right and you've seen the original ones unlike the seven so volatile area but yet you know be not and you have to do this and in the reason why. Is because every woman. Needs to see this movie because going to see the new Star Wars movie. Is essentially. Being part of the feminist movement. Yes yes exactly do it for the ladies Megan and also well because. So ours is always kind of put women in the back seat to the characters in the east side original on the characters prince's latest it was a big deal that she was still kind of like. Our little side character she wasn't really wanted that and she wasn't one of the main focus she was. No not not how this it is now the main character. In the law said he got a daughter is. And. And aspect all aids. We may get it it's over now ladies we can dig vacation you brits call your. You finally have a characters the main connector vetting not. The female lead. Pretty bad actually. Tonight it's the body to be better reflect this. Week and they'll all play. Of of senate as the men move may is aware we don't have to see things like where just commonplace like there's really. Cool. OK go here's your here's the thing ladies and making you specifically. On if you wanted to become a place. See the movie because if this happens in the sales are low which I'm sure there will be but at this lull people gonna build what exactly it. First hours who that bombs that it was a female lead. And and then you're getting your yourself. And years and then I I had to re live the whole ghost busters debacle of a couple of Summers ago exactly this because. Never late yeah that's that you guys accolades those ladies in the eighty class to go kill goats and do you want that to happen Donald thinks. So you look at the feminists are obligated to go up this list and. Do you mean after roommate that isn't like going to see star war I mean. I hate the movement but. Our and it just a lot of support other ladies with mine. Sex crew wrapped. You wouldn't know that he's not sure there cool. Head to if I'm not a Star Wars most likely doesn't make me up a bad. One man and woman I know we Taylor swift's. Ultimately on this new one.