Say Goodbye to Gender Specific School Events

Wednesday, September 13th

Webster Central Schools have decided to re-brand gender specific events like their "father-daughter dance" and "mother-son hike" as gender neutral in an attempt to be more inclusive.


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Webster central school is getting. Lot of good feedback for some they're trying to do differently this year to be more inclusive. There's also a segment of the people out there who are furious and livestock are stuck PC now that yeah. Any back and say that the out AI undergoing gender neutral when it comes to their school event snow events than they used to have like the father daughter dance. For the mother son hike. We'll soon be called something different so I mean. Essentially. And rarely changing anything except for the name because the events we'll still take place. But like the father daughter dance for example just to be re branded. As the sweetheart hero dance. But their two game got a cool against other people who again. Don't understand us see this as just that the crumbling foundation of the traditional family in America. Can't have a father daughter. Why what's next reason for. Our school dances but they're certainly people who are taking these slippery slope thought process on messed that. This is gonna lead to the elimination of the term mother and father and mother's and Father's Day all going away. Thank BI has an outside a friend who goes to his daughters fathered uttered aunts and career and jobs. These as you it's always 5050 for him if he's gonna have a good time or not because. It's not necessarily because it's eat out. A school dance scene he loves doing those not spending time with his daughter going to have fine. But he's like I never know when it this year is going to be the year where she is ditches me for her friend law. I'm forced out conversation with a all the other debts I have nothing in common and. So that happened that hasn't happened yet but that they did not instead I'll just it's every other. Is given a month's notice you singing and look. And like it's gonna be inclusive and personal experience I can't imagine the pain. Of what it's like if you are from a traditional family and you are exposed to these tournaments and in these kind of holidays must suck for you must be awful. Not even just that at lake let's say you haven't gotten the family or what have you but. I mean even the same sex parents knew that there isn't feeling of being left out and this and not feeling included that things like us. Everybody play ball it's because they're being so PC now I think it's because we're actually. Becoming more open to the idea that there are more families than just the standard mother at their daughters end. And I totally get that could there be some negative consequences though from nest to those traditional. You know. For example the father daughter relationship. Mean that's what that's one of the most important ones that there is and you think of how you look Peter dad. It was special when you're younger is in his that the texture and old for a lot of women. That's who you kind of not to be like creepy and make it somewhere but like in a weird way it's value model us I know and you're gonna do that but Harry. It's who you model who your you find yourself with when you finally just. I hate that it is how much is so not true in all cases I hate when people. When there's a woman going through a relationship issues or personal issues. The first thing that I always here it is. We have always your relationship with the they're going out. With anything and I assume the lot it really does that is the first. Male figure you're exposed to when your life. And in the of course is acceptance of the rules then you issues is sexist. It really is you never hear about men having like school and you dead yeah solid they're gonna say mommy issues because that's what the stream you know mommy issues is the epitome. Like she cares much about your mind right now. Any sort of act psychological issue or issues that a woman has with relationships growing up it's always pegged back on. Daddy issues you must and it had a good relationship with you're dead growing. A I guess what even if I got to dance with my father cry I still being asked. Probably an IMAX. Like OK yes there are exceptions to the rule that's not always the case you want to be completely normal eyes went to one dance with my father gently on the left. You're gonna miss on these opportunities to have those bonding experience that maybe you what it I mean if it's not the father daughter dance and it's the sweethearts Euro dance. Is they're gonna get data out there who feels less inclined to feel like me to go maybe the models that in the monologue on stat are gonna miss that and is opportunities to have those bonding experiences and you know we can be is upset about it as you want but. The relation you have your parents'. Friends who you ought. But why isn't there equal attention paid to mother daughter all our in house father's side. I iPad is just different ways there is different things you get there it is or gain. It's a picture and thank these. Oh. I any sense of it but what's the problem it let did not bond in up on that this father daughter dance is gonna save your relationship with your kid they could yeah you know no good. You know always. Enough about you know fathers daughters as is not about you mothers and this is about the people who don't get the opportunity. To have that bonding experience with their parents. Inside school inside on school doors because that they've Celtics go ahead and somebody would what are some reason household with two moms let some Israelis and a household with due dads that they don't get to do the mother son Blake or the father daughter to answer as it is but they still want those bonding opportunities that their kids. I'm sorry I can't stop thinking about it. Did you know. That. I David and I had now leg at the school dance like slow dancing with your dad I. I. Believe that the problem and do the notes didn't find it's who leads I don't know looks like it. Outcome lines up. Come nine. I didn't dings and calm about it you bring your mom. To the fathered her father daughter dance if you don't have a father and your life everybody would think it's Q but you know the mother something if you bring your dad clearer. They're. Yeah. Were initially maybe instead of love of doing that nations have individual dances for all of these none of family. You know. You. He stands only got the people who are privilege would eager to get rid of Mother's Day it bothers yeah next time you Null or not necessarily opt out. Come down and every one. It's making it so we're at berg including. More people GGG ninety hired key from Greece's TJX like Mardi. Well my brother. And I was. Mike and I are. Even to be here after app that way. He you're saying you need a crap anyway. And there's not. I. Eat. Out. Dare I. Don't want it like. It. One. Or. And it. I'm tired that I don't know I hear that. I I I. I. Count at all. It. And yeah I think the Akron and I never. Yeah it. Where it is better this league at bat. Could be I'm. In my. And it only six of the people who only embrace you you know it's not giving. Your godmother or your uncle are anybody who's giving credit into raising you the opportunity to see you as well eat now and to celebrate you at these dances as well it's. Right. And I mean even go into things like people who do not the people he and other. Others I know that could be out there. I don't know I eerie in that heat here and runner up who are eager to my really out of our that the. I think that's not bad I. That crappy and had to be so difficult turnaround he's making their best dad ever mugs and they're like telling you. And it like an equal and yeah I was I was always up the I thought it was always a satellite now I just don't worry about it. Yeah like you just sit there quietly into nothing like. He's gonna be an alternative especially now. He see in my opinion it's not you know everybody is getting too sensitive it's becoming more aware of the different circumstances. Are around you it's not black in light coming we're becoming more aware of the difference and we situations. Now it's not anything of becoming PC eat out I mean it's. I. Oh. Not being cool well not. Eat me. I have to think of something else for the U student Alex makes it more. Night knowing you're not alone in a bigger group partly right Ari keep from Greece thinks I mean and dissidents and we appreciate it. I hate.