Savage or Sensible: Backing Into Your Spot in a Busy Parking Lot

Monday, March 25th

Next to the office, parking lots may be the most savage places on the planet. Dying to know if this is an irrational hatred I have or if other's also share it. I made a Wegmans run yesterday, because St. Courtney is craving PINEAPPLE HAAARD (literally she wrote, buy all of them in the grocery list). So there I am, it's Sunday, Wegmans is insane, it's a war zone trying to find a parking space and I'm behind someone waiting for a spot. The person in the spot backs out and then something weird happened, the car I was waiting behind that I thought was waiting for the spot goes past the opened spot and for a split second, I thought, It's my lucky day! And that's when it happened...heir reverse lights came on and they backed in! I was INFURIATED, Like, WHY? WHY? Backing into a parking spot when it's busy...SAVAGE. Do you agree? - Corey