"The Rock Test"

Wednesday, October 11th

Don't want to get accused of sexual harassment? Corey James explains how to use "The Rock Test".


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Over all of the media today Harvey. Who were oaks sweat steams to ski scan worse. Just keeps getting worse thirty years and allegations of sexual harassment there was whispers in the Hollywood there's all these clips coming out now. It's been with people making jokes about it alluding to Ed blood. I did anyone think it was this. No holes. Now why I didn't know I'm not in Hollywood I'm not you know BS that swift. It athletic culture and Angelina Jolie like I'm actually believe fiscal and now we should have heard I realized that I'm glad they're kind coming out with this because he's been looked at as a figure of really big important a lot of people forget that Malia Obama are first in church about her when she graduated was with the violence ready Hardie writes definitely yelled Bobby Unser issued an insurgent. Scriptwriter that was sows that you do and he had an inning in in people. Thought he was such a great talent all the stuff too little money donated all the causes they champion but just because he do that. Mean you're not a complete creep. Terrible person maybe that was part of the motivation for him was to try to compensate for this Q. You can at least a delusional you think to yourself it's normal it's still cool and if this is weird. But I think the thing that's really showcased Damon again. Is that audio. And this is audio that just came out it's eerie timing actually. It's a little every year after we first heard that audio from Donald Trump. And this is audio from a model called amber up Lena EPA air this and this is recording she is doing four and my PT on an investigation. Harvey Weinstein that. That he had sexually assaulted her so happy boys she went to the police after she complete Harvey Weinstein had groped her with her progression. So they wired her up. Sent her back in and apparently she just so comfortable with the with the situation she left before they can't make any news and make an arrest her and see back in 2015 this audio did come now. And eat it I'm warning you if anybody who's ever. And it traumatized this sort of thing in my come back a little bit. It's aggressive it's creepy it's wrong. It is just. Fine and so many levels. It's and don't warn you at a time try to make it through the whole thing without literally vomiting might share it top but this is seemingly total creep. You ever gonna keep here eyes in his hotel back in 2015 feet. It's. A. It's. It's. And bar yeah he mustn't even. Please I want can. To me. I know I'm not yet it was a kind of aggressive trying to do I know personally I mean why do you think. I'm losing these things where I've just simply don't match. We act. Movies it's. One minute. You know he's doing. And if you lose you I want you stand. Hours he. You don't humorous news I'm not a passing me it's. Small it's. It's. Been doing this for natural. Everything. It's. Coming down and wondered if you wanna you when the guy comes my wife is mandated timeline brings. It's just mourning news and so I did years. Yeah. He's an Iowa it's. This now. You never do its thing high minutes. Doing your friendship to me for five minutes. It's. Making. We want. Yet but sums it up Scott Austin pettis and in the amount of women who can relate to this. It's terrifying and it's scary it it earliest because I think I'm maybe not to that level. But I think. At least some point your life you probably have been in a situation. Where you experienced something like that. I think it's. There's a line obviously between being persistent. And has romantic comedies have you believe that in love we love you stocking essence adding a slash we don't want them and CNN giving us gifts and we don't want them to see you -- demands no we don't there's a fine line between being persistent. And stocking. And being creepy and being pushy. That is the light attack. And Warner recently jumped over my from the lie. Of course the mean that is an extreme example but dom but you know I think a lot of guys here this tool and thinks themselves. On it sounds like maybe something now what a sad or maybe not to that extreme but it that's that's coming out and trying to hole. And this needs to be a realization for guys to decision is of course the realization for for women right and and you know what we do moving forward. Yeah it is we didn't we talk all day quarry about how. Now is the perfect time for women to stand up for themselves mend it but and it's honest can I mean we used to take responsibility isn't. And just speak up as well they see stuff like this happening or that they participate simply. And in we've all been guilty a time virtue of crossing that line may be going too far with that word and if you receive easier knowing that she is the end of the matter is right. But I did run across this I'm yesterday. It's called the rock test in this might be helpful. Four men. Who do not wanna be used of sexual harassment this this could be very very helpful for. A draft time yeah I even heard about this dimming and Luka are on so when I say in the rock. I'm referring to hang on as is gonna sound ridiculous and you think I'm making a huge joke but no seriously stick with me. This is referring to Dwayne the rock John. It's yet you know you know it former wrestler now. It's huge celebrity. So that's I saw the rock tips. Dramatic you don't wanna be accused of sexual harassment. All you have to deal. Is imagine the woman you're talking to you. Is Dwayne the rock Johnson. So to follow minutes wanted to run through a couple the next. They argue just that we can have a I am trying to figure out layered full understanding Seles is a ME thoroughness and out there let's say on Caron Cairns a friend of a friend's. Recently moved to Rochester wants to network with you because you guys work in the same field. So far so she's asked TO if he'd be willing to get coffee so that she could just pick your brain what if she's really pretty that's the day care and the smoke shell 210 like you rule I know would be inappropriate to treat the coffee meeting like a date because. That was obviously her clearly stated intention to want this to be professional thing but. Palin's parents really hot Cairns on yeah oh yeah. It was my last girlfriend it's still confusing. What kind of might feel in my living in nice three take a moment you think yourself OK you just imagine care and as Dwayne the rock Johnson. Who like extra and sweaty and stuck volumes. Ready to punch you in feet right yeah I ask them you know. Kerry looks pretty tough and strong and should a person who's just out. Working very hard to achieve her goals having left behind a situation clearly wasn't working for her headed to bigger and better things just. Exactly whatever you do do not hit on her because it looks like she could murder you know with the chair that you're sitting him. Says can be helpful I. A lot that this is an idea. And I think this is not just a great edge here for Manhattan. It's a great idea for winning TO OOK because yeah because we got to embrace this every. Time ladies Annika call out right now ethnic packed together I'm in this hopefully can be a month students. Any time. And and it's. Making us feel uncomfortable. Pushing his unwanted. Attention on us. Harassing us needy physically assaulting us. Clearly crossing a boundary that we are making obvious that we don't wanna be crossed. Is that we don't we just turnarounds we looked directly in their eyes. Maybe get like an ancient we've from their face or a death and then just school. And. Yeah I'm not gonna let them.