Rochester Business Journal Fast Start: Kristen Schuster of SWBR Architects

Monday, January 9th


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Joining us in studio now a no other Rochester business journal fast start I just say recipient. That sounds dancing it's that cool yes Amish of arteries and NBC felon enough for making Carter a Nazi sub. Yeah as well but our guest of honor Kristin should steer. Welcome its own in the CEO. They see me bookie to thank you so much hand in music and of course cell of course you are now he Rochester business journal recipient as I sad and you got a job that I feel like. A lot of people when they're little. They dream of having this job in left field with follow the group to be an architect. Assets on to great job I love what I do everyday and. In the exciting and eat your meal share my story with you can you kind of get into a little bit are more in depth as says what you do and so the product who broke down because they got a very impressive portfolio of things that you worked out. Thank you appreciate that. On my ducks play about that and work on and custody DR architects and in their education studio there so I Burke mostly higher education projects. Now currently doing a job about it Nazareth which is really exciting evening performance hall. Now how to get into this 'cause like Corey said everybody kind of you know dreams about being an architect when their little and it's. One of those things you can really. Take your creative side and input it into real life but how did you make that dream or reality. I was illustrated as a child and knowledge that I would you know they are building blocks and now house member rearranging rooms to aid and dependent on the third. Things like that and sitting thick enough article mentions you know kind of forcing my little Brothers to sit on him like. Pretty kitchen radio on the path we want our house like how many windows to prison door. And just kind of from the area grew and have always been pretty creative person like I mentioned and I like that fact that it brings together the technical side and a creative side of things and kind of bring together and you see this beautiful thing unfold and Ernie you and help somebody realize what they need for a project. I think that's really a special thing because I'd I know even some an example. Until I got to college I want to have no idea and the fact that he pretty much knew from the beginning. You know do you ever slam are there any things like I know I collect money and pastor. That's. I guess way of gas and it's like I died I don't think it was a tip thing raider way I realized what I wanted to do for Ireland and even on another other things in and that in May be an astronaut on May be a teacher can't undo this be a journalist. Always different things but when it looked back there all. Focus on two things creativity. And helping people. Soledad I think really brought it together when I was in tenth grade. And I you know austerity art classes and was on vacation and actually and saw these beautiful homes and and I went South Carolina I guess Griffith that's what I wanna do I wanna help people live. Batter I was a moment of relive a moment my mother was right next to me and my mom gets sick and she's like what do you mean and I point to the Charlotte and I'm. Usually it you know it's it's one of those things that you had from tenth grade you know you can knew what she wanted to do. On and it's not always easy to get there so Richard by speeded people who are listening to. Recognize your dream and once you have it to achieve it. On it's a great question thanks so maternal. She wanted to be since you're a little. In our sites I run our I've had been running view play's got to explore post. And it's an architecture and goes along with what I've been telling students actually. It's okay to not be sure that I was lucky I realized that he needs what I wanted to do but not everybody has that moment maybe don't have anyway. I think there's a lot of great resource about the that it hey you think I wanna be an act back. Go ahead and look for those opportunities I know I actually took explore post myself back in high school. And I took with a fellow friend and she realized I didn't I wanna be an act. And I teacher he she notes it was different moan realization SpinRite and I was there and I walked in like this is great in the funny thing is as the people running the most of the time where from the after the BR where I work now. I can't circle exactly it's funny how that all kind of works out and clicks at the end. What was your very first job first war. I was a lifeguard. I guess that carried out at everybody I thank heaven I'm pretty fortunate in the job department. Did you like Lukas I I mean it in on the surface it seems like a great job to hang out in the sun all day. Maybe it's because I'm his fairy tale. And colleagues and I easy the floor glass and through the summer but wasn't. Michael pouring. In kind of born and I'll now but I again I think I was lucky and that I was in the morning shift. And help from the swim lessons for the program the school also I got to interact with the kids are getting kind of just helping people win. Have you seen any lines it's there. I have not I have actually had saved waiver of an away and away I was in first grade responsible backwards. And the liquor and it's time his name was neo jumped and scooped me up I was bleeding from the channel thirteen stitches later I'm still here we don't feel there's there's. There be a lot of a lot of colleges and and universities that what does not have their products that right now it wasn't for. For Neil Sullivan and that's for sure. I mean out of pension. I wanted to say oh yes I'm you can be the first in this market has been a real sense you know renewed weeks ago so I don't thing that we always talk about when it comes July cover and professionals and and it's adding that a lot of people struggle with the spotting it worked like. And it can be. A big struggle do you have any strategies any tips any tricks. Ours are is they give up in just gall and if it's what you wanna do. I'll be a 100% that is something I do struggle if I'm really look at Ideo on the job I'm working on now. Has a very quick timeline and I was working a lot of hours and I know I struggle with finding that work life balance and trying to manage my commitments and my responsibility and my job. Against you know other things that loved doing which is volunteer work as any kind of Ambien and so it's it's difficult to challenge I think it's something that you're always trying to perfect game but I think is incredibly important. Esther BDR honestly doesn't really good job trying to promote that work and they're really great about it. Which is creek they mean I think that's a struggle that a lot of us face all the tell yet how to how to balance it out and it that constant working. Fluid situation. You Demi burn yourself out after awhile so you need to have that over the downtime and listening to kind of re satin and relaxed used do you have like a goatee thing that you like to do that. Cutting its your mind out stuff. I looked around. There in running and I can't play my eyes and moment I actually grants for them. To act like miners down but down death running annualized Q explain to me what color runners highest have never experienced. You and I play from probably totally be on the CC. A few rounds of me sometimes I think he. Pretty much Hayes every single inside hey. I love it. Mean but the runner's high it's just you know abandons sometimes I'm running and I don't. Well again and on us a sense of accomplishment and just knowing I'm taking care. It's pretty good hobby yeah integrate up. I'm you mention your volunteer work before you love what new organizations that you worked with been little more specifically your what kind of things that you volunteer for. So I've been empire of a few years ago the easement to programs are sans her architect a construction engineering. That we run here in town also then went beyond. The sections prosecution institute CSI and Americans who architects AIA on the boards of both of those in different capacities. Both times herb both organizations I've done education positions that I'm so it's been a part of earning a scholarship program. And educating younger up and coming individuals in like high school and even downtown entry school. Coming up in February were actually going to be doing a program with women and architecture art house and it's gonna be out that young women's college prep. That's really exciting to be able to go up that member in math and bring our profession and surely do and see if any of them wanted to join in on the on. I eat a weird question oh yes Brazil when it comes to your profession and really the creative side. Where you know we talk a lot these days about technology. And trying to get kids to it and it turned away from technology. And be more create. Obviously technology is a huge part of how you get those those buildings built. And put those creative thoughts in mind in general but how much feared Plaisted. To younger people to older people the people in general to kind of harness that creativity and let it flow out of. Don't be afraid. I don't think there's any such thing and silly idea. In the east seem like it TU. I every idea mattered because from a puts them something even greater I know that on we have jobs at work and we kind of gather around we have designed strap. So many throw something out and see if it sticks on the wall that may not completely sick. But some may find a nugget in that and from their sparse at this greater idea and you see this. That's what I love is you see it all unfold starts is this one thing. It grows or something so big that impacts many other people besides just you loving your job and what. It's like I. The Fed GE commercial guessed it. Now where the the the it's like the little monsters the idea and only everyone's clicking and it like minute. And it becomes something wonderful and it was the exact I can't top that. He's he's so much for Hannah and I Dario congratulations again you cannot reach the floor article in the Rochester business journal and thanks again for instance. In Cuba.