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Wednesday, December 21st


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Join this morning by a another Rochester business journal fast start recipient. Jessica reviewed sell these spot director at the spot to Del Monte welcome the morning think PO I think I ever heard a job title I've been more. Jealous. Yeah bullpen miracle guy. Big fans of was a Monty of course I'd I've the I feel a little comedy is having you in here. And bring that up. Jango windy that's what we event so issue far with so fascinating is that you knew a good thing you didn't you do in letting go you've been working there since you were seventeen years world. Yup I started when I was seventeen as a spot coordinator I worked at the front desk for a few years he supervised the coordinators for a few years. I actually did leave for our brief three years or so. I worked in benefits for one k.'s flexible spending accounts for about three years. And then came back as the spy manager and since the summer and the spy director. Are now when you started at seventeen was days. Originally going to be like summer job before you walk to school and. I really at seventeen I don't think I have a lot of plans to. Echo a kinda forget. He I was. But it ended up working because I really just enjoy the environment alive I enjoyed getting to know our clients a lot. In the biggest thing I really sounds. To be most enjoyable and I dated eight pieces with the relationships. That's really what I liked it was a very comfortable environments for me to be and and like you said he enjoyed meeting our clients and starting to establish relationships with bam boom and kind of found my home in customer service in the spy industries seem to be something that I naturally gravitated to. And understand it. Right and don't that don't Leiter has only different aspects to sell enemy com or allies solid but at the spot part of the opportunities to go to other other yeah the pressure like now I'd rather. First or every massage desire there. A contractor right right exactly know there's a lot of different outlets are company which is the really cool thing about to money hotel group. I'm in general we've got all of the hotel properties on in Rochester but also outside of registering growing even outside of New York State now. On some deathly opportunities to move into front desk of the hotel. Even enter restaurants now I mean with the Erie grill upstairs at the Del Monte. And then having the proper restaurant is well at the Hilton garden in property in college town there were definitely opportunities there. But again I really just found that the spot I never felt the need from ice started to go into other avenues. On the spot I really just clicked west but they're certainly are other opportunities that our company. And it's really interesting because that kind of goes against what what it is kind of now or that we talk about millennial right. And held bottom where you jump from company to company that's only weight can go up right what do you mean I'm sure for you for what you do now it's more beneficial the fact you've done it. Everything that basically at the spot so how. How many times in your life have you had Abbas for you you thought might of one to understand what I'm going through because they've ever done my job right you've you've done the job you know. Yeah. Yeah I have this especially from an operations cited literally dying every position on the upside of things. On an even from the service providers side I spent a lot of time in the back a week from my desk with the service providers so that. I can really see what their struggles are what their challenges are what gassed or seen from their perspective as well. I joke with a lot of the service providers and say that I am an unlicensed restitution unlicensed. Here's silenced because I really do I I really strive to know exactly what they go through every day what's great about there environment and what the products that they're working west. And we are the opportunity areas are and seeing them first hand gives me the best opportunity if Exxon. I don't question we always like to ask is how he kind of unwind from your job and relax I mean I'm sure lesbian ponson. I'm sure I mean you know of course as the stress is like sure. Announces by you are kind of in the sand atmosphere yes so what do you do as kind of your outlet is kind of your waited on line. Yeah I W it is more and say there and his. You an advantage because hey let's Burton worked very very hard and angles due amazing stuff but you understand the importance of wellness is. And self care and how it kind of comes worked at your job and how you perform. Yeah the definitely. It's awfully important to separate work in life I have found you know as as you get further and further into your career. And really for relaxation from from work I have a two year old daughter so I spend a lot of time with her in she's a blast absolutely hysterical. My husband and I also really love to cook in entertained so we do a lot of that too on the weekends. Love yelled god love yelled I could use a little bit more time on the man I would say these days now Imus. Asked Santa for. Thought that I. We I don't I don't stay at the spot to relax typically. But it is nice to comment on a day off to end. You know be treated like a client as well so it's a great place to be on bolt that ends both. Coming in as a gassed and the back and operations side to it's it's a wonderful place to pay. I have a question about you mentioned how how you left for. A few years and use some some finance staff what led to that decision set to leave don't mining group. The beginning and then what brought you back. So I alternately laughed because I had just graduated from college and I have my degree in business administration and economics. With a minor in accounting from Nasser so I figured. I just got this degree I gotta do yeah. The pressure area right exactly so. I left and I actually worked for paychecks for three years on first and sales and then two different operations roles. And I really learned a lot from all of those roles in a lot of theory. Applicable skills and knowledge to to coming back to this I'm sure yet again on the operations side and from more of the financial perspective. Assisting associates with that sort of stuff. But really what brought me back to Del Monte was the environment truthfully. I like to the variety that I that I had it Intel Monty I'm not. In a cubicle I'm not at a desk all day but I the nice variety between sitting at my desk in doing it tea ASCII people work tapes stuff that I enjoy doing. But also being Al and on the floor engaging with clients engaging with service providers in the coordinators. The rest of the management team there's a lot of variety and I really like that just to keep myself fresh embassy. So. He could get for some is a brand new manager Lester manage other employees what would be your number one tit for. Number one tip for new manager I would say is fairness and consistency. Staff really appreciates bolts of those. And the more consistent you can be the more they come to expect the same thing from new. And eel and op with a more respectful team and more respectful mutual relationship going back and forth. I found that I have been able to collaborate a lot with my staff. And I think a lot of that reason is because they truly do value they are their opinions and where they're coming from. I guess at the other thing I would say for new managers to really understand what you're staff dies. I'm on a day to day basis so that you can relate to them and you can have clambered of conversations that. You mean and you bend our youth yeah yeah. Yeah so you also got a deeper understanding of what they they are public going through and the issues they might. Basically you can help them with their challenges right I managed path. Yeah yeah I know it really yes and again the fairness and consistency is super super important to just so they know. What to expect and you know what's expected of diamond. Going the other way too wet they can expect from Yale. These. Heard I was really bad is it first my first started managing I am mostly second have a time machine and got back up. I like Accra the school of you start out as a hard added. Right and it you salon even you know over time I believe that yeah you can't learn you have to learn reality series. Yeah and of course every associate responds differently to different situations too so that's a big part of it is just. Individualized big daddy and that means that everybody is entitled her little notepad and your felt like RN in fresh. I hold on they're yelling and after knowing most of them now for eight to ten ish years. These are today remember those things so I your response at things differently UK I'll respond to criticism different meal are motivated by other stuff exactly tricky exactly in finding the balance and accommodating all of those those different needs and what makes people tick is really important. Now memo as a manager to an angle one thing that a lot kind of can struggle it is because he wanted to be. Friends to a degree with your employees but also to have. The manager part is allow him. What's the best way to pitch to try to have the best of both worlds or can you incur Kenya is there kind of lazy and Haas he has airline read is that I know what they're coming with the life and by his side and violations that banned because I don't want a break that roundtree. Yes so I think there's a difference between being friends with your staff in being friend Lee with your staff. I am friends with your staff is most certainly difficult. And personally I I don't I don't to engage in personal activities outside of work with my staff. By now work. You know our staff is expected to be on stage if you well. I'm because they're expected to provide the most superior customer search service that they can't but of course they have things going on home and in their personally to sell. On it is a fine balance between being empathetic to their personal situations and we certainly have personal conversations all the time it's really important I think. On to let them voice where they're coming from and what their personal struggles aren't gonna get through that was found so that when they're in front of clients are able to provide the best level of technical service and customer service they can't. But if there's definitely a very a very fine line and I think defining net early is very important. Look curve ball question I had colleagues cut holidays coming up yet what's on your last. Night last. I leash and. Yeah case and who are sure are. My last is a new pair arabians. I mean I need a new pair of sunglasses and for all those sunny days recap. Just. I. It's just you know she's a spotter actor at the Del Monte she's this week's fast start for the Rochester business journal it's so awesome to see somebody who didn't climb the ranks in Rochester company and to make herself up. A top dog at enemies in company congratulations being out there I'm thinking oh thank you for your time tag and you're welcome him.