Rochester Business Journal Fast Start: Jennifer Byrnes Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County

Monday, December 12th


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Welcome to the studio Jennifer burns from the central library of Rochester and Monroe County another. Rochester business journal fast start congratulations final act thank you thank you for having me and it's it's always fun to give people here who have initials next their names so fast yards and LS and and Ph.D. please describe what the. I mean it's nice sure and I'm losses masters information library science and MPH is master's in public health. Now can you explain what it is that you do exactly what I do so I look at the central library or register in Monterey county and I'm in the business division and I'm responsible for business are reached. Which entails going to area businesses and telling them all about how the business division can help them and what amazing resource we have for them to help them start a business or help them grow their business. As you have tons of books and database eighth and surveys back and that. Really could be so at a special for them sell. Is AA is your job do you not just present and a business as saying hey we have this at your disposal but also to kind of gather the info for them that they might mean exactly L cool it's time our resources we have as well as doing the research for them. We don't and tell them to do it themselves because we're better attic where I act and it saves them time and that's the value proposition is that you know we can see every time we can save you money because you don't have to buy these. These. Reports Acosta prickly about a 1005000. Dollars Pollack says yes we can actually save you a lot of money we can help you make money play tennis kind potential clients now what kinds of things do you do research. Up four but these businesses like what kinds of stuff what kinds of empower you getting any can be anything including. Mr. surveys of you know waiter waiter industry is gonna look like in the next 51020 years spot analyses. Identifying potential customers and I fang competitors come demographics teeny demographics for your business plan. So basically anything any trends in your industry. Which you realize you love to do resurgent and collects data and get all this together hand in putting together in a customer service way or your helping people out I have always been like this may favorite part of in college and was. Collecting the information for that paper not exactly breaking the pattern. Getting ugly and don't handle. And it was and get out of college they don't have to write papers any yet. Bally's you know being kind of academically minded like that so I I just love resurgent and every day something silly they get so long to finish these papers like we've not yet. Yeah I. Yes but that's excellent her appearances to not give people information overload and just fine at what is the exact clean need to. And ending kind of OK so where to go to school bus. Well I did my bachelor's. Keeping University of Pennsylvania I did my first masters it university off. And I did enter my second masters day university Rochus or schools. Can you keep going is the more you could. A couple of I I think that's like got that we got this job it's still solid. That took action on yet so what was I guess if if someone wants this thing you'd do you what would the major yeah. Edging you need to yeah she had this is very well you have to be very intellectually curious. And you have to be very research minded because you have to first thing. What is that they wanna now and who would have that type of information you know who've who collects type of information is at the federal government. Is it Friday market research firms. Soon after it again you know if you're fan of like things like Trivial Pursuit or celebrity ad now what I can't invent you know that's kind of the mindset of some. CC must be awesome to bring to a tree and I'm tree at a glorious. I mean I was senator Elizabeth it's rare and look at her place. About the Rochester public library system now and how often do you guys have to you keep your research up DJ get new materials goes like. Allow patent not allowed that I know that's not a right turn archive only. He's saying what should I mean that we biscuits is growing growing row row row while it is what I do mean nobody. He is looking for some old business information I'm neither the resources that we use like Ibis world in process solvent those all those databases are updated automatically. So that's not something that we necessarily have to do. We do still have box. In the business division I. I now it's crazy and so those you know we read it based on usage sends it hasn't if Nolan stepped out in ten years and you know safe to say. I put in amazement earning actress and via its very first job as a kid I like to always ask. What how we got started on the path to being a YPE. I'll wow my very first first and I get tired for him Brit. I'll admit it does the art did you notice I can. My very first job was at joie and fabrics and and they'll be embarrassed dry keeping group by and then Dylan I email and special folder I used to settle a lot east and make my own clothes and them. But I IE measured the fabric ran into many times. I follow up now. These are the easier it is where I try to be it Freud right now I figure out how does that help you do is help you pay attention to DT yes it's. Probably comes in handy all the time with you re feeling oh what a year affair ever. The basic know all of her success to join Patrick yes. Think you've retired master and experts. That he still a lot of making your. Angling back now now now now now. And it went wants to college I couldn't spend. It worries me relate and and then you'd take years off you go back to you realize how old Mac is not like riding a bike. What are they would not I would do when you're not working order some popular what's your downtime I my downtime is. Typically reading Michener sect so exciting. Am I am member of their officers and senator Sam lane do you spend some time there and do things and meditation. And amateur really a teacher in San Anton. That's what are you reading rained down I'm eating out it's called his bloody project it's section. About a killer in. Scotland in the early 18100 that's is that your genre like the historical fiction and argue do you bounce Arnold and I do not go to woman reading a text book being out. I actually got any forward now on I'm I'm mostly Alex suspense. Like you I I used to read like literature. You know yeah like my previous track you only have curse you out it's not like Conger and yeah. All but six what our docket what is the fast amount of time your at a book. A day. Arthur how under morale on Ellis. At CIA I know what the book where's the room Olympic park the car. You can check the records I think important you know and been struggling with right now and I know that a lot of white p.'s deal with as we topic is the pastor is. Forcing that downtime for yourself into you you set it like my brain's fried when I get home I wanna read something I enjoy it is something that just came naturally TU Horry is something you really have to work on making sure that you take that down time. Separate work is obviously your crushing in your field that's why. Are faster this week. Rate I need that is something and I I have to force myself to do and that's why life ballad yeah that's my zen meditation helps a lot. But you know making promises to myself. Like when I'm on vacation and I'm Nat checking my email account and like this and I've gotten good at bat you know Islamic promised not looking at it you know act and he even attempted to numb the program like I don't care and it not you know the world is gonna come and drug free I did. May I did and we're gonna take any less than for drugs out of our I should be that it's still the sun will come up tomorrow yes. Well so much for Jewish fast start congratulations I don't have your article is going to be in this week's register business journal make sure you. Subscription and because everybody out for the best.