Rochester Business Journal Fast Start: James Farley

Monday, December 5th


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In studio now a another. Rochester business journal fast start I've recipient. And god seems Farley from you are from Northwestern Mutual Yuri financial advisor and need to clear some things up for me because there's a lot of letters next year name. I don't know right now can you please explain to me I like the more letters there and more important. Not that you what is what was the CL EO what's the CH FC and what the CL TC. So CLU's chartered life underwriter and CH of season chartered financial consultancy LT season specials nation and long term care so. There all designations in credentials from the American college. That specializes in the financial industry so I'm actually just finishing up to other diplomas right now. Moments of those are all busy I'll. He's got figured you know I always wanted to be a doctor if you look at my hand greatest hits. That's pretty bad it and so I might actually sit for the bar to reckon a fine line users my. I can you know can enter this up there you haven't actually radio voice or thank you heard about. But I do appreciate that goes also at towns we and poisons up just like throw it on top. Yes of all the successful careers don't pan out for you can Eshleman open us again. Voice over talents yeah begun to can you like the public in the world. I I don't know what can pull out yeah professional. That's ransacked. Great things that he's done away at his best just how did you get started warning to get on this track. Our soul I mean it's like I've talked about a little bit in the interview I started actually wooded start a business in Rochester when I was nineteen years old no. Helped build an eighteen million dollar business and ran out a pretty sizable division of Britain saw. The exciting growth that can happen but also move bad business decisions that could be made blend it eventually went out of business in 2006 I believe so. I took a couple years often. I'd seen people make bad decisions with money especially owners and so I thought hey you water and I give in to something where I have a background in financial planning to have a background in coaching. And help people. Make more sound financial decisions for themselves or for their business so that no matter what they're able to be okay particular femme. How did start building your client base from Mac just as certain from the ground up. Yeah it's I've been really lucky that everything has been a 100% word of mouth from day one which is really how hard when you don't even have a client to so. Earl yes I really thankfully I had some wonderful advocates and people that just knew who I was as a person and and trusted. Need to go through the process of what I was doing and eyes as I was learning it through that process so. I had some great mentors in the office and thankfully forms of gay relationships as an attorneys and accountants and in other professionals in Rochester that that knew I had a good heart and cared about clients who do the right that. I love asking these are faster professionals. Your first job ever. Ever in your life ever ever. You know it was legally payroll and you love what I I failed hey. These. When I was twelve years old my parents were sick of me asking for money to buy its cars on not a video games so this that I needed a job. Can now. Did you now Balkans we have our Carter family farm outside of Schenectady and everything well late summer I'll lake we could use your out averaged a good deputies getting out. So it went out went all the letters off the end of geared and ready. Radio partner down for that a fellow Muslim and on silverlight you like what baucus there typical date it is every day kind of different doors and little more structure. Does her little structured and I did and that's why the most fun parts giant gap yeah I mean everything. It very much very. Is so yesterday was Tuesday as my longest day I have a 7 AM standing networking meeting every week and usually keep a lot of even appointments he's elect clients were normal jobs so they wanna meet in the evenings so. I was seven handle Tenet 10 PM yesterday. Which meant I slipped a little bit this morning great so the good thing is that work for myself which is fantastic and kind of build my own calendar. But my days mainly spat either meeting with people hearing their stories and finding out what's new and exciting and and what's important and what we can help with or or building a plan to help them. Most efficiently get to those schools so it's a lot of analysis is a lot of planning warts a lot of conversations at the the best part. Of of my days just hearing people's stories here and what makes them tick how they met their significant other police started a business. And it it's really cool to be able part of their lives in the. Core I think we've found our who's still in and for us on vacation and I have found just aren't enough they're an idea that they're calling it a lot better with money actually help them. I'll tell you about about Harley's trend actually is one of the coolest things that that we've heard we always ask the pastor recipient second in. How they get in cued up for topic causes that they believe and and that's how they finals right cause not only did you find your cause you started the organ is each and that you are behind tell us about it. Yes so calm. Cash when I first got in this business one of the things that I realized very quickly and it being a Rochester resin in my whole life is. It's how Philanthropic this community and it's really awesome. Used to be able to hear so many stories from these nonprofits about the work that they're doing. But also one of the big things that I often found was they were. Always struggling to find out how to raise more money your. Or indeed a new audience so. Between the combination of hearing those stories as well as hearing from clients and friends that pay I wanna give back to Iraq to strike sort of how. I started doing. Big fundraising events so opera is friends actually just incorporated in in 2016 is 501 C three. Were were new nonprofit in Rochester but I have been doing. Action event here on Monday a December 5 pole for Ali's friends give back which this X seventh event. Right homer putting this up on the podcast listener NASA time Ike. So yes so Monday December 5 from six till 9 PM them O'Connor is ours Bob basically just throw a big party I'm good at throwing parties. Yeah. And we we have about food for people and I get a lot of donations from our local businesses for raffle prizes and we raised you know 45000 dollars for two charities so. Awesome for trends is really a bowel armed we're somewhat of a third party fund raiser. We've fine. Organizations in town to have a great mission a great cause. How do you pick the target is it a different scene each timers that somebody reaches out to you're cabling now. It's it's a combination of things it was either active involvement that I've had with that non profit for armed them reaching out to us so it's not just myself. Yes on the founder but I couldn't do any of this without Steve large and so. Who owns Ramon Santiago studios and SE fine art. As well as Alyssa Glasgow whose a lot of people know and rocker or actually basks over the laments foundation Genesee valley. And silver is how to profit endeavors I don't know how she sleeps. So we we meet actively probably 45 nonprofits a month to hear the mission here they're story here where there. Lacking in funding and if there's good fits then were able to you create events. Where there's less work on there and what we can put an informant who audience. So if if somebody who works or not for profit AA in. Really it's like well it sounds like something I would love to be part they get a hold you. Also vacant and reached meet directly ER myself they can be emailed the my office emails probably the Bassett just seems odd dot Farley and them like Nancy married art com. But yet were worked constantly the open to conversation and we wanna find people we can raise money for we did done. First of its kind for for for charity golf tournament this summer. I'll raise money for four charities and one events. And that's. It's sad end and this is our seventh annual as I mentioned December holiday mixer fuelcell. Raising money for a have a home which is an orphanage at a Nairobi Kenya. All we first started working up with them and raising money for them on there only one orphanage now there three. It's a rough but a 150 kids in the women's foundation Genesee valley here in Rochester are focusing on woman's empowerment financial literacy and independents were really excited about. Austin James Farley thanks much for coming in we appreciate everything and Cyprus is at an awesome I can read the full article that though the full spread there and Rochester business journal. And Richard about event on Monday.