The Rochester Auto Show

Thursday, March 1st

RADA President Brad McAreavy stopped by to tell us about the 2018 Rochester Auto Show happening at the Convention Center this weekend! 


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And honey PX life great seeing as Whitney Young hello and in this over the start of the Rochester auto show happening today starting at noon. Her son at the convention center. Actor you'll come back to Michelle thank you Corey do that you it's an annual. Click through to talk about this amazing jump from him and I said to have it back yes exactly so it starts noon today. And if people of never bad. To the righteous on a show before. Never bend if they've never been you're gonna see a lot of horrors and not enough you large facility. Just a lot of cars over 200 vehicles its holiday dinner it's actually very interesting we talk for this before of how you guys actually get these vehicles into the convention center. So there's a whole process or goes under because you're there's only one way into the building. And you have to put me in in a sequence. Starting with the furthest one away it's skeptical sequentially in order Kelly sex tetris right well and don't see a different people bring in the cars are different types as the schedule wolf you're off the schedule. In a few shortly or something like that you use grow the whole thing on Nelson says or does a science to my show manager is disease I mean he's a general. A stickler for share it's special lady beats you up I. Hopefully there's no there's a beatings that they witness for the slots called cars what are some of the dream ones. That are gonna be there because I of course I mean you know they're visited yet and owning these things yes so people are often doesn't see behind and luxury most expensive car in the show. The most expensive cars the actor in a sex it's about 200000. Very cool high end sports vehicle. The Porsche ten Americans that are about 17 the there's a kind of Carreira Porsche Carrera there and it's 145. But aside from all those cars which are very cool cars the one and I'd sort of it's my attention these are a local manufacturers take a car that has an old history and sort of remake yeah of course so forward has a 2019 mustang Bullitt. From the old Steve McQueen which is probably wait for you guys time I heard our Steve yeah bullets on the market from a from the moon respect years ago but it's it's a great great looking car and people are current users are gonna love it. This is a great event for somebody like me to go to because I don't know anything about cars I don't like there's a track and then there's a car. Okay right she's really know the the basis belt out so I could I would learn a lot at this event. You you you could go there in check out everything in the market and yeah learn all the differences and you get in and out of them you get a feel form and that's what a lot of people do there they may be in a shopping mall they're trying to go there and get the feel for the car. Try to narrow down their choice. Sincerely like to thank you and and I know my dad pulls this move where he'll go from dealership to dealership to dealership because he's that he's a Wheeler and dealer. Negotiate so it's a lot easier they're all in the same building to go there and and go and check out from the different vehicles they might. Be one until later at the Rochester on Shogun happenings and today at noon goes there Sunday so aside from the cars are also. A special guest this year we have. Special guest this year so we've invited to the dig a Max robot to come to the show this year it's a nine foot tall fully interactive robot so. Well. Makes and three appearances on Saturday and Sunday 122 in for one hour appearances during each of those social segments. And obviously to kids go crazy over the saying but I see the adults go just this crazy. Aren't gonna be. I'll and in glory curry at all yeah I close very close to nine feet. 63 guy I see 61 yes and yeah router showing us a picture of that is that is crazy in its full interactive Somalia moves in a box walks moves around so yeah settles its its the real deal and got Brad act review the president of the Rochester ought to do this association I want to bring this up to you because obviously. Very knowledgeable when it comes that two cars your thoughts on. Driver less vehicles. So. I mean obviously there's a lot of energy and effort entered three effort resource being put into driver Lewis technology and it's it stems from a lot of vehicles to even have safety related. Try atlas technology via anti via. Breaking automatic braking systems and lane. Change warning signal at a lot of mine has that happened there's already a necktie could and that's all movements those are all steps forward. The autonomous vehicle world and I just I think the technology in the ability to dual it is probably getting to get there faster than we as. As a society in the way our traffic patterns are in cities are going to be capable. Of handling it the the unexpected things that come up when you're driving your car share you have to teach. You know computer how to process stuff. Yet to teach you differentiate between the B two things that are in the road and one of my deal a person and you know what might be. It just to recognize which one it pastoral Borden. Which went right to be able to do that right over cant and you like you know a soda can and can't cover up cab drivers Thursday. Here is yes how was it more moral dilemmas wryly yeah it is really hard and it's it's. Building artificial intelligence artificial intelligence in in sold the lot that's up was into it the other parties the you know liability aspect of it the insurance. If something does happen you know what the vehicle who's at fault. Next like not driving I don't want to do instantly secret the Internet so it. Carmaker of their computer in her interest the individual in the who's who's responsible that there's going to be a push back to because again yeah I'm Hsu talked to a lot of car enthusiasts. Of its just that driving for so many people so enjoyable. Well they're certainly keep up to and enjoy driving cars and if we ever got to the point where again as a as a country in a society we talked about the notion. Of it being illegal to drive a car. That that would be. That's why there might be some drugs that's how I wrote my it's just that and yet the people that might consider driving in eighty heartless vehicle. There are nervous about the fact that if he's a human is driving the other car on the world in. The people that are advocates for this and look at every car out there was autonomous. You I would have any. Accidents and you think what and I had Iran there's humans. This entire tree so it's it's OSX 22 so fasting any updates and flying cars and I ask every. Not yet. But we're just talking about developing drones deliver pizzas. Wow see Ted he never LA could come any time. The record that you so much for coming and my foot on the process auto show happening. Today starts at noon through Sunday if people want tickets and sell quality needs down on at this stage in the game the best place to go to buy a ticket is just to come to show you can still go on the RE DA website Rochester auto dealers dot org and you combined ticket through the web site. Otherwise you just come right to shown by the tickets right there awesome to check out this weekend Bret thank you so much thank you.