Rochester and Rhinos Are on a Break

Friday, December 1st

Hopefully this "break" works out better than anyone in a relationship who has gone on one. 


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Craig you're stuck it during the break a little bit it's funny about about taking breaks yeah relationship and and and you need to comment about. I honestly. Think of one relationship. That I know of we're taking a break actually work if I said these words yeah. Taking a break out of the simulation is you know I'm sorry I read it it's just. I don't have one example in my mind of a couple who took quote a break I do you might with a lot in common. Is that Ron married now can a little different because that's built to say it we're taking a break they say were separated. I know. You need I say it's more of a legal scary term deal I guess I'm out. I just like any of anybody whose message sent said those words and may actually got back together I don't play of couples. Who have broken up. Got back to gather that's normal I think and how long you've been together if you take a break earlier in your relationship. Let's even together we take a break them. More lively and yeah yeah yeah yeah. He needed to forget that early in the relationship you're in big trouble when you get to keep an hour long time people change people crawl people at all and an occasional committed to each other. Then we break to figure out. Things but that's the thing. Is you don't know it's it's weird gray area you don't know. What exactly what would break even is. The restaurant nodes are doing right now. Yeah. I get kind of EL I guess I guess and put it that way the Rochester rhinos in Rochester. Currently on a break we we said earlier that they needed to raise one point 3000001 point three million dollars by. Like yesterday aged you need in order due up how the season next year otherwise there idols are gonna be done and I'm. Didn't they know they did not deny did not happen on they Sedaris significantly. Far from their goals they get. Valiant effort I think I don't and he gave to work and all over the place openness I know that he really did work harder trying to make this happen to get the grandest day but this is. Not something that we thought was possibility we thought it was kind of a do best and trying to say don't and they're gone forever and were and soccer league's Rochester soccer town USA is no more it was an ultimatum. My heart. Butts. With like a break there's some gray area so yesterday the Rochester rhinos announced. What they're calling. A one year hiatus. So they will not be fielding a team for the 2018 season. The reason maggot is because on the action had to resell other players by the thirtieth and all okay so that was kind of the reason for certain urgency yes so on and I guess than those guys which is unfortunate because. You know there's a bug RC one of the the stars in the team lives in Rochester began. Is life a lot of those guys had really close ties to this community is so it's unfortunate but yeah it's it's a one your hiatus which means. There could be a season into one in nineteen you know. After a break this could be a really terra let's let's take a pre configured. 'cause there's gray area would just like their relationship with taking a break where hoped to be to see other people is that is that par. Blow label on the second are the rules are the rhinos gonna maybe moved to a different. City for you just like he's curry taking a break doesn't Warrick what is this going to work for the register right look I hope I'm wrong. But just history shows. At least in my experience. No it doesn't I guess I I love the run as an app and you'll Wiig work closely with them and I hope I'm wrong. But hit I just can't see Hannah an apparently. It just takes some work on all parts there is a big part of it seem even in our relationship can't take a break. And just do whatever you want to we take a break. Do you work on yourselves and and for your age maybe it's going to with their test maybe it's self care maybe it's living your life seeking come back more. Reynolds and that the owner said. We're gonna continue to work diligently to supporters. And with the regional business community and government leaders. To solidify a foundation for sustained success including placing compelling sports stadium an equal footing with the other facilities. And Bonner county instantly at city practices that take a break in the go on vacation to open another cry when that kind of bowl of ice drink yeah. We do in the war there is going out and gone crazy with their other girlfriends yet no one expansion. They're they're gonna try and edit. I hope. That this works out I really really really right well it. I don't know. When you break. Your little Erica yeah. One that works out militants. You know and I hit the ball up and I guess.