"Riding Out the Storm"

Thursday, September 13th

Both Corey and Whitney were infuriated by a mom who has decided to "ride out" the hurricane with her three children. Also, Corey shared his plan on how to get less people to make decisions like this one. 

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Rocket and I help the hurricane approaching. Carolina's hurricane Florence Steen TX lie and I need PX lab course wall to wall coverage happening and I all the major news network and I. Our air and done some good news came through we learned that it had then downgraded if you will to a category two. That in Atlanta and at one point it was four. Cell that's looking and it was gonna become a five they sang in night. Even a different and that is positive news although it's still many. Saying that this storm is going to be a storm of a lifetime proportions of the Carolina coast again and again as we track at the center of the storms on track to approach the coast North Carolina or South Carolina. Two days tomorrow and then move near the coast on through Saturday yet on social bracing and I mean evacuations been ordered a mandatory evacuation. For a lot of areas. Well wind happens when there's a man it's speculation. There are always these people are always at stick around the people that say Iraq. Storm guide so stupid I was watching MSNBC yesterday and they had. The reporter on the beach and he's you know how they do and yes the winds blow when he noticed arms come in the right rhetoric or paint a picture for unit and all the updates and there was a couple early resentful Stanley rather on the beach a woman and her three children. That reporter locked up to an interview and this is what they had to say. We have a family here that lives in Wilmington. We have Charlie. Piper Cole as bombed Canadian so those little kids what you know god that it can afford to correct it with your mom told you're gonna do. You gonna stay here Charlotte yeah. They. All right stay safe what do you think. Okay and somewhat the decision to stay here. Not on the island so people understand delivered Wilmington. Voted George Ricard beat are about 810 minutes. Up first of all why the decision to stay and not fall back even further than it. I'm from my experience getting back into town after this storm is is scary to call us. And yelling marriage. Phillippe and friends in her home are all here in the final even contacted her at. How long amount of times that we are going to try to save plan and your family isn't a rip coach what about your neighbors we're neighbors they could. I'm we have several neighbors staying at least feel lake areas of strength in numbers we check in with one another area and on the organizes the end together and make it fairly forgotten it. Now look I I try my best. Knots and its parent chain them because again everyone's different everyone's gonna do things differently react to scenarios differently right. Aside our. I got rid nor Sarah why she's decided not CO. All I can analyze it. As is is she does what it against. So selfish people with children. And sort pats. That don't evacuate. Are selfish that is what it boils down to because you don't wanna be inconvenienced. You know I have to. Atalanta Pak got into Gaza if you don't like it's not about you if Euro loan averaged if you're a couple or. You live by yourself and your Nadal would ever make that decision for yourself but if you people are animals relying on you for that line is yeah and they're safe. If you're committed to really back we did do. In this the way did the little girls talk or color it blows up your floats a play. And that drove me absolutely bananas. Powell and how. You justify that sure it sucks that the league for awhile. And here's here's what happens is we saw this with Harvey and I am I I think in particular I remember seeing animals because you know you don't leave your kids behind that people are getting rescued on boats. In in Houston last year sir I'm all. All the footage they decided to stay and they couldn't bring their dogs last time was that we can't bring our big dog or whatever on the ball there's not enough room it's like humans are the top priority so even he. And like the humane society had to go back licks see these animals from house there and you like. Literally leaving on top of the couch with the water up to the top. And makes me so mad. No I don't I can't a matter like this happens every time there's always is he if you watch the news coverage you're gonna see more of them have. Apparatus that usually it's like it's the kind of like gruff old guy who as you know he's got all Libya for forty years I got all my. Not what I. And make sure I think we got but I just I I of course we are hoping for the best that's a that's not a gambling you can take you weren't. We're hoping for the best and and that means you know I'm hoping that these people come to their senses again especially if you have children. It's it's not just about you know. It's not about you when you need to be thinking about the other people involved and you know just because I don't know if it's like. It's of I guess it's about the inconvenience it might also kinda be about like. Only tell Justin you're on your own mortality. Yeah she sure it sucks but you know it's gonna suck mark here how. Hot. Unbelievable. Yeah okay I'm gonna say something tech. And it's gonna seem like and this is the joke. There's actually truth in this I actually do believe this I have I have with the that might help with getting these people who wanna ride out the storm. To not and again it's the selling job but I can pick is but I also partly believe that it's also cardiac Greg. I believe less people. Would be the let's. If the hurricane names are more aggressive. CO lapping at the job. Don't know I look at guys hurricane Florence soundly your grandma's friend from slim NASA Dexia gets it's not. Some menacing and Florence Henderson and I sweetest man and I don't NN I they're like religion but yet. Examples you give me an example well OK let's think about it so here's his mom alone with three daughters here now. Hurricane Florence is comics it's like to bring you cookies. And it it's been like that. That's how easy and it's it's cut it right and came out I got the importance of branding so port because that's how it works with human psyche absolutely USOC we're associated. It hurt it. Exactly. On the can I okay well Richard Cheney be if you Cory where McCain would. I mean if I was a hurricane I would like cutting it close to the I back out now I don't know Ottawa.