Recovery Now & the Opioid Epidemic in Rochester

Thursday, October 12th

David Attridge of Recovery Now and Gates police chief James VanBrederode stopped into the studio to talk about the growing opioid epidemic, what's being done about it, and what we can do to help stop it. 


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I'm learning Korean Audi PX lie and we've talked about this a lot misses a gigantic problem especially here. In Rochester. The OPO an epidemic I mean how many. Stories have we heard what is it three. Overdose deaths and I mean and this is something again that we've been trying to get the word out and it's not just an inner city problem this is happening. And our best suburbs is happening to do is due to your kids you know it's it's it's a huge deal and we wanted to bring in on from the recovery now the executive director a dean at trojans with us along with the chief of police from gates Jim thanks for joining us as well because you guys are obviously very passionate. About the subject so. Did you you it was a protestor trying to describe what this was the other day. I saw a lot of pictures I saw a lot of the news media covering you guys were doing by the way I'd like try to explain why you guys were what the purpose what. I mean base stealing is just to get people involved in this such a large problem in and it's just not one solution bass down and we haven't heard leaders say much on this at all. I'm into we're trying to get him to go mountain and talk about it just even start to talk about it but also to be that pro active I mean. For instance you know hum even if we go to CP nationals GPS case with with Brooke stay Eagles there. That was grow it really didn't need to die if is if and her parents should receive some addiction treatment yeah I was stuff like that but there shall wild. They don't have the budget to do that they don't have you know I mean eighteen people died last year. I'm probation. Eight you know that they have from overdoses that. Really if if if the caseworkers had a timer. A little lower caseload they would being able deuce you know so. Bring in the people that are needed you know let's let's just trying to hit this from every angle that we possibly can. So what as the Connie Dunn so far to try to address this problem has there been much done. He you know there's there's they have little bits and pieces here and there on the they're trying to do I mean they didn't just open up an open access senator. Down then I university. I'm I'm not sure it's open. All the time and yet only a few days right now well. A bomb they've done that thumb they do have the Monroe colonial period task force although a masters that's actually connected to monarch on inferences to name but. There's a lot of professionals out there that are trying to make some moves on and try and see some changes. You know it in there and met a lot done when we need the and we need to keep data is that because of kind of the red tape that goes along with his pushing anything their government. Are you actually think the bureaucracy I think the red tape. And I think you know when Jim tells you about you know future recovery you know it's sort of cut through all that red tape parade there. Just in order to get some action done Helm yet. Us. House and we're very committed oh and our ness of LDL and nobody's small small. If things. And done so we we've seen the faces of addiction problems in the trees. And it really has moved boss and gates and this is true. The resentment as. This rule. People's affecting so when we met Dave from the grassroots organizations. Saw what he brought the evil we could bring details government resources we have recently lets you used the gates now. Rule designate them as trap and senator. And then he provides the all the resources for the same stuff and this has taken off like wildfire. First for Saudi royal engagement zones orchestra opens we need to chop and you can literally out there where you live. More to sound all these days and gates just stop and tell us what she needs error. Need some glory need mutual problem that treatment be taxed. And then Dave through his connections than the non profits grassroots. They immediately connect you. Would that treatment how. How leading 34 days. Weeks. The only team that's just simple idea at the same time the researches are are still unavailable and other things it's amazing that you guys can come together to make is how. It and we we've we've got a home run this guy I ever thought. But not an and I think it shows us house sometimes solutions are assembled some solutions Alex. Yeah. It's a big. I read here. You can come in and say you upped its fix liked her dancing government and in London who built you in seven weeks we've been open moved him about 47. Yeah and then families that are coming in you know that which can only lose through just as much as the person in activists sometimes that's yeah arterial Carol L error. They showed because we've gotten probably about twenty families of came in for Horton down them and isms ordinance. And then brag you know good couple handfuls of people that have come in for resource and stuff like that. There's no one that there is no to drugs and senator and I'm not north Clinton that is also being run grassroots wise. I'm find your path and and a recovery fitness they yeah we. Got entrance. She's out it's so really it's it's dead grass for each you know. The only action aging if you knew you know here's what it would actions going on. There's the action right there you know we were just lucky enough to be a little government to police department and and the and the town you know on this and they've been so pro active. You know I mean we're talking about doing all sorts of stuff engaged we've already opened up but more guys so I seeing close up late support groups. I'm gotten I think seven opened last will last. Suddenly spread around there. So what do you think we can you as C I'm a resident of the city of Rochester so what is something I can you in terms and the CD in terms of our surrounding areas like gates is clearly ahead of the pack. Pack when it comes to finding resources and finding. I you on the grassroots movement that's that's available to help people what can we do if we know that. This is needed in our city and our town and we wanna get things moving but would you recommend that we. We do. To start them. Well I think the first thing I I tell people might want to talk about this exit or can do what what what are what platform you what speaker influenced do you position. So those. What did you base that's all armed as we've she abused my platform as the police chief. If certain credibility that comes when I taught him to press releases. And I become like the microphone a megaphone for these bureaucracies should. Experience and I had to do this mean but so passionate and we got into something. That's what I've done is use my position to get the word out. Also it every prison and a comes in the mind department walks in there at its books the walking out of there with a recruit she knows. Texas. Which saw its assault well what platform news you have. And so. It was a radio station and I think that message how important offices you know in the word. If you've got a loved one that has this problem. The bullet Norris in that this is Russian roulette and it meant and eventually the guns and law so what is your plan. Experience you. Answers. Well I mean you use I think you summed it up recently been doing this for 32 years and this is the worst. You've never seen absolutely able I've never seen more people pass away. And just success. Situations. Young people people. And ladies are very public steps. You know all of our. Homes. This isn't just behind closed doors. And Rodriguez is silk has left behind. You see them there's this evening. We live parents come visit us Thursday. As we conference. We'll becomes part of the community right I mean that's and that's ultimately what there is actually an Internet giant anti fortunately he's yet it's important that it has I think what's the value as well as a rock every fitness weather five take weeks ago. I think and the sale 500. 500 peoples and those were just. Those are loved ones in these people were rushed. It. 500 people. As lines. I'll be witnesses. These people. It's. Well thank you for you guys are doing I mean it's the kind of setting at an example for what other towns can do and hopefully maybe take notice of that hopefully. As this gets talked about Mormon or Connie legislators take notice and and didn't do something about it I know we are using our I don't do it every cells first race a lot of it I think yes she was this stigma. The stigma is so out there are still alive and out there hum. In fact we just some with channel ten and I I would she's really the kind of comments that are are are under their and everything that and I. I'm right down. But you know I think that that's a big part of it if someone's do some. You don't try and trying to dilute that statements and it's not junk deal once dungy always junkies not that way addiction as a disease a lot of people don't understand and a lot of people's on the news. So Zain if you wanna know more about recovering now or if they want it maybe they have a loved when their their relating to this like anyone help them out how can they find out more about you guys sure they you know go right onto recovering now and why. Dot com. Thumb and aid they can contact us through the error we also just set a new page there are also where people are looking to get new treatment. They just send us a note you will take care of everything I did veterans from recovering now the executive director and yet chief of police from gates guys thank you so much for coming and as as. I.