The Reason This Local Couple Had to Push Up Their Wedding Will Bring You to Tears for Two Reasons

Thursday, January 26th


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Prejean I absolutely love. This story this story that our good friends. Amanda was telling us about if you are planning a wedding her nose and he's planning a wedding or. Have planned a wedding in your life and you're gonna need obsessed with this this story let's bring her on Amanda's and our news and NBC good morning. My favorite radio you know house. They east right now or how does. Wedding planning going sell Amanda is getting married here so in the in the thick of the planning. Ballot not Ukraine and avoided a lot of the Java that we talked about less there. That things are moving out on the now. Doesn't look this door that we wanted to bring you wanna talk about this really had to kind of hit home to yield. I think crack. Especially at some youth with planning a wedding all right now tell us the story to the end and we just adore this story. So. One gambling their vigilance gambling that integrity tests and the other the other and it. Has been dealing explorer her a couple of months now according to doctor it out. They were doing contesting didn't Eric I'm an integrity and so you and we have now unfortunately that he has. Pretty advanced on out. And you know expect crew. Priest sat there it can't stereo I believe shoulder all barrel. I'm so it billion a lot of it you know hearing that you have cancer isn't there are. Their daughter only daughter is now planning her lack. And you know you want like many other Q2 walker air. That's one of those moments that you envision a few other bitterly with your dad. You know and I. I know a lot of women who are there unfortunately fathers either had passed away before they rarely get married or didn't have a great relationship. And not having them there are lucky on the island that's a big DO. It and now her purse that you know something that she really wanted and he liked it. And they have trumka and the second Cuba. That's there's the same thing to me now he's gonna have to wait a little bit. But you know. The brain wedding planning was telling her record or are they were planning where to year because the power and expect. I know we're gonna. Originally booked for the actor out there you hear that he's super. Others said look I'm not gonna back at peace here you might not even be here. At the end of this year. Go ambling around him either. The future mr. and not the fact that you know we need to get hurt that moment she's working on electric. You went to social media suppose mind you know they're not. In Maine and think about it at that they're not asking for. Any way they act helped you carry that we don't want any green we don't need any pre. We're looking can you help is still a great yet within the next week art. They really wanted to do it before. In Mo. Really and bring you an easy course he's it's gonna be harder from the right and ended around and I'm sure you know from from being in the thick of planning a wedding you have to book things for these weddings moments and some years even for some venues all of to be able to do that to pull this off in two weeks I hope that people are able to help them out. They're great people came to record and hit the cart that you like your heart doesn't and doesn't and doesn't comment people being right. Dot com our column here speculating here out of your flowers out your picture like they got the entire wedding. Planned effort to week. From when they started. In about a couple. Wow that's. And you really are what it's good that crap happening in the world it's nice to remember that we're all human and we all can stick up for each other in this way I loved it. Exactly people are we did have to have time by. Exactly. How managed of our knees and NBC and I mean when I saw that as we need to ask. Garage I'll. Thank you for bringing out at the more people can hear it the better because. You know we can't be there preacher and at this story and buyers a couple of other people do nice things. And I think we're really doing well but don't. India and Asia are used an NBC and keep sole hi expert job and let us. I.