RBJ Fast Start:Nicole Branagan

Monday, January 22nd

Co-owner of Compass Cycle Studio

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What is your name and what's he front Nicole brand again and I lived in Lester and clay and what is your job title co-founder of compass cycle. You press on this is something that you co-founder of where your is your friends know it's my sister says oh yeah. Fairly business yes howdy guys that the idea to do this. Actually it was her idea initially and yes I wanted to be part of it one of her very good friends from on team got a bunch Ruble went under grad. Opened up a studio in Cleveland's. Several years ago and that's for she got the idea. And she hasn't wanna be part of that. Such undue and still whatever yeah no big deal since you started act. What you go to school for and what did you study yeah I went to see bad image for undergrad in study sociology and smash and then went to grad school Fisher. Here Napster and got my masters mental health counseling. OK so this is a bit of a departure from what you you probably had plans in my entire careers minute departure from what I've tended to gas I was an eight hour prior to. In my professional career and then. I have a forty hatreds when I had my older daughter stayed home and just handed are a couple of nights a week until the point ass team. And presented this idea and I'm open about eighteen months ago. My that's amazing yeah. So I'm sure there's there's. Posits that or you can kind of make your own schedule and years and serial boss right right. Also the demands of being an owner of some thing right so Tim Blake run us through like a typical day like what is it like freedom. So typical day if I wasn't here how I would get up and my older daughter off to school off we have a baby sitter come in and wearing a watch the baby and then I go to the studio. Wednesday morning's. And then I'm back home for the afternoon on the nice thing about being in business with my sister is that. Wondered one of the two of us is always there but it deathly allows tablet that more flexibility share. Having two young children I would never be able to do this with out her. And have kind of the balance that. You try to have to share sell either and neither home with the girls are meant to studio. Is there of the negative aspect though working with your sister do you guys on the record each other's hair out at some point. It's surprising that we haven't done OK so certainly have had our moments but our relationship always has been pretty open an honest sell out if we have something that is on one of our minds we hashed out immediately sure there's no holding back because not as necessary on her feelings yes they're not out of that. Turbulence right. Exactly and also I think because we're sisters we get over things faster is just the nature of these boys has been a plane and two seconds later find so we vexing baton. Pretty good. So facts to back up what he says the hardest part about your job and how do you deal with that challenge I think the hardest part is probably the roller coaster it's the basked in the worst part about being an act norm being on your own it's the constant abs and flows of you have an amazing day and then the next state. You feel like. You know as it is all I knew I am as far as highly deal at that. Just try to find things its Chinese state president. As much as possible and just take it day by day. Working out helps a time when I'm home really trying to focus on my girls my husband and just. Being home. I guess just being present would be the past week that I cope with. To find that balance that and that's one of the most difficult things for a lot of people it's got a network like balance because it's very very easy for me especially if you own your own business. Thought that just consume your life and have that be everything Europe out absolutely. So it it's just. Being aware of that and and really trying to not let that happen I guess is just I mean president. Yes ending super conscious of the fact that you know if I'm not there and my sister's there I have full confidence that you can handle things and you do have to be on call it is your business there is no one else to call something goes wrong threats and there certainly are times when I'm homer overweight we have to address things. But really you know trying to compartmentalize things and realize that you know not everything has to be done today right trip there are things that can wait until two. So easy or get that laundry list of things yet to accomplish and and his ex daunting and overwhelming. And it kind of spins out. Yes Epps is special because we accessed everything all the time rate on your cell phones write us emails parenting is. Constantly in your face so it really is a conscious. Decision to set things aside. Okay solid ago little back in time here there might think back. First job ever. Erstad ever. Her first ad ever being on the bucks was it like men spoke. Before that I cleaned my father's office and work area grandfather had a little lunch. My topic made ambled onto the news is while sell out on the purchasing a yes but first stop on the bucks wegmans. OK so this is the question that's always kind of interesting because there's usually a time and from that first job working at wegmans yes what did you learned that assuming you still apply today. I think customer service and working with us are probably the biggest thing that's what I enjoy doing it's really the face to face their action and watching like you know. From the time to beat Cheshire like winds through the different phases in my career in my life to now. Seeing it in applying it in my own business. And Democrats sell this is gonna sound a little crazy yeah let's just say that time travel was the thing. And you went back. And you were in your own lot and wegmans and yet to give yourself. One piece of advice or yours skater scanning your broad knowledge about what a bit either device you give yourself. I think to not make plans because debt because got apps that you would probably be the biggest thing I had a huge and myself that I go back. There's there's something about trying to that to make everything perfect and and have these grand plans and and when they don't go exactly as planned right. Us that did that can be a very big deal for some people got to spend about the little things like easier to handle when you can this kind of go with the flow. And it comes with time that your age and experience TO but for sure I think I am very much a planner. And standouts for single stage of my life view you know you have an idea for the next five years are gonna look like and that sounds great in theory but things come up. And that's life so just gotten. Going back to that being present in the moment and just trying to take things day Friday. Also on the unit pretty good job congratulations on being named the Rochester business journal fast start thanks so.