RBJ Fast Start: Shelby Hill

Monday, October 16th

#TeamPXY got to talk to Shelby Hill, Assistant Director of Admissions at Allendale Columbia, this week's Rochester Business Journal Fast Start winner!


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Rochester business journal fast or recipient in this week Shelby hell won't come. Nearly these is director of admissions Allen a Columbia can you first kind of explain your role in what you do. So I am and I lead families through the admissions process that counter and ran independent school and and so we. He tests every student comes in the door every family comes and visits and spends the day with us. I also sit on the financially can Manny and reward over three million dollars and need based and poignant parent them near these scripts. So it a little bit of everything what currency talent a Colombia from other schools just. And well we have small class size as I mean really get to know every single student candidate so we get to know what they're gonna that maybe what they need help west. And then push them for it there so no fourth grader is the same Millen learns at the same east. And so we do get to know those Stinson and give those give them opportunity is that they might not have elsewhere. And you know we're both locally and internationally. Pan you know I just kinda pushed and Ford and and let them see that they're so much out there that they can do it's not test. One and so Lolita on this path how did you get to where you are right now. And Mac so I mean. Went out in Colombia when I was my age three outgoing through reelect I'm not. I'm glad yeah yeah I never thought anything. I eight. I love my experience there but I got no imminent onto journalism as the enemy terrain. Is grade. Back side and ended up like yeah and it turns. And and so I did I went Harry team I was in the journal of programming or try to sports on an inning. And where's that talent there and then went to last and last and it works for Fox News entertainment eons and and in I was on red carpet at site worked American I died did it. You know everything I thought that I never was going to be able to do in my entire life and I'm glad that I did it because it made me realize how much I love rock just well. Yeah yeah yeah and and worked in local news here and then the mountain this opportunity came up to then come back to count them on the end. Gonzales of the school song. We're really sleeping or. Normal well yeah and that's when I can't. And I have been hurt him night and not in our Clements you know in a blizzard you know hires someone does ask yeah now and now it's the opposite yeah morning is not about the drug outside good yeah. So you know we talked about how bullied on a staff that's really cool that you actually were a student debts and some kind of full circle story below is your first job ever the person you got paid to do. So my first job ever and I am I where it's for the sands patch and shown claim I was in that little key ask yeah. What I'm not familiar what does this it's just about on the canal and he goes to the lack since then as I got older I was able to serve Paulson and I. Worked on the boat and I had to tell the story of the Erie Canal which I do not remember any state and his name yeah. Yeah the Erie Canal yes it is you know you're the annual saying I wanna say I don't think that question you'll yeah he's never heard about them on and those sheltered child's. Yeah. But this is legit that's labor agreement goes I don't like a little mini party public historical party. That I loved it is scary now. We always try to tie in higher first job. Somehow helps you with your current position this on could be strata. I'm pretty. I think I had to meet a lot of different people and deal with a lot of personality just as you do in any. And jobs that deals with the public. And some maybe now I need a lot of people at night you know help our unique situation and yeah. Your past and you're out in a lot of different situations that you have to adjust to different people on the yeah that's what parent there. And there is a strong correlation between the drunk people in small children that is true kind of not the same. Say that sometimes there's no there's. When you win you need to take time to disconnect and get away from the oracle which they are literate acts like pork Matt hanging. And I like to tears so I volunteer at the industry in society Shelton said he. And I'll go there and just hang out with a dime a dozen. Block them and it's great for the past are we giving away like free puppies or something last week early look at their old right now also go adopted. And news. Mean that's pretty sad and it's really sad wonderful. And her discrete things if you lost on the helping him. Me and I'm putting my chest and which is pre election testing and a passion to do that and then also into book clubs now. Like to the league right now and I woman and haven't. Talked about it I have him in the first yeah. Yeah. That that's comeback yeah now I got. Perfect cell if you could go back in time and talked younger self and sit them down look across and give them Smith's agent by itself yeah. So cliche more than I have not put a foot dongle you're in INT you talked you talked a lot about we know the things that you Don and got to experience. And you have to give advice and guidance a lot of young people right now throughout Colombia I think that's funny too because I see a lot of these high schoolers middle schoolers their glee to the same things and I went there and I got this is just me in my life as honorary announced. This was awesome and there is send airing an ounce. And but it's just don't just months that everything works out and don't care and other People's Bank. Just do you and do what makes you happy and then I'll Wear out you'll be some planes that you love or he won't be and just keep trying to get there and well. Figured out. This excellent everyone cringe isn't asked. Because everyone's usually pretty humble wind you consider yourself to be a success. Or do you let you know I got there aren't where it's like I'm meat. So. I have two answers. That one I think in my personal. I think MSX fast just because I play. You know I have a house and a great family I've amazing friends that support mean and and IAA. Have a job that I absolutely love and Ryan's still learning. To think is just a success but. At the same points I don't think. I and the success and it worked like because I am still learning and still growing only 27 years old united so much left to do so much left to learn. And and I don't know if he'll after I don't know it's hard to rank sixth sat. I've done things that I think are off so. I saw a lot to do so loves me. Thank you so much for bringing up personal aspect we don't hear that a lot. For people and I think it is so important to maintain that work life balance and really can't have one without the other so they keep for bringing that up and stressing the importance that that means your work bat that's it that's come there's so many Markel things in the future congratulations on being a fast start this we thank you are EJ banks are having me.