RBJ Fast Start: Paul DiVincenzo Office Pride Franchise Owner

Friday, February 17th


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I Rio another Rochester business journal fast start. You look into the studio Paul even sends out congratulations on being awarded the the faster recipient out for this this week thank you very much at sigh we're very hard to get to his points though it's. Great navy guy thinks immune appreciate it sure you get in this because not only do work hard a year 21 years all day you're gonna be the youngest person that we have interviewed for the series yet and you own your own commercial cleaning. Up. Salaam my dad's been doing commercial clean for over thirty years. On graduated high school. Was it really Anderson and when a college I didn't know what I wanted to do bombs are gonna manufacturing and then come by on the side I was still doing commercial cleaning. And then nom finally I decided to start my own franchise. And die and enough money saved up from work in from fifteen years old now I could buy eight. My own franchises are not so that's us and what about that. Oh he's very excited he's the one who actually I own arm off its rightful armies. Franchise so ethnic and aperture yeah. That's amazing I mean it's I'm dissing him back to malice when he won and I didn't know what the hell highlights it highlights that figured out so early as athletes estimates a year ago when you make that decision like this is what I want to do. Com I didn't know that I actually wanted to do with this arm once a graduate high school I didn't know what I do it Paula and then Nam my dad. Brought the subsidies and a maybe you should do. Anything India's history years. And then nom finally I decided you know I've I've been into and out by I'm gonna meetings with them. The whole thing so lies beside mr. now yours are spread. Armory now I am about five employees on there was a couple months ago. Company do have to managers. Working here now it's only a beginning so. I check how managing people act at 21 years old which I imagine there's probably no ordinary Carolina. A lot of people are we double might you know thirty years old so alive and I look like kids though. Yeah. Yeah. And I Saddam. So at times it's a rough the say certain things that I don't want to say bye at the end of the day it's a business known as the break. Yeah that's amazing to have that attitude so far because I'm sure that you experienced. And although little little push back because of your age. Or is everyone mom you know we have is the boss not a mandatory starting you know my did Sammy Downey he is late you know he's the landed Beatty face he's so it's going to be hard again armed. Customers' personal attachments eighties and experience that I'll bought the deathly has announced that Meehan also ars oh. Only going up from here. Yeah I was gonna say Donahue said that a couple times but it's only going up where you see the growth. About the spread going on Herbert you like it to go what your goals for it. My goals for office pride. I'd probably say they have around the first year I'm gonna treading around twentieth thirty employee's arm working for me. Palm but as far as gross sales goal column in about five years dealers and two to three million. My lab I ain't and it's incredible how did we do in the studio today because we try to stick it. Not now that's an. Tactic to cleanup trio of worries that indeed you quell and yet. There addict I. Hundred dash Roussel and Berkshire. Place Paul would you give you something else too it's in there early twenties or in their late teens does not any idea of what they wanna do white you reckon it is their first step. To figure that out and get started. It'll tell much difference. Thank you might or to me picturing in nom at the aisle from me I just like other people. And that nom but if you choose something and you wanna do it on don't give up because the hardest part is the beginning so. Just give it all you guys and go from there. I think that's the cool things about our generation aides that. There's a lot of us who decided you know I don't wanna work for someone I wanna work for myself because I know that I can do this and I do mean she's doing now. And what's cool about our generation it was were actually making that happen you now that we have the resources and the smarts to be able to say you don't work for myself and I'm gonna make this happen so brought us here for being an inspiration. What would your advice before someone who is is thinking about a sir ma'am business because it's. As obvious as you know it's scary thing it's all on you its maker break great all right the you have hesitations the Heidi I'll does ES salaam the money factor or was definitely huge at first because along with the franchise fee beginning you have to add doubles man. Yeah in the first couple years so long. He death we need to have without the money for in the bank. And a second while the determination because there's a lot of other competition out there that'll just. Sweep you I'm sure NATO and they don't care so on sleep literally. No pun intended. But calm yet at first it's stuff we hired and especially commercial cleaning their so much competition. So. Yeah for sure. I get in there are I feel bad that I keep bringing attacks here H. You're twenty whine tell you get some downtime to be able to hang out what your friends and only get to relax a little bit. Yet here you rarely now Obama yeah I am on the Friday nights sometimes it found that working scrubbing floors it's on its beginnings. In oil and elect someone but yeah I am getting some down time here and there but we do and it untimely but he likes to. Oh my friends I did watch football the team again works its yeah. I I feel really good shape and you might be looking at the next couple yeah expands the Boston College basketball too long. But besides that antsy and it'll work so it's. And the question though is up to ask and this maybe wasn't that long ago vote was it what was your first ever job. On my first job at work there it's the article building systems. In Webster right at their eyes and what do you that. On my it was a machine operator and calm edit quality control and they were the ship owners and and that's also that was that was the job rethought yourself. I don't or myself yeah. You learn stuff CEO and where you can definitely. The only job I had three other jobs after that ones so it definitely com. I'd I knew I don't wanna work for somebody else constantly sell. You're collecting like Experian graduate on what's exciting and bagging this might not be your last stop either you can go on to do something even bigger better premiere at this is huge being the owner. Other office bride congratulations for being this week's. RBJ's fast start and grandma she ends and they. Allen hasn't taken us and we appreciate it and put up the Imus ST yeah.