RBJ Fast Start: Mike & Mary Decker Owners of Soapestella

Monday, March 6th


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I am I guess in the studio for the Rochester business journal fast start wanna welcome Mary in Mike don't care of itself but Stella as I gotta say rats you know so the stone that you need that's your daughter and I hate. I love that tells you edit it all means ask why don't we are. Elena 69% of the products do you guys south what's and. Like Lisa and me and artists and bath products no body spotters teachers' jobs path arms. Sales. Ali bombs on the scrubs all sorts of stuff so this is all hand made that lake want to put the picture to upon on the let's say his left thumb that is in this CR IS is a personal better so thank you for that. I asked a couple bars around here just in case like this I you guys to get incense making. I'm there is always enter it on a passion owners. When our daughter was born on its owners primaries started really making a lot of pain free time in. Mr. product that we decide at the there's Arens the offer to take it. You had to and you've expanded it all kinds of stuff like you sat and and what's cool about you guys is Hartford carry from from pastor kind of played out that you guys hire are very. In tune with malign meals and and what they look formed a bailout weren't Matt thanks so tell us sit with your research abide by. But had the singer iron to me trying to. Being that we are on the every search is more males than one liquid products so we just lost our liquid soap. More hoping that really draws a lot of maligning those arms are Trier products that and that the same time hopefully convert them over the bar soap because that's really what's pastor skin. Yeah every can't really see him learning you thing yeah. I was aware that he can get that I Dexter to the millennial you write a musical as a public to have the body like it's easier RI usually it is those germs on that Arsenault by today's. And arsenic lasts longer sees it data that. Highly confident. So as part of redistribution you guys actually are at the Rochester public market corrects. On the dole and the deep and it first started this relief. Went there in. We have learned alive and which try to really get as much exposure and sales over there as we can sell it obvious it's going well for you guys but of course before you decide let's make this business. What was the conversation like was there any hesitation because I'm yeah it's kind of Clinton. All your cards and Ali are chips in the middle of the table there yeah hours in college access and John Fisher. And it was a summer break size tried out and then fallen back. And we realized it was so successful over the summer that we use the hats continues to golly daddy gotta stay with momentum and that puts all the time in school as they take away from the business now. I accident my second time I dropped out on one thing you know in which this happens drop out of school. And now the west for an adult. Good for you. How weary eyes looking to go in each party and so much and had done so many amazing things are in the market you have year your homes or maps and you know. Right up at where you might go from here where incidentally next. Wholesale are they expand online. Rashad was made fassel's we can this year. That's tricky to get into sometimes so I'll answer it. I just are like Brent Barry you know the mile. You know keep it local ones and doubles partner brands really gain out there and getting in the community and wanted to come my. Staple on the roster community hopefully the source for and made ours and bath and body products. Did you have to yourself because obviously there's the artist so they can buy. There's sole many other things when it comes at logic business and there's design and everything that goes on what's tricky history of our experience in business arm literally had. Anything else I Darius. Always its sales weren't selling cars there cell phones her whenever I was as a salesperson and on battled back on accounting. And I was newly pull all those things together today. Read. Do everything accurate there and also from. Does make the business happened and research right hats here and the batter at certain areas then. I'm Mary sees the sees the remind behind she's the experts drains or the other brand. The creativity of and all. I'm so it's in Kissimmee we like to ask ever and we interviewed for this. How to balance work and life in free you got Stephen Moore beanie question because obviously you're a couple but as a business together for a does that make even more difficult the final work life balance because it I'm sure to be very easy to just talk shop all all day or right yeah not side it's tough it's. You know working. All day in sometimes into the night in ever daughter got to take care of you sound. It's side has taken the time at the end of the data and now others watched some TV pilot and honor. On you know we do you have grown shops so sometimes you know even a small mailers now the president is close and take the day often. These are thinking in there it's yes. The Israel bought back. That definitely comes comes in handy. On the question we like to ask all our our fast start people we bring in first ever job. Our furlough Cologne. Company clover nurturing our insider on the personal family business so I think that's really where. I got my passions. The entrepreneur Roland. Only conical Loughner and pave the way. As you knew every dot Golan back as we get always find something no matter what I hear urged jobless or how old you are that ties into what you deeds that that's what makes this really close at thank you guys Mary Mike Decker. So to Stella. Congratulations on being asked Darren thank you know that's amazing prestige and I get a look for you that the public Marquette hasn't been there like Saturday you know. Number there on Saturdays are now we have a winter Leeson analysts here they put us in the us bring costs and she only to see you got its paint she's been here.