RBJ Fast Start: Maddie Nizamis

Monday, July 16th

Founder and trainer at Studio 22 Personal Training 

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This secret joined by Matty is famous on studio 22 personal training banks are taken some time come and pay you for having me and congratulations on being named Dave Rochester business journal fast start thank you preach in cell talk a little bit about studio Tony it's him so studious. Needs do is a unit training studio and he Strachan stir that specializes in one on one pride vets. And partner and and small group training sessions on themselves. I really felt that there was a need for our more of a private intimate setting for. On the fitness field when it comes to working out and exercise. And I had and that big back extends before and found individuals are very intimidated by. Working out in front of other people all. Being. You know exposed one and that privacy and so that's I've critic for people. No that's awesome because I can really relate to that. I mean it it's your route when you first getting started and you see everybody around you is lifting a gazillion pounds and there you are like struggling what's funny Connie apps and your head. Yes absolutely stinks so what I seem a lot of and so would you say it smaller so how many people. I'm so we have I have to sot it's with a wall on a door separating so we can have two trainers training at the same time with a client. We close that door so that again and you still have that private Internet. Like I said we specialize mostly and that president wanna went chase is just you and the trainer. And then they do offer some small group training options is while that hour time you know classes that I offer. Him throughout the week. So a lot of us this especially in our fields we see things were can improve. And for many of us we think all we know it someone should do this. Not a lot of us follow through that and actually make it happen yeah can you talk about that a little bit. Solemn. I tea I've always had this idea vests and concept or an honor to be once I got into the training field and started to notice this. I'm neater next for the out when it comes following through west. Things that you just put on paper first or dreams that you have. It definitely is craziness or to become our reality and not. I have a lot of support my support system is on some ands. I give them a lot of crowd and it is awhile to how lives how I mean that's a reality tournaments because of that burden I mean it's all on you yeah how scary was that gas X yeah I mean it's definitely definitely scary and a risk to be take and but I also believe in RS in our room Juarez sound. You kind of got to put yourself out of your comfort zone and and hope that it succeeds in doing everything you can make it succeed side you city which city Brock pork Golden Eagles Catholic myself. That's how does that help Tia. Time a cell I want to graduated high school on I always knew that I won in two become a trainer. So I actually got certified right out of high school hall and I then also wanted to get a degree to kinda backed up what I was what I was gonna be doing so found the house science out of practice for and had cost some on some professors there and and then again it just kind of went hand in hand with my training certification and and so worked out great for me. He says the hardest part about job. Move harness her about my job and also a dual barter type deal that. So I would say the hardest part that I find out my job is that I always. Half two and want to be a 100% on with my crying and wanna be giving them my also help. If I'm not feeling matter I have had a good day I can't. I can't show that I have to be my happy bubbly is south and well is he pushing man and helping that man and I really want you know my first client of the day and night to wealth client of the day to get the same attention and and so I really try not to get burnt out and try to again date and that the last kind of today should get the same attention and support and everything that that first kind that soaks I would say the hard part that is I try not to get myself burnt out and I China always. And give it my all and so I would say how I deal that is again. That supports us on the trainers that I brought on to my team because I was getting overwhelmed with my client how loud and how many clients I was taking and and I didn't want gotten to be suffering that I took and individuals to help me out and take and more clients and it's Angel fund you know the husband helped her house and pick it up the slack of that kind of stuff is what helps me do batter women and work. But the key to success and ask anyone a successful at that surround yourself with the right people yes absolutely agree. So that's a good piece of advice what what else would you give to you let's assay can gullet step of the time machine. He gone back and win you'll our first put this together. Don't talk to yourself what would you say to yourself. I say don't doubt yourself. Have confidence and knowledge that you can do that. Don't laugh at anybody. You know puts you Dow owner Eric. Stay true to yourself and I've gotten a lot of the young thing that I'm so young and that's bands such as I you know you can't do that sent this aids like. Yadda yadda but again I don't let that. What I am Tony sex what I have at my age I'm gonna do that's likenesses. This is I'm gonna do so having confidence and now laying. Knowing that you can do it. So you say that on computer age of guy got a little little push back on that have you got any kind of pushed back being up a woman. Then in the kind of. I feel like I've gotten pushed back as a woman I would say that. When it comes. Clients who are looking for training there are some individuals who only want to work with them now. And as individuals who only want to work with the female house so I think that goes both ways is a little fat. So I wouldn't say necessarily as a business owner as a woman luckily and thankfully I haven't found any push back that way but when it comes to. Training specifically they don't wanna work with a woman or somebody of my day it's. Relocate out. It adds I think it's like when you go to the doctors opposites early on top. Exactly that an expanded. Tight fit absolutely when I first I mean I was training clients I got certified and I was nineteenth and south. It I eighteen I was eighteen and and so that was initially kind of like sending him and obviously west time and experience is now you you gain more. Respect as you banter Marseille. I have gotten married so I've tried to fit into a lot of contrast now more people can relate to me and I had a baby and now I've recovered from a pregnancy and gotten back into shape and now in fact Ali Suzanne can't get that lengthy. Well as you get those experience says and I think people's. Hands apart a little Mort trusts and CO putt. Until now and you'd just kind of have to pretty south keep on my truck and he and Jack. Let's go back again and vary first jobs ever. Papers that cover I was Oscar all of them ask that I was clearing tales app and country club like. The gas. First out I ever sell my eye on pan. And actually lived right around the country club and all three I have two older sibling Altria a sort there. And we started working at a young age and that's another thing that I. Think my parents a lot of floor all three of us paid our way through college and we knew that that was the case we knew that's what we Wear. We are gonna have to do and honestly I'll do that with my kids as of last thing I I did not take program education. I went to class and I hey I gat aid because I was I was paving the way for myself and that gave me a ton of confidence and anything like look what I justice and I've accomplished like. Mountain so that that was helpful to in my opinion. Very cool Matt in his Amos the owner of studio 22 personal training if and again it's a very unique idea and I love this idea and an idea right there is. Not a lot of places that thing do this and is there any girls Rochester that does kind of the private training even. Here's there's private training that is occurring in aid bigger jets so you're around other people of other individuals around watching now and sell. As far as I know I I I don't know all the ninth place that's got most. Say there's not yet if you thought they see have to go to Matty. LSU yeah Seles did just that in their listener right now and I need you like it fit in maybe they are a little bit nervous and and they kind of wanna have a bit more of an intimate setting to kind of get started. How can reach out. You can find us on face stuck in an answer Graham and studio too funny too personal training at gmail.com. Come rates in me and and such out. We asked where free first consultation and you can meet with one average trainers and we'll show you hoped it would be like to do a training session with us many thanks so much being key Al.