RBJ Fast Start: Kyle Chapman

Monday, April 16th

Owner of KC's Fairport Barbershop & Mercantile

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What is your name honoree for us on Kyle chat room from airport in what's your job title suggesting that Ascot. And owner of the business of their job title but. As a Barbara immune from the owner of the shop. I would say there's a lot of titles makes its. And there been such. I. You know sometimes baby sitter. Stuff it's. This is the dateline. Yet there misses that I mean there's been some. That was the crazies jobs like people come in and literally some guys seek COPEL appointments are not so we'll sit in the chair. And Mike omelet tears up in ten minutes. Lago quite got eyes. On this on the offensive on the and soreness and others. When you walk in there on to say it's. Exactly. CN meg and you just saw that it happened like an excellent stuff happens in the barbershop is allowed. I serial order a fair port barbershop and mercantile to sell its isn't like guide. Korea the other day Merck and yeah I mean the list in that order out of wasn't really sure what it was exactly and. He uses his super hip turn from being so blunt stuff yeah. But we have guys that we have a lot of different palm in lines that we have the old school oil based parliament and income pockets late. There's a craft palm he'd seen a really looks like crap I'm here but it's all made. I'm serious I have guys coming up outing and cut their hair yeah they'd isn't really sit around talk about homage. There is time. It all different holds sense you know chemical compounds to me I mean it gets pretty weird it's weird you know let it. That and he's there and everybody has their passion and you found this fashion a little late don't when you were saying before but before we jumped on the air here that. You had been in marketing first. Yes I started when I was like sixteen making flyers from my punk fans wasn't high school and learn Photoshop and all the designed to Syria and cottages Fallon advertising and I thought about cutting hair and lousy team there's something about it where it wasn't like. My parents for a tainted main reason I mean she go to school earlier pretty. Case. So on edit gonna at OCC and I'm Brock for in the more it's not as its advertising that around for now the up and non. And then my turn to win nine I was like holy crap mini me thirty next month and I fairly four or five years have been talking about you know I'm really wanna be a Barbara wanna cut hair. And so my now wife was like just go to school they just take the five months off just go go do it dated darn it it's amid Stephanie it's it's that you have mortgage and I. Bills to pack you know that's way share those don't stop lawyer in school shows I just made it happen. Being a barter attached to each lightly while I was on your mind for salon. I think after staring at a computer for ten hours a day anywhere by phone calls in your mid one means picked. That. There's something about actually standing in might move in and talking to people and not just emailing and chatting in the person X is like grades it's a super basic business and in. You go in and guys are that we spend about forty minutes on each guy it's your time that you UN you've done even assuming you leave there's no. There's no one email I mean there are emergencies were some review like. I have a funeral I have summoned came up or Afflalo will help our clients absolutely but there's no like he can you go home work. On this report for four hours you're not getting a lot of curve balls. And are well known knowledge you're still well. Today in today's society in court Aaron to sign up as yesterday there's no chance to disconnect from your job because there is so way to get in touch with people and get in get a hold especially when it comes marketing and yeah things like that there's always a new emergency there's always a new. Product or spin or change that has to be made I mean much cuts my hair like cut. Yes and it's it's Oxley sorry. Yeah. Guys like Stanford cool and they're super loyal to him in the eyes change barber shops or their Barbara moves or retires men in their nervous I mean there are legit. Myers went longer I've gone two months long initiative on kinda nervous NC conduct of this. Little conversation. About quote an idea. You know the thing you though that report notes that once you how elements and tied. It seems like you have good people skills let me just at your guys is that something that you acquired or do you Alley kind of batten I'm wrestling match. Yeah. It's not health is allow so you it you Barbara school and it would take us from that. Not opening up your own barber shop. Yeah I was pretty Greece Ireland February there is. Four or five barber shops lot of really great guys and men in the game for 2030. It's seven years maybe I don't know. They're starting to retire than me on I say it's hours ago you know on the dying and that's hits. So I knew I want to be in fair goers there is nobody knew in those really nice clean tight aids you know the nice beard trends that people were looking for. I mean there's 37 salons and airport but that's not the experience that are climates of the four and I talked some of the other barber shops near an avid chairs so. On I don't know if you guys know. If you studio Crosby and arms factory and airport it's right on circular road it's kind of like the hunger for building in the suburban version of men. So there's. There's artists there's craps there's yoga there's is Guidant makes stuff called salty brown of its minutes into the city. Really the Grenada. Enterprise. Iran. And I kind of locked in this building you know it's like Haiti guys I'm spaces anyone has water because that's the years they laud them. Three takes you like into the based. It's it's 200 square foot it was like a storage closet that crap was. His daughters and pain all this stuff and now on its landed. I just was like I'll take it as. So we literally had the worst retail location inaccurate or. And even against its. It's I think it's can now works in our it's like do you have them and games of get out acts. Yeah pretty amazing day that's a good sport and people are kind of freaked out because you walk down this long hall way and it in on it smells like mullah. Miners and that a lot of flora final table that and say they're happy that those metal worker nexus you hear like arm. People are not dare I go. He added that will be gland like. They're grateful that her like John mired Sinatra or is there. Today Owens well you know ahead. That it besides I'll get illegal hidden spot like that Condit has mega cool I didn't speak easy the kid came in last week that he is nine he goes. You should open a bar right next org is nine years old. Would agree they did some. Well yeah it yeah toughest part about owning a business. Running a business in New York City. Yeah battled. I'm gonna call mile yeah that taxes the legality Alden blue pulls up to jump through but I mean. A bar business is pretty simple time you're dated days actually -- day to day operations with Egypt. Mean you chronic going and you open the door all of our booking is handled right online so you gorge for airport barber shop dot com. People attacks in there you available as a I don't know if I'm replaced I literally don't know that I got so I don't real books yet there's no books on the go online you get a text messages that reminds year appointments coming up because nobody remembers doing yeah. Itself that on EON I mean people aren't. Booked in the in the commend them in the lead in the Amy can you cut their hair and I guess I didn't ask anybody. You know and I hear about what's going on their lives than I have on a sign in the shop it's like are prices that's New Year's state lines there's the whole new York state laws for Barbara. The book is. Really absent the club and you have our prices on there at the bottom it's as bad advice treat. That's pretty much the motto. You look for eight years is it just you energy Matt Stafford. So I have a it into it is clear it is the independents. Men ranked team. But share in the shop idea to make sex and it is that I had no employees at this job gas. He jacked and grants five hundreds he's a renter. Sasha ID Hugh grant's five dollars or fifty square feet in the corner. Arms name's Chris he's awesome he was that a shop up in her on a critical popular demand. It's actually people have the same teachers school musical classes after the match he was out there on teachers shot and run a quick humor isn't fair tortilla and a teacher's like what you guys shop in you know. Ounces it's to us is huge shares three Rangers just. And crank out together. That's awesome so technique through what did your marketing. Like what kinds of stuff to do on her probably agencies and towns and the you know we're technically agencies. What did you learn from those gigs. That you drive you. Casey's. You can track and union. I. It's gone that's remarking on the you have a profile. And we're Maggie and you like to do this and you probably live about here and you work here and it's all just a juniors and the only thing I watched the entire Zuckerberg trial like start to finish just examine. I'll tell. Hello I was that it was this. There. I just looking yesterday it was no change. What my buddies and show me can going to FaceBook now they have to show you all tiger targeted yet. And it tells you all the different things like it says one of a phone you happen to know everything about you. Oh yeah the worst is those FaceBook messages that go back years and you don't I. Where did those we. Do you want to see them out like that is nice I don't know a lot and now this being dropped from the internet's what I was. What did you use a lot of that knowing about it and how to build a website that he's that's slightly not a barber shops you can book your appointment online news this archaic tax cards and we callers. Just on line it's all teams there have been. Did run on advertising it is B granite is actually learn a month beyond just targeted you know. GO around fair word and you know each range and and FaceBook and just you know you have to do you mean fees were. They figure out how many people look at your page and what their profiles and oh let's find more people like that right okay. I I can't wait to let you read reads your are BJ passer profiled in the register disaster like I bow in this case it won't come on. I learned how to target people. And here and there's something you know that you've acquired on my that you could give advice to other people in terms of how you ran your best as a licensed success up. Scissors and like my first business organizing cause their upon record label ownership records all of that and does before the whole final thing like really took off this bus stopped actually is just the turnaround times the teams so long to presser record and a man so I learned about that. Ran up some day there on some credit I. You know so I think you're gonna start any time of business this nation is something people want. On me sure today it's something you can do in years at least competent if not really gonna finalists that one thing that knee is gonna meet people wanna come back you know president need is something specially offers just don't. Don't corneal punch that it tests your idea affairs think we're gonna test in the barbershop in this. It's it's a bad space and NASA nixed. I circled a year to define managed basis bigger image and a chair but you know just geez. On the boot strapping a government to DIY punks and honestly it's time to do this yourself and nature works with where you're. You know. Let's see got a 100000 dollar loan to open to question you know greater closed down six months he's Tampa electric. You know what seems like your genetic a job Kyle chat and thanks for joining us there gradually cede you that payment yeah Tim cheesecake.