RBJ Fast Start: Kailey Bradt

Tuesday, November 28th

Kailey created a water-less shampoo and her company is called OWA Haircare

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What is your name and what Tommy John Ryan Phillippe and originally from Corning new. Here just. So I envision making national stage to go to our AT. And and that is the science behind your utter sham that and say yes exactly so. What is it in your company it's OW they can't care plans Alan Herrick. And and actually turning to Ernst and you're walking around and ours that yeah. So we and I kind of got started I had this idea I travelling on time through it and it came on this liquid hair care. Which is really especially through TSA yeah. Exactly what re doing before he started the company. He started making it means east Los Angeles needed you know technology based coatings. And which seems really far away from here camp yeah. It's actually coatings inks paints are all kind of and when you talk about each. Game in the something it's like cooking in kitchen like moving and making a cake tea and making cookies and so you started to tell the story I think you need it yeah. Wireless air fares which I get back and yeah absolutely so I originally had planned. And trying different things like there's shampoo bar which is like this college and new. And essentially you know. There's no water seeking to get through TSA is my big thing travel only carrier and I think it's wears in catcher from yeah. And that either way. So island. I started looking for like a powder that would just rehydrate with water when he makes it in your hands that would function just like Reagan championed. And sending guests as well let me see if you. And I did tell them where you got the skill set to be to develop. At the peak of this idea and execs yes absolutely so I'd definitely make him clinching an act and through RET. And analysts and interested and make sustainable cosmetics as well. And and then the other thing lives just learning how to take that product from ninety oddly tube the finished product and bring it to market. So is a combination of things isn't one single thing in and also my collapse. Through RIT very helpful. In its. And it's amazing is how many times do you think you have agreed idea like this will be bringing. There may be rich and you go look in everyone's already done it or I wouldn't even how do you figure out what your first step is to get that. I. That he actually had the chemical company. I have to be Appleton lap it up and make bets on the hardest part about being encounter turner absent. And it's actually kind of a good thing in a bad thing and it's the risk you know. And I love the uncertainty it but at the same time and Italy's traveling I don't know when in the scenic and their family again. And that's probably the most difficult part but at the same time it's the fun part so carcass it's what you yeah. The challenges like that beat number and just communication you know on the show and that penalties in touch with everyone and everyone knows that you you know sometimes and traveling in the country and cell service and it's like my feeling here stimulants and Aaron and I really don't I. Well I. What's going on. Yeah you're the founder of the CEO it's a responsibility falls on you know yet what are some of the things you see you'd you'd travels Leo yeah act different countries. Well of course I have a team that's been very very helpful felons working full time. And about eight great. I have son and Harrison advisors through our AT and call center industry guide me actions that throughout my career. Aaron and I also had some students that you see that are eighteen I mean that are raking in graphic design packed packaging design marketing. I digital marketing which is really important social media so you know networking is sells for Elena or. So I can't tell you how many times they just have been at a conference there even. In grabbing coffee seller. And sat down next to someone and I had no idea. Other two years so it's great here we are now founder CEO of your own company. Very first job let's go back I first want personally got paid to do you know it's really funny because I actually just on the owner of the pizza shop. Am I used to work at a picnic keep that are said Neil. And an election extra tears on his school and yeah I did everything from scrubbing flights. You know the register and to getting pizzas places back I started memorizing peoples is unlucky. Interest paid job as always my biggest fear and I call for delivery places that they recognize him yeah. Yeah our that's happened to me and I ate pizza like five days a week and still of people out. So. I'm guessing that with and are you agree and and your knowledge and background that you must've been really. Great with math and science in high school yet. And you know actually in high school I thought I was in school author graphic designer interior design something clean at. Well what I didn't realize was that science and could be used in creative. So I originally I was in his act they'll our island does that art museums and and it inspires me. And yak and math and science is always my strong point in it doesn't matter I could drop so can't try. Hey I can the next couple were yeah this is like a combination apps. Have advice do you think. You lead kids. Yeah Ontario. College you now looks at that pizza place. Yet and yet had a conversation with yourself podium given the ice and honestly he. Just go it kick you know like I have always. I always knew I wanted to do something in my hand and you Taiwanese and cosmetics and science and this whole thing in this is just bringing in and it means just keep it again keep our. You ever afraid was there ever a moment of last year watching this. Yeah I think they're silliness of course I don't know it happen where actually not and did so. Eileen yeah actually that everything's so far and one senior state business model competition April actually shot categories they got 101000 dollars in funding from the and then we've received in National Science Foundation. At 3000 and that's what we've been running and funding. So. An uneven funded yet in this ours and many think Alicia are breaking down where can we get what. Where's which would follow it must be absolutely so we haven't watched the product at Ellington early next year. And the website is just OW a hair care dot com one way. Aaron and learns social linked in. Twitter Inkster and feeds that we have all of that I didn't think to ask is a special meaning kinds of an act of cranks and still OW waist and back out of this for the main thing. And the whole idea behind this hair care company that and starting it is it's the future tech inning mean and so I cut it yeah exactly so if you think like while easing now it's not sustainable and take us to see him indictments if he's hot. This is going going to Mars in the lake and difficult. And they get the whole idea is that people are. Becoming light minimalist expert being Smart and I'll main shopping secretly in misses the future. Congratulations on your success and Alison asked to come like it's really cool to see how somebody that each apart someone's personality can go better to create them. A perfect job yet on fantastic congratulations you're Bradley sending in the run just as external fast start. And thanks for spending some time and being Kia.