RBJ Fast Start: James Smith

Monday, January 23rd

Rochester Business Journal Fast Start recipient James Smith is the Urban District Executive at the YMCA of Greater Rochester. 


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All clinging another Rochester business journal fast start recipient of 3 this morning. Yet James Smith the urban district executive the YMCA of greater Rochester here necessary based much for our tickets and Tom and I come and all my pleasure guys thanks so much is honored to be here. It's fun add that we were talking a little bit early recovery started turning the mics on your position as a relatively. You position so tell us of what you do what you bring its to the YMCA of greater access to. Why did why did they need you James oh I love that I. Okay yeah. Hey media you know what's what's also about the position I find myself and right now so I'm get a chance to work where it through operations in the city. So we toppled early offline off air that Serbian cycle dates were bringing operations together our programs together our staff teams together. To create opportunity for best practice so whatever we're doing in a region of the community. Now we can talk about it a regular basis and make sure that we're doing it as. As awesome as humanly possible because we're serving thousands of kids in the city so right exactly this was a staggered manner so so we talked a bit about globally for that's our association but in the city over. In all of our programs. Literally over a thousand kids on a daily basis how programs I could we have a partnership with Barnes and Noble's those guys are awesome out there they helpless would look trot every holiday season play at least 101000 books into the community. Not just in the city but the greater Rochester area so some of the things we're doing food program we have. At the YMCA may be sure there was a million meals provided this year. China has in fact as was I called on our role but also work with the entire associations of urban suburban come together as one. Idea like that Alex and digging every single YMCA immigrant Rochester area and making it more cohesive so no matter which YMCA support is still supporting. All of that and supporting your cause for her odd downtown L absolutely. I do love that. And you can you know it's it's I can just tell that the pac. Actually this coming through as we talk about don't alive see how did you get involved this is this something that touched you as a kid and coming and that's how you kind of got a ball at this. Support great quick question so interest in my my start with the why is. I'm actually I was part of losing corporate so I actually was in terms we brought port. Okay yeah. Absolutely. So as as a student there I interned at Busch incorporated which was open house in the city of Rochester. And as we're doing this internship I realize that I'm working with kids in in a community that needs support it needs resiliency that need asset development. I saw an opportunity for me in my humble beginnings I saw line I saw kids that look like mean felt like me. They were wondering how to live via college wouldn't you know that we witnessed in formal formal thing back in the day so assisting mr. Smith he mr. James yeah. You know college would you bet you and I said hey this is how we do it ought not real for me it's not real from us and all its real. How do you know it's real I said because I haven't. I have humble beginning. I noticed a little bit. But it teaches you lessons and saw some here to help all the support you so without following through my role I'm like hey this is really cool meeting kids can be apart the change. You know Jon Rauch has to move from my environment. And they gave me a cute. But I should hold you have to move from an environment you can beat any space and create opportunity you can bring people around kids. And families and give them the opportunity to be successful student he beat caring be empathetic. President so that's how they influencing corporate is going to a retort right. And it came to meet with greater Rochester awesome partners but as that what's happening they knew there was going to be some challenges with running the youth development component of their operation. So were groundbreaking. Opera are rid of it the silly and that he three Louis street in his playground it's beautiful we got the pitchfork or export the shovels in the ground. And your pain oh yeah that's almost it doesn't work for us now so I'm date might come out. Yeah so what we're doing that that we realized in Mena open is who is intended to communicate with greater Rochester the YMCA united way and board members came together. And said all right we're gonna have a full presence here but watch and operate this facility make sure the kids families in this community hit every resource of wise available. I talk about man I tell you right now we literally. We got left one organization and was hired by the winds seek together in a room on the same exact game I. Yeah I don't. What the critically in the rule and I drink a hole. This organizations about change is not uplifting communities but also bridging of gaps in the hunt people together. Absolutely and not many people like out there in the world that are self motivated somebody like you obviously because he's such go getter because yep such passion. Right you do it's by your chosen for the RBJ fast start helping kids find those resources and find that motivation has got to be real rewarding free you happy stories about somebody who you remember helping from the ground up then and seen them be successful now. All absolutely that's what a great things about you know date myself earlier now yeah. I totally awesome country we have three it's now one of my students that was with me during my when censorship and became a staffer there. He was awesome young men and he has some challenges very similar we we we connected on a level I saw things in him that I saw myself. It's not really wanted to figure out a way to get through some of that that the road blocks you know that he understands you don't know what I'm talking about you say do I hear it all time but I don't know. I kept working with him and his family and we just surround him with love and support and really incensed about programming making sure we check on them are based I want to report card. Every quarter let's talk about how we're doing homework every single night. Now that young man continued to grow and develop. And came back and work for us at the YMCA. Is gas that's on talking about heat became the next generation of all the young leaders that work with young men and women to pay for not told him when he came to me he's working for me. It's like you know mr. Janes at Brothers James now you. Yeah. And now yeah. I don't into you Clinton and Obama will. They double you know James its many kids they're not listening to me asset interesting save that. I should now think about our conversation we were younger. I said what did you have to do with me while I give your heart tournaments aboard I do for you listened. You say president sent there you go it's your turn now pay for. And cellular resident grace he moved away from us now Greece pays six net working here the why and I do in an area of the country some really decide about that was when my favorite stories to tell you. I love Aston it's how he did show me different aspects to your job and meant storing such obviously a huge part of of what she UGU and keep. For somebody who is looking into management. If there talking to kids who who aren't listening alarm reciprocating. All that he had the patience he just hard people's LeBron James that's a virtue but yes it absolutely is. I remember going home days and I tell my wife my young what at a time. Wii's early fresh married and you know and honey can't argue it. These kids are not listening and hearing in in I would open up prey upon it and so Q what do you do as a foot James who you knew that needs. Yeah you sort of talk you want my father's had egging us on trying to talk to you sir now and you. Well I I don't have a let Tony do sack up and realize that his patience for me to it to fall and fail and get back up. Was exactly what I need to do so as as mentors out there work in the community and working in every aspect from youth development working with individual diverse abilities working with seniors. If you're working with somebody understand. The patience that you can exhibit with them transcends. In will build a relationship. Mission as you care. Right absolutely because they know what when you kind of pushed back and give a hard time it's kind of what it's almost a defense mechanism. It is I don't know courts your point. Or for kids in any situation measurement enter ship I don't know if on the kid and know that you care about me I'm not the sort of testing the boundaries are push your hard nothing you go way I see you leading here or she really care. When you are nearly pushed the boundaries and we do we stay on here I hear you you're frustrated I expect more from me but I'm here or one. It is change occurred. Particularly as a question like to ask all of our are faster recipients by the way is. First job ever very first one you remember oh. So it gives you know shout out the tops yen. I got you know just to be fair my first job. Was with that hose on the maiden lane some going back a little bit courts a maiden lane agrees that was my first job and now with a bottle guy. Think it was called the bottom bullet that was simply could correct. And that's correct so I think actually I don't bottle boy. Maybe graduated bottom and now I think you might well from that point on him. You know what though life lessons from that was really cool you know showing up be fully present beyond timing of things like that. Understand there there were in and also taken risks you know my my manager would give me chances do other things like stock shelves. And then after that you're helping customers that they had an on affinity for working with people after that you know these two to it but at that stage he's got things that you note interesting. I think he's out and I don't go I'm a lot. This could fit I. Hey if ever a good. And they're really really cool experience it is funny he was how many when we asked this question how many people do you say they can kind of found something in that first job. That they gravitated towards later on I did yeah we weren't what we were going with right away everybody has something that they learn and their very first job that they carry wit and and terms skill wise to exactly what you use value you picked up right or Allen and a. Awesome united it's it's it's one of those things when you when you start on a journey like okay this is my job writing do. And he just be open to learning like today when your when your on this path that we college beautiful life. In you're trying to be professionally trying to find what you're called to be. Just be open to that journey and listens to people until you can learn always be humble and come to that table ready to learn something we do that all the door opens wide in any of the chance to serve. Now my brought the ship to serve the youngest kids so infants. In our our wonderful seniors and the chance to bring those world together. In healthy living source responsibly development goals of the things we get to do now because I was listening early now my mom a few years. It you start listing a bit later than I would like YouTube. I told her I doubt we'll start here my my parents in my bring assail it pay attention be present. A motivational speaking Lichen and ideals the future for yourself to. I'm just talking about that it's odd story Mehdi army brother takes. I think that one of the things in my life I've learned from my humble beginnings as wind you have and the chance to maybe change your trajectory. In finding new path. That it's not always you can do that there was a lot of things that came along people. They came in your life that helped you in when you have those opportunities share your story. In help all the people say there are people like me out here that wanna be successful but I can't find my way. They connect people so I love talking to people a lot to do a lot talking and listening to people is you connect that we we find out don't we find our own path through those connections so. Analogue got a long history yes I. I. Love love had nothing to bring people together and from those conversations you find new ways to be successful and help other people on their. Absolutely I think that's what about this whole RBG faster program is all about showcasing you and how you got there in people figuring out and and looking each year. As a way tubes say OK I can do this with my path I just have to follow. What he did to thank you for sharing your ear I work in the wind that's we appreciated James Netgear urban district executive at the YMCA of greater Rochester congratulations and all my guys and this has been so much undeterred and all my pleasure thank you so much.