RBJ Fast Start: Jackie Driscoll

Monday, February 6th

98PXY's Carter and Corey sit down with Rochester Business Journal Fast Start recipient Jackie Driscoll, an interior designer LaBella Associates. 


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CDX a lot of Carter a Korea not ET XYA another Rochester business journal fast or recipient in studio with us we have Jackie Driscoll interior designer for LaBella associates congratulations on the the war. Think you go to my dream jobs because I'm the girl true life flips the domino magazine wondering what I can do a reading up but finding it fun things on Craigslist is that kind of wet. Your job entails at the dollar is it more of a corporate base it. Parker you got sent. It's our clients our partners are heat so with them. Big scale. Awesome what's your biggest client that you have great now I am in a lot of people's district. Answers that I. Nice and media support our Jeannie are. Earth and it all of the recall is it something Eva is what did you do. I kind of Texas and eat at architecture. And and it means am I got parents aren't they yeah. Is it like kind of like a little feud between interior design architecture alias there. I think it's another. Okay kept picking at it because that my parents are so ignorant. That of that so wherever your pathway led you from architecture to interior design. I'm and I found I was actually repair and that's I mean you're really I really get indecent in that the signing married at all and reliving them breeders club. Makes a went to school in Beverly Massachusetts. And then answered RE ET Al pennant followed the credited. I'm programs and Eric are you originally from the Rochester area no X seventeen I can I. Use energy I am not and the cut New York sun. Clearly has regularly gets confused yeah they have talent just aren't they innocent. So one out what brought you to Roger yeah it's healing especially not even mean that it summing up we talk about with a lot of our our Mikey uses. It's mighty stay in Rochester especially go to college you. Am I say I had an actress you need into eat when I graduated. And other sessions and have a apparatus which means means. And we just have X eighteen opportunities where processor reaches very focused and arts then. You know opened tunes into the aided design and things like S let's look at it kept me less than my husband I'll. Noted that Russia. So yeah I didn't realize that that interior design is kind of a male dominated industry here in Rochester or how do you kind of broke news that you've got a broken the bulk. We kinda get on pins when you think about the architectural world view and that is very mail mail them yes yes exactly tough and mean. We deal with contractors analysts and minute that I'm in section managers and is just. You know. Understanding what you're doing Indian acts and being company edu is really easy. The end of the Armenian well what's what's the toughest spent three as as a witness fields and I say. Been taken seriously especially being a young theme that's always leads. Unseat panic and learn to hold her down pretty quick and currently have dinner on the table all these construction is right. Oh my god actually construction guy yeah right now love got to talk over each other and always Friday. There's more power in being quiet waiting until they're done yet and saying the right thing again the. CDs some mentor ship or two and I'm guessing fact that you are women in this field obviously makes you. He kind of plays a bit of a trail. For free or mentors who talk about exactly what you do with them and. On the bully and we've actually even higher in some people a timely league hitters and schools look at them mentoring experience itself does have new nude and schooled by Oscar ballots don't hear a lot of that especially if these days getting hired at a school that's awesome but we always looked great teach you for her I'm an internship opportunities so that's always. Really it's expected that program yet yet it we have great resource. On your. It. Is also are actually looking for an entry. A yeah. So outside. Of work what are what are your kind of your passions we like to do when you're you're not. The my name mean passion actually is geared means and cannon like Indian leader and Croats. Three. And that it's really just. And is exploring intimately. Love the neck injuries and everything here now tell me in my ounces. Yeah yeah and we drilled into homes you. It's funny considering how almost like the man made aspect of architecture and and culture in design and then add your free time gulp. All the opposite again going back to age or older you kind of have a have Alan you're handed line to balance a trip XP it sounds and we often like to ask this quarry about. Fighting balanced in that work life. Situation it's really tough it's been tough for every bite you that we brought in here how do you hand how he makes time for yourself and self care. Some as entry question I am prison yeah. Time is right he loves. They sent. On it's it's a challenge that link is leading man. When you're passionate about what you do you it's a factory work and life. Us. News that we can bring hope and a cap on but I it athletes' talents and I think it's fueling. Some and you definitely. And three years. Desist in the very thing. Though I would say it the talent and the straight and keep. What a brother fever questions to ask is what was your first ever job. And I'll begin to something every respond to hope that. That I think totally unrelated. It's funny thing about it and where did. It I'd do just that. I and the people were at their fun if that's guidance funny. If sports I've. People there. I hate I'll tell you I'd ideally like a male dominated study in how did she not there's always a nauert time. Even just in acting like I can't combat that we do. We are in the service industries. Exactly impressed that he Driscoll from LaBelle and incredibly shame I've witnessed this week's RD JYPE. I'm so you could not read more of the full interview that I care Richard and Linda Jackie at our PGA dot org or subscribing to our Jane thank you so much for venting.